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  1. Lt2: Didn't see your post until I had finished my manifesto. I think you need to look at last Saturday in light of #2 and #3 above. I have had similar stuff happen. Did you do anything different, were you exposed to anything? I have had four hour sinus attacks; these probably would have been twenty hours of cluster agony four months ago. I would say (stupid expression, isn't it? I am saying...) that if it changed your pattern, or reduced severity and frequency, or both, then you are getting positive results. Everyone is different, and retuning the hypo may have some roller coaster effects
  2. Lt2: People do seem to be trying, see above. I have used nothing else except the licorice/skullcap combination since December, first 3X daily as therapeutic dosing and after 3 weeks as needed. Here is what I believe based on my own and others' experiences: 1. It will work best when pharmaceuticals are not present or half lived out of system. Some drugs interact badly with the licorice, notably SSRIs and triptans. 2. The tincture seems to interrupt CH in the hypothalamus itself. Triggers (shadows) are not eliminated, but are manageable and do not escalate. 3. As a result, you can clea
  3. I think if we have truly effective remedial treatments, between cycles (a concept I don't remember) they become like snow shovels: just lean it against the wall, forget it and go on living your life. Its there when needed. So much of the psychic torture of CH comes precisely from never knowing when and if it will manifest. I have found that just having the ability to do something effective to stop attacks has reduced the associated stress and anxiety immensely; chronic stress at subconscious levels is prime causation of many ailments.
  4. There is Celine Dion, true, but your average is still way up there. I'm not dissing Beavers, either.. its just I can picture the commercial involving downing one and racing outside to gnaw down a birch or two. My inner twelve year old thinks its totally hilarious. I appreciate your sentiments, and although it is somewhat beyond the scope of this place, may I add that Monsanto is the corporate antichrist. No company needs a private mercenary army unless they are up to no good, and they are Satan's own whores. I don't think we get the leaders we deserve; I think we get the mold that sneaks in
  5. Neil Young. Rush. Joni Mitchell. Mounties!! I love friggin' Canada. Seriously, keep the Stanley Cup and welcome. I have a few thoughts for you, if you are open to them. First, ditto to what CH Father said re: oxygen. I have no personal experience of it, but most knowledgeable folks here swear by it. I would much rather see you abort with O2 than with triptans. I have said elsewhere I do not know what the interactions with triptans would be per se since I'm not sure exactly where they are acting. Licorice root should not be used with drugs which act on the HPA axis such as SSRIs or corticoste
  6. Davy: Seriously, brother, read the links. Licorice root in water is as effective as using an Imitrex shot as a suppository. Do not use any of the methods recommended here while on triptans or SSRIs ; the interactions will clearly demonstrate exactly what is meant by a K10.
  7. Davy; first, welcome.. second, I presume your being here means you are unhappy with what you are doing, so I may be beating an already deceased mule; but if you are taking triptan shots and verapamil and experiencing 3-5 hits a day, why are you bothering taking them? Not only are they not apparently helping you, in my admittedly biased opinion they are probably actively hurting you through rebound and ripple. Find someone to prescribe the O2 or get creative...there's a whole raft of O2 experts here, and most C heads swear by it. Pot is a heavy trigger for many C heads, myself included
  8. OK; to the best of my knowledge, here's the short answer. Whether or not the tincture produces results seems to depend on a few things I have become aware of and probably lots that I don't. Factors which seem to matter are what meds if any you have been taking or have taken regularly. Trigger avoidance seems to matter a lot. (Having experimented on myself, I can state the following with some confidence.) Licorice root will not eliminate outside-in triggering events. This may be TMI, but we're all friends here: My sinuses are extremely sensitive now. Dusts will set them off, as will smoke (ci
  9. Hi Ron. What I do is mostly a version of the pain management (and he says it is long term curative) technique described by Dr. David Dawkins. Oddly, it sounds similar to what your son does. The basic principle is to not fight or resist, but to 'be' with the pain as fully as possible, accepting and loving 'it'. It is necessary to focus and not try and evade. At times when I would be caught on the road, or a job site or anywhere I had no help, no time or no other means, I would just 'trance' myself through attacks. It wouldn't stop them, but it kept me sane. Sometimes if they kipped up reall
  10. It is sad but true, confirmed by this week's Time magazine: Doctors are uncomfortable dealing with pain, they are not really very good at it, and chronic pain is the worst of all. We are not alone, friends: people everywhere live with an astonishing variety of heinous shit. Anyway, John..I will issue the exceptionally rare piece of medical advice: Your blood pressure in your post above seems marginally high, and licorice root can in some people raise blood pressure, so I would advise you to arrange to monitor your blood pressure levels if you wish to use the tincture. I'm not saying don't do
  11. Most prices will probably range (retail) around 9 or 10 dollars an ounce. That iHerb price is very fair for what seems to be a good product (1:4 organic alcohol). Organic licorice root will be somewhat pricier as the raw material cost doubles. Even at ten bucks an ounce, its less than 30 cents a dose. I've said it before: Suck on that, drug pirates. I just hope it works for you guys.
