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  1. I will leave it to the busting experts here to advise you re: dosing levels. What you are not being told is that busting may not be effective for you at the moment for a variety of possible causes. As you probably know, the psylocin indole replaces serotonin in receptors which results in less uptake and more stable serotonin levels. If your serotonin levels are low to start with, busting will do nothing for you. Busting does not prevent or mitigate other channels of causation such as the wake cycle histamine dump, or chronic pain loops and neuralgias in affected nerves. If I may offer a
  2. O2 has been accepted mainstream medical practice for 30 years. It is unconscionable that people still have to fight to get it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that God holds the patent on oxygen, not Sandoz.
  3. OK a little harsh. I certainly do not mean that people who consume energy drinks are idiots, but the people who make them certainly hope that's the case. Know why crack is bad for you? It's not the high at all; its the return swing of the pendulum. I have sung this song before: Every thing you put in your body that has a physiological effect has a reaction attached to it and the ass behind the pendulum is directly proportional to the degree of the initial effect. The higher you get, the lower you go. And yes, it really is exactly that simple. Every drug, every non-food material you ingest t
  4. I would like to concur with and second Ricardo's impression. It is of course my opinion, but 'energy drinks' are made by and for idiots. Their marketing techniques, when I have been unavoidably exposed to them, bears this out if an inspection of their label doesn't do it for you first. Unadulterated caffeine in the form of coffee is much better for you; guarana is even better. Coffee contains fourteen other alkaloids in addition to caffeine, guarana only contains caffeine. If you experience a hypoglycemic dip prior to or during attack, forget the corn syrup or the artificials which all ser
  5. Since you asked; Depakote is poisonous garbage, marginally useful (if at all) as an anticonvulsive and the chemical equivalent of stabbing your liver every day with a rusty icepick. It is an example of an annoying trend among neurologists, doubtless instigated by their drug reps, to push antiseizure meds on cluster patients despite virtually no evidence that they are in any way useful beyond their own (I'm certain) trustworthy 'science'. Look it up; reading the list of side effects should loosen your bowels faster than a visit to Taco Bell. Verapamil is as long term useful in cluster as goo
  6. The hypothalamus is located physically at virtually the exact junction of the 5th and 6th chakras; considered the bridge between the upper chakras (connection to higher self, bridge to divinity) and the lower chakras which express and reflect how we relate to the material world and our place in it. Its physical purposes reflect this duality as well; not only does it control purely physical processes (if any such thing exists) but is instrumental in emotional functioning as well which reflects the wisdom of the heart, truly our 'higher' cognitive center. What does this mean? I refuse to refe
  7. Isn't it nice to know that now that those nice neurologists have solved the problems of all the real people with terrible pain that they have time to figure out and actually publish (ta da!!) a fictional diagnosis for a fictional character. Its a good thing that Harry's headaches (which I personally diagnosed previously as PDES, or plot device expository syndrome) spontaneously remitted, or we might have been exposed to their fictional treatment protocol, which would of course have worked flawlessly since after all, this is fantasy. Spare us all. Hey Renee... your friend is on to something
  8. You need help NOW so lets not dance around here. 1. Oral triptans are generally useless anyway and you don't want to be on them to do any of this stuff, they are not helping you stop taking them. 2. Use the O2 to abort, open your sinuses as fast as possible; use cayenne (instructions in the licorice root protocol cuts abort time in half), use cold air, use ice. Stand outside (no coat) breathing as deeply as you can at a slow even rate until you are literally shivering severely; it forces your metabolism into a 180, you will feel better. 3. Program yourself to get up and attack the inflam
  9. Sorry you are in pain, but you are in the right place. Other more worthy folks usually do this but in case you come online before they get to you, here's the short version: Read everything you can on this site's archived information because knowledge is your very best friend. Do that first, acquaint yourself with O2 therapy for aborting and find a doctor to prescribe it. Then everyone here will climb over each other to help you. One word of admittedly unsolicited advice, but I can't help it: Steroids are poison, they don't work (as you've apparently discovered for yourself) and they will F y
  10. Your doctor is blowing sunshine up your butt with a soda straw. There are no rules, and there is no way to know. I got them at the same age you did and its going on 41 years now. It is a very individualistic syndrome and it presents differently in everyone. Now that I have thoroughly depressed you, be of good cheer. Jeebs is right; if there is any one place you stand a chance of keeping your friend caged, this is it.
