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  1. For me, music and a cosy environment are the key to a pleasant experience.

    You need to create a cosy peaceful atmosphere. A little warmer than usual but not too hot. Not too brightly lit either. Candle light is fine. Black light and fluorescent decorations are awesome to give an impression of dimensionality.

    Not all music is suitable for an enjoyable trip. Psychedelic music is your friend. Jefferson Airplance or Pink Floyd are fine. But our modern age gave us psychedelic trance which is an entire music genre specifically crafted for tripping.

    There are many variations of psychedelic trance. Downtempo, chillout psytrance might be more accessible to newcomers.

    Oldschool Goa trance is my favorite subgenre.

    As a general rule, you want instrumental music with a regular beat.

    The big secret to an enjoyable trip is TO LET GO.

    The easiest way to let go if you aren't an experienced meditation practitioner is TO DANCE! Dance like nobody's watching.

    Start dancing at the onset. One hour of honest unrestrained dancing practically guarantees you 3-5 hours of pure bliss thereafter. The trick is to let your body do the dancing. You won't be judged, it's not a competition. You don't have to prepare a choregraphy. The goal is to let go.

    A little stretching before is a good idea too.

    I practically never have unpleasant experiences with that recipe.

    Good luck  ;)

  2. Great thread!

    Music is one of the things that allowed me to hang on during dark moments.

    For me it seems that some hits are triggered when I get too excited and other hits are triggered when I get too relaxed.

    The trick is to reverse the ongoing effect. Trying to relax when you're too excited and trying to increase your energy when you're too relaxed.

    Music can help with this. Uptempo or downtempo accroding to the situation

    Here are two of my favorite gems that work great durring a hit:

    Downtempo: Flow by Dimension 5


    Uptempo: Lunar Civilization by Crop Circles


    Try to find a decent quality version and listen to them with headphones.

  3. I also have aborted a few attacks with spicy food a few times. Unfortunately in my case it was only for the mild attacks at the beginning  or end of an episode. In my case I classified them with stretching, hot/cold showers which can also abort mild attacks.

    Good to know that people find 100% relief with this though.

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