  12. John; I think the consensus is that your doctor is an unfeeling idiot. I will only weigh in on one thing: I have no experience of using seeds with licorice root. I have to admit to not being crazy about seeds in the first place. (I am a big fan of the psylocin indoles, though). I think there are probably too many variables in extraction methods, and a bunch of other things that are not pertinent here. I merely wished to confirm this: If you take the tincture you will know whether its working for you in very short order. If you still wish to bust, I would advise, just to be prudent, to lay
  13. Good for you that you got some help, even if the doctor just went for the fallback meds, which even they know are inefficient and largely ineffective. The O2 will help you the most. I just felt compelled to preach once more: Verapamil is evil shit. It does nothing for you you cannot achieve yourself without side effects through meditation or lifestyle change. It is just pharm company bullshit off label usage that it is prescribed for CH in the first place. We have what is essentially a metabolic/regulatory disorder and since the body will try to compensate when the BP is artificially lowe
  14. Greg: The herb pharm is fine. What you experienced is exactly what I've been experiencing, and particularly what I had when first starting... multiple episodes at night which never escalate; I never even got out of bed to deal, I just breathed and acupressured through them and they lasted about five ten minutes. My experience was that the night stuff goes away after about a week of tapering off. Those are hypo events. I think you are showing a good reaction here.
  15. This is an interesting and familiar discussion. I bet the vast majority of us have considered dental 'sources' for the pain, or had them considered for us. The search for causation and the need to justify to ourselves the reason for our suffering has to be universal; Lots of us have probably also jumped on the aha Eureka that has to be it train a few times. I believe that dental or head trauma, because of proximity to the trigeminal complex and other nerves that pass through the hypothalamus, can always become part of the secondary triggering mechanism for CH. They are not the cause. I st
  16. Sorry I've been MIA. Early spring flood in Appalachia. To answer the questions raised above in order: 1. Licorice root, as an SRI, is most definitely a mood elevator; I don't like to refer to it as an antidepressant as that sounds negative, but it is a pretty damn good one. It is being studied(???) for use in menopause for this and other benefits, as I suspect its action is largely hormonal. I believe this is one reason the Chinese put it in about 70% of their herbal mixtures. Most sources discourage prolonged use-- at therapeutic levels. (The low end of which is what recommended). However
  17. This may be helpful, as there seems much confusion about: If you are having trouble locating a source for tinctures, these may help: I looked at websites and I will only comment on those that provide technical specifications for their products; and those that will mail order retail. In the US try Mountain Rose Herbs; all their stuff is organic and small batch and they make a 1:4 whole root tincture. Its also priced decently, 9 bucks a fl. oz. In Europe (thanks Tony) try organic herbal remedies (organicherbalremedies.co.uk/ whose product also looks pretty good.
  18. One more thought I forgot, and it may be suggestive ( I don't know to who, exactly.) A few people have mentioned being more aware of shadows after starting the tincture. I had the same experience, and I think I have an idea why. When we ordinarily get 'attacked', the onset is so fast that it is practically impossible to separate causes from effects. I believe that the tincture works directly in the hypothalamus, in some fashion stabilizing serotonin levels and thereby, downstream, preventing cortisol depletion without additional adrenaline release. But we get hit two ways: Inside out, whic
  19. Jeff: I am not familiar with that extract. It is my strong suspicion that alcohol removed products will not work, at least not as well as a tincture which contains alcohol. The flavonoids which I believe to be the most active components are lipophilic, meaning attracted to fats, and are soluble in alcohol. I think removing the alcohol removes some of them as well. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as it were. A good tincture will be approximately 40% alcohol, 60% distilled water and nothing else,except for whole licorice root. Companies trying to 'improve' on this basic formula are d
  20. Hi folks. Sorry I've been MIA, but wherever I've been, I'm back. Cindy: Don't be afraid of the shadows. Same thing happened to me, I experienced triggers and shadows, especially at night, for a week or two. For me, they came on but never got any worse or escalated and I found if I just relaxed and realized I wouldn't trigger they just buggered off after ten minutes or so. I had the meeting with my American Herbalists Guild contact; we are going to write up a detailed case study for publication in their journal sometime by summer. (They don't publish that frequently). This would be the firs
  21. You are welcome indeed, and thank you very much for the sentiment. It is what we do for each other that makes us fully human. How is your son doing, by the by? Have to go out to work but I will check back later.
  22. Hi guys. The meeting was supposed to be today, but she cancelled due to illness. We are rescheduling for early next week. Jeff, I had at least three smart ass answers lined up for you but I decided to go for straight out obvious instead: I would not have wasted my time, forty some odd posts of effort and everyone else's time, energy and expectations on something I did not think worked. Anyone who knows some doctors aren't the geniuses they would like us to think they are is alright in my book. My family is full of them. Name a specialty, we got one. Some of them "eminent". They wouldn
  23. For anyone keeping score; I have no idea how many people have tried this, but what I am aware of: 2 chronic 2 episodic complete remission. 1 terminated due to serious drug interaction. Cost about 30 cents per dose. (Suck on THAT, Pfizer!!) I have been PF for 8 weeks, longest period in three years.
  24. Hey Jeff. Sorry to hear you are possibly close to cycling. Do not consider verapamil. Look at the stats; its only marginally effective at best, it causes all the nasty side effects you would associate with a blocker.. you sound like you are pretty active, you wouldn't like it. And it causes rebound up the yingyang. While you are considering options, and doing your research, have you read the 'herbal option' posts on the general board? I don't mean to sound like a car salesman, but if you are thinking about non-med options read it. So far, 2 chronics and 2 episodics in total remission. I
  25. Beats me with a stick. The only way I can conceive of it is like its the energetic equivalent of using last years' calendar; its almost right most of the time... I think the interference is periodically enough to generate enough static to set you off. Maybe we don't belong here at all. Maybe we are all aliens. Anybody know any scientologists? I bet old L. Ron has an answer for us.
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