  11. As I said, that is the million dollar question. When someone answers it, CH will finally be curable as opposed to manageable, and not before. It is hopefully universally acknowledged at this point that episodic cluster attacks are definitely related to and instigated by circadian rhythm disturbances; lets call them errors. This rhythmic cycle regulates activity periods and sleep cycles and the hypothalamus is the principal time keeper. When the wake cycle fires, the hypothalamus does many things through other neurotransmitter (largely but not exclusively serotonin) networks; it stokes the fi
  12. Conventional antihistamines are of no use. There are a few reasons for this; First, when the neurotransmitter histamine fires its already too late, secondly antihistamines take too long to work and an attack is far gone before they reach effective levels and they can lead to rebound. You are better off vigorously attacking the inflammation as quickly as possible. Cold air, rapidly raising O2 demand with strenuous aerobic activity to raise BP (it only sounds counterintuitive, it works). This will help open sinuses; if they are closing up reversing this will abort an attack in half the time an
  13. Dr. Sewell is absolutely correct re the artificiality of the distinction. The cycle within the chronicity is usually hidden, but I believe the only difference between chronics and episodic people is that between periods, a chronic does not revert to 'normal' sensitivity levels; this has been shown by the difference in mast cell numbers in chronics... they do not go down as in episodics, so a chronic person is always prone to what he refers to as 'spontaneous' attacks (they aren't really spontaneous or random at all, but thats nitpicking). Based on my own unscientific sampling of one, I have
  14. Try not to be too upset. It doesn't necessarily mean a cycle is starting up all though obviously the potential is there. Naps are frequently triggering; they confuse circadian patterns and when the wake cycle in the hypothalamus fires, it releases histamine as a neurotransmitter. The wake cycle itself causes the metabolic flush, the histamine sloshing around the nerve sheathing triggers the headache by nerve induction. Why the wake cycle fires at seemingly random times is the million dollar cluster question; that it predictably fires during naps means your son needs to add this to his store
  15. Hey Ting. I think the guys above may have a clue.. I'm no O2 expert and I may be completely wrong but I think it may be the cardio. Doing heavy exercise results in saturating your tissues with Oxygen and accompanying capillary dilation and this state persists. O2 works as an abortive because non-worked muscle doesn't need the extra oxygen and it results in vascular constriction, cutting off the inflammation response. That could be why smoking first (vasoconstrictor) helps the huffing along if your capillaries are naturally dilated. Cold air does the same thing as it pulls energy from your p
  16. I'm not surprised at the lack of recognition. Although both Agrimony and Cinquefoil have long pedigrees of use in herbal medicine (Dioscorides and Plinius extol their virtues and they were in common usage at the beginning of the 20th century) for some reason they dropped out of mainstream herbal practice. This is a pity, as Matthew Wood and other prominent modern herbalists have used one or the other of these plants (they are considered interchangeable) in practice with excellent and consistent results. They are used especially in conditions of severe pain resulting in 'holding of the breath',
  17. Hi Ron; hope you and Michael are well. I could only find one maker of cinquefoil that looks ok, place called Sunstone Herb farm.
  18. Hi all. What follows may ruffle some D3 fans; but at the outset please bear in mind: a)this is only my considered opinion b)no one is under any obligation to listen to it c) I will absolutely not engage or respond to any kind of argument; I'm just putting information out there, do with it what you will. After looking into the D3 protocol in some depth, I have with a good deal of help reached the following conclusions: 1. The D3 itself is of little use. Although many people may in fact be somewhat deficient in serum D3 levels, this can be addressed through diet. Although D3 in excess is n
  19. Hi Sanni. I have made a rare foray onto the net today. In reference to CH father's posts above, all I can add is : 'what he said'. Jerry should really be knighted (Order of the Icepack?). I too suffered terribly with muscle complications, unattended they become triggers of themselves. If you have access to it, acupuncture- particularly the type referred to as 'trigger point' is amazingly effective (put me in remission for over a year). If you can't get acupuncture, at least look into stretching exercises for the neck, scalenes and upper back. I still do them when necessary, and they help
  20. I stopped by here yesterday to see if I could be useful, and did something I never do, I checked out the boards on CH.com. It was basically endless permutations of 'the doctor tried this chemical/that chemical' and 'this chemical is no longer working but I'm on to the next' and so on. It bothered me all day. I was reminded of an often co-opted Sufi story: A man is walking down a street at night when he sees his friend, the Master Nasruddin, on his hands and knees under a streetlamp. He asks whats wrong and the master says he has dropped his key. So, being a good friend he gets down on his ha
  21. Big hello to all. I have to thank CH Father for posting the previous for me as I had no idea how. Last spring I reported that I had interested a local herbalist who was on the board of the American Herbalists Guild in coauthoring a report on the licorice root protocol for publication and review; we were supposed to work over the summer, but I never heard from her despite her professed interest and I am not the type to chase anyone. So I did it myself, and the more or less final version is whats in the link above. I am submitting it for review to the faculty of the school of herbology I
  22. Back off the caffeine, you are rebounding big time. You need to break the immediate cycle and abort now; in your neck of the woods finding busting materials should be very possible, but first things first: 1. You might want to try to stay away from heat and heat treatments. Try Ice, cold packs, frozen vegetables, anything, immediately at the site of the most obvious pain. If its in your upper palate, use ice water, hold it and spit. Immediately applied cold can abort by itself, if you can catch it quick. Put the ice on and keep it on as long as necessary. 2. Try not to hyperventilate. Brea
  23. Again, Brew..your point that V. wouldn't be of much concern when starting busting is well taken; I would just add a couple of things to consider. 1. Experiencing V. effects like Jeff describes above, even milder ones maybe, while simultaneously experiencing psychotropics could lead to panic attacks, or at the least a very unpleasant experience. 2. Psylocibe indole, LSD, LSA all have what might be thought of as a second tier effect on the circulatory system and subsequently everything else the end result of which is 'relaxed' blood volume. This is certainly dose dependent and V. may or may
  24. I apologize for the delay in reply; band practice. Brew, I am not a doctor either in the respect that I completely accept and honor your experience with verapamil. And I also know that B. is correct; some people get good results, sadly but frequently not lasting. You are obviously not wrong in this, and perhaps that was an unfortunate choice of word. I cannot help but notice, however, that all of your references to verapamil are in the past tense. As someone trained to see physiologic systems in an integrated way, I do believe it is a mistake to prescribe Verapamil for cluster. It achiev
  25. Yes, I too am completely familiar with the bored tolerance that comes from speaking to doctors; they adopt an attitude of 'tolerate-the-village-idiot' that is insufferable. I'm not a medical Luddite; I have and will continue to seek professional help when necessary (and/or unavoidable; our brand new medical center here is rapidly developing the reputation as the best place to pick up a really nasty mersa infection). I come from a family with a long history of producing and then deifying doctors; my oldest child is a third year med student. What I object to is what I think of as the arrogan
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