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  1. I have been repeatedly flattened by phrases such as "I have been taking verapamil as a preventative for three years" followed immediately by undeniable evidence that said drug prevents nothing. The operative question then becomes the obvious why take it? Humans are funny. Verapamil works by artificially aging your circulatory system to the tone of an eighty year old (which is probably insulting to lots of eighty year old people). The list of deleterious side effects is lengthy, which annoys me, but what really frosts my wienie is that it DOES NOTHING for cluster headache except exacerbate r
  2. I read this, go over to a news site and whats the lead story? "Prescription psychedelics may be closer than you think". Lately, we have been getting carpet bombed with these things. Story is at Alternet.com.
  3. Now you know why I can't render an opinion. My expertise with vitamins ends with the one in powdered toast. I am very curious as to the nature of the mechanisms involved in that D3 regimen, though.
  4. I cannot render any opinion regarding the vitamin regimen. I can only point out that quantities of any substance in excess of what the body can immediately use (other than sugars which are converted to fat and stored) are excreted, so I don't think the megadose thing is strictly speaking useful. The mechanism by which O2 works is exceedingly simple. High oxygen concentrations act as instant vasoconstrictor, narrowing vessels and restricting peripheral capillary blood flow. Lots of CH pain is caused by swelling tissues (capillary flow) reacting to nerve activity (either hypo induced or trigge
  5. An addendum, because once I start thinking about this stuff I can't seem to stop: There is a natural but annoying tendency among people in pain to jump at solutions and drop them just as quickly when they don't yield instant results. The operative question is of course, why don't these things work for me?. Part of the answer is in the actual physical structure of the brain. Psychiatric drugs (antidepressants, SSRI's, etc.) of the type routinely yet stupidly prescribed for cluster patients alter the actual number and character of receptor sites in the hypothalamus and other locations. The
  6. Night or sleep hits are completely mediated by the hypothalamus; this is largely why usually reliable aborting methods fall short and boomerang drugs like triptans do more mischief. Inscribe this on stone for yourself: Nothing that does not directly act to alter the cycle of the hypo has a pissant's chance of relieving your headache when it starts like this, and it truly does not matter whether you do this or that differently, it will come back because you haven't touched the cause. Clusters start two ways, outside in and inside out. Outside in is the progression of "shadows", or fibromyalgi
  7. Quelle surprise. I am not sophisticated enough with computers to do this, but if you go to Alternet.org they have reprinted an article from I think Mother Jones that is all about how literally wonderful psyolocibin is, based on that recently completed study at Hopkins. Its nothing we don't all know, but its interesting and edifying to see it discussed in mass distribution print. Or semi-mass distribution, since only goddamn hippies read Mother Jones anyway.
  8. Expert Mycologists can be fooled; positive ID of mushrooms most frequently involves spore prints and meticulous physical examination. Mushroom poisoning is insidious. For example, Amanita Palloides (death cap) kind of resembles other species when small. Ingestion will make you (flu-like) sick for a day or two and then you feel better. Four days later, the toxins are disassembling your liver and by the time you notice it it is too late. Untreated it is fatal the vast majority of the time. (Ergo the name). Doctors in the US are largely helpless since they can't employ the only known effectiv
  9. A brief addendum re: dosing. There is a differentiation made when discussing hallucinogens between psychotropic effects and psychedelic effects and it is completely dosage dependent. Think of it as identical to having one cocktail and getting a buzz as opposed to having five and getting stupid drunk. For those unfamiliar, do not be afraid of psychotropic effects. Most people will just experience minor changes in color perception and things seem unusually funny. By no means does this level of dosing interfere with cognitive function or your usual self-preservation mechanisms; while you shou
  10. This is slightly off topic, but instructive. I was reading one of those complimentary large format 'alternative health' magazines I picked up at an organic market downstate the other day, and there was an article about herbal first aid for parents, being summer and all. The article was written by a woman (obviously a heavy advertiser in this rag) who was something called a "sound" and "color puncture" (???) therapist. (Note: this mag is published in the same county as one of the premier schools of herbal medicine in the country, Tai Sophia Institute. They couldn't find a real herbalist?). It w
  11. Hi. Licorice root, although it will work as a quasi-abortive, is best used at a regular 3x daily regimen for prophylaxis. This has seemed to completely block sleep hits for most people who have tried it. (Honestly, if it did nothing else I would be happy. Night hits suck tailpipe). I am a little concerned, though;- I assume by injections you are referring to Imitrex or other triptans. They work primarily as vasoconstrictors slightly downstream from the HPA axis; licorice root raises blood pressure;,, more pressure + narrowed plumbing= headache. That is my principal difficulty with them. That a
  12. What he said. Thanks, Jerry. Just to be clear though: DO NOT do them at the same time. What a SSRI does, of course, is keep more serotonin in circulation before it is recycled. Licorice will amplify the effect of other drugs acting in the same areas, like steroids. So I suspect that one gram might seem like ten. Or, it could be like an interference pattern and cancel out. I really don't know. It would be interesting to find out, but I am NOT looking for volunteers. If you separate by 8 hours you're good. Neither substance sticks around.
  13. Michael; It may not seem like the best time to consider how fortunate you are; but your father would clearly take your pain from you if he could, with full awareness of what he was asking for. Not everybody gets that. Be present. Be aware. When the experience has washed over you, you will remain. And remember what that little green smartass lizard said: "Luminous beings are we; not this crude matter." Good luck.
  14. In a word, no. Gabapentin (neurontin) is an antiseizure med which works by 'decreasing abnormal electrical energy' in the brain; but it is not selective, as you might imagine, and it turns everything down. You become a zombie sock puppet. A potentially suicidal sock puppet. It has a couple of other uses, but CH is NOT one of them. It also comes with a list of serious side effects longer than your arm. Do not think of having your daughter take that shit. I will say this again, though I realize it will anger some people: No pharmaceutical drug in current use is a reliable, effective and safe t
  15. Facts must never be allowed to interfere with the opinions of the ignorant. I am reminded that in the early days of psychedelic research, it was all academics, philosophers and scientists doing the advocating until they were stopped by the righteous. Fear and mistrust will quite literally prevent people from even hearing arguments for drug reform, regardless of the credentials of the presenter. Oh, and I apologize for being dickish about Stephen J Gould back in January. I'm actually a big fan.
  16. Its not being a cry baby at all, its being smart because ignoring those shadows will prolong your cycle if you are episodic and deepen your pattern if you are chronic. Standard antiinflammatories will not do much. Picture it this way: It is the nerve itself that is firing mistakenly, and drugs act not on the nerve but on the tissues the nerve affects, so the real problem is never addressed. For what its worth, in my opinion corticosteroids are virtually never worth taking. Too much collateral damage; they date rape the most sensitive electrical/chemical interfaces in the body and cause perma
  17. Its not really urban legend. Germany had no source of morphine available during the big one, so Scientists there in a huge and frantic push synthesized methadone, naming it 'adolphine' after fearless leader and Drug Addict #1. After the war, methadone was war booty like all their rocket scientists. The name would not have gone over well had they left it alone. The doctor will most certainly titrate the methadone down, very,very slowly. Methadone withdrawal is brutal. Not giving anything additional for the headaches is merely honesty on his part; nothing will work. I would be willing to wag
  18. les genser


    Hey... I just noticed- when did I get to be a full member, and where is my key to the bathroom??
  19. les genser


    I am in Western Maryland 29 miles from WV; if that is helpful. I am, however, going to be away for a week starting Sunday.
  20. Hi folks. Ron, all will be well. I thought about what I wanted to ask and you have already provided the answers,mostly. If it was me, this is what I would do. I am going to assume that the dolophine (you know who its named for, right?) is going to be removed. As the drug is titrated down, I would stop nicotine and alcohol intake. Totally. It is so worth it. Read those nicotine posts; it really does have a sneaky delayed effect on the neuralgias that I did not want to accept, after 48 hours I proved it to my own satisfaction. It is hard, but the results were astonishing. The good news (for me
  21. Guys, I am so sorry for your respective situations. It is so embedded in cell memory that I feel the fear of the pain in the depth of my gut. I am going to consider this for a while, but a few observations: 1. Ron, the busting (or the licorice) has to work to disengage the hypothalamus; its like sticking a key in a lock. But that is only (maybe less than) half the picture. The associated neuralgias, for lack of a more accurately descriptive term, are if anything the bigger problem, and I believe the cause of the much greater proportion of cluster pain than anything else. A telltale clue is
  22. I am really going to need kittens. Another F-ing idiot prescribing an antiseizure med that "has been studied" (drug co. phraseology) for MIGRAINE. Let me tell you a story. Your car isn't working right so you take it to a professional who tells you that the problem is in this little black box that the car won't work without. So you say fine, what exactly is wrong with it. The professional says I don't know. You say well, how exactly does it work. The professional says I don't know. So you say if you don't know how it works and you don't know what is wrong how do you propose to fix it. And the
  23. Nimotop is a calcium channel blocker that they are essentially looking for applications for; basically an unsuccessful drug like most everything else they push on us. It is, like Verapamil, a stupid drug to give cluster patients. Prescribing it for cluster is totally off label. Again you mention Rilamig; are you taking that and clonazepam? they are completely different substances. You are an unhappy textbook example of a body desperately trying to regain equilibrium in the wake of extended chemical assault. Just to be sure... to repeat, do not take licorice root at all until you are clear
  24. Yury, the medication you named in your earlier post was Rilamig (Frovatriptan). Clonazepam is no better.
  25. The drug you were given is a triptan which is not marketed in the US at all which scares me since the FDA allows the sale of pretty much anything. Here in the US, triptans are a bad and expensive joke the drug A holes have been perpetrating for years. They were never intended or designed to treat cluster. They rarely work as advertised. They are ridiculously expensive. And here's the funny part: For your money, you get a drug which may or may not relieve some of your pain, but what it invariably does is nudge the pendulum harder so your next attack is worse due to rebound, making you take mo
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