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  1. Bob's dos centavos above are uncannily accurate for me as well;... my wife has said pretty much the same thing, and I never seemed to trigger in steady high pressure situations, it was usually the reverse. Yet another facet on the gem of our collective weirdness. Tuesday, you have gotten the advice of forged-in-the-fire experts above. Sorry that you actually need it. About the paxil, though...many busting options, as noted above (many really effective ones, at that) cannot be used or will not work while you are on 'synthetic' SSRIs. The Paxil is a dubious substance which yields diminishing r
  2. Ron: It occurred to me this morning that I was being unnecessarily complicated: I always use grain alcohol, but since Licorice tinctures at 40-50% it would be just simpler to use vodka, which is if I'm not mistaken about that % alcohol?? Then you could cut out the percentage calculation and just use vodka for the total liquid volume. That would work perfectly, and make it easier on you. Sorry. It was late.
  3. OK ... below are instructions for making an herbal tincture. I am passing this on from the place I learned it : The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook by James Green. I highly recommend it, he's an amazingly lucid communicator and instructor. You will need: 1.the herb, of course. What you want to buy is the herb sold as "cut and sifted"; NOT already powdered. Remember, herb potency deteriorates once the surfaces are exposed to oxygen. Bulk herbs are available on line from numerous sources, probably the most accessible would be Frontier Coop. I think licorice root is about eleven dollars a po
  4. Hey mom... not that mysterious, maybe...a fever would naturally disrupt the thermostat in the hypothalamus, maybe enough distraction to interrupt the usual pattern. Andrew, by the way, is extremely wise (in my opinion, anyway) for refusing pain meds. I have done it myself for years, after many of the same things (dental stuff, sinus surgery, herniated discs). I don't think they actually help that much and the rebound loops are awful. I sometimes wonder, given how the brain and body really tries hard to always be in balance, if many of the things we do to abort come back to haunt us later; thin
  5. Hey guys; I just read the latest (maybe second to latest? I don't know ) Scientific American last night and there was a feature article on "new" interest in research using hallucinogens at Johns Hopkins and other places.... mostly psylocibin, also LSD. They talked about a lengthy list of prospective uses for the substances; everything from addictions to psychotic breaks.... guess what was conspicuously missing??? Any mention at all of CH. There is no justice. Just us.
  6. W: Thanks. Loads. I, too noticed the same effects (not all the time).. kind of like a very low grade hangover. They go away after a cup of coffee... at least they do for me. I don't know about the SRI connection, its a definite possibility, but I will say I took the stuff for 4 weeks straight, stopped cold and had no discernible aftereffects. That will be a question for people in white coats, if I can interest any. (I'm working on it). I also had the same stuff happening... I would get 'shadowing', as you put it; I still do occasionally... but it does not seem to develop into anything. My
  7. Nothing is going to change the fact that any lysergic acid derivative is a schedule one controlled dangerous substance. You may not be aware, but LSD was first synthesized and researched as a potential migraine cure. It also showed exceptional promise as a therapeutic agent for use by psychiatrists. None of that means Jack to a government which has declared by imperial fiat that these substances have no medical value. There will always be that to overcome. No matter what BOL is developed for, it will always be expensive. If I am wrong about this, it would literally be the first time in the e
  8. I had resolved to stay out of this , but I canÂ’t. Its been eating at me all day since I read this thread . First of all, I am truly sorry in the empathetic sense for all the terrible pain. I donÂ’t wish to be a pain in the ass when someone is hurting, but for the same exact reason ( someone is hurting) I cannot in good conscience keep quiet. This is in no way directed at an individual , although I have certainly been moved to write this by DanÂ’s eloquent account of his pain and frustration. So, some thoughts, which hopefully lead to a logical conclusion: 1. Waiting for Godot: Dr
  9. for dblu: good on you that you are monitoring your bp. If you are normally in the range of 120/80 the slight elevation should not hurt. I agree you should cut the dose. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the efficacy at the lower level. In any event, eat bananas or other foods high in potassium. Watch for signs of fluid retention. My bp went up about ten points on both S&D as well. If it worries you and doesn't go down after cutting the dose, you should look into the DGL tincture. I believe it would work on our little problem, since I think it is the phytoestrogens that are effe
  10. Ron: That should work fine. The 1:3 means it slightly more concentrated than the one I made. As to dosage, you needn't count drops or anything.. two squeezes of the dropper should be a little over 30 drops, about 2 milliliters. Put it in about one inch of water in a glass, like one or two shots worth, and drink it. It is very tasty, as tinctures go. Most root tinctures taste like dirt and lawn clippings. As to the alcohol, the thirty or so drops are only half alcohol by volume, and thats further diluted in the glass. I can't speak for everybody of course, but I am so triggered by alcohol I h
  11. Needless to say, I am thrilled beyond words that you are having a positive experience. To update my own situation: 1. I stopped taking the tincture four days ago, cold. It just seemed like the right time, and I have been completely symptom free so far. This is exceptionally unusual given my typical chronic pattern. 2. I have contacted a sometime- teacher of mine, who is currently on the board of the American Herbalists Guild. I am going to try to interest people more qualified than me to look into this. 3. I try to check this board every day. If anyone has questions regarding this m
  12. Don't touch that shit, friend. It is the only addictive hallucinogen. What is referred to as the 'line dose' (almost literally the line where you lose function) is tricky to manage, real K is almost impossible to find on the underground; its usually cut with god knows what. It is a close chemical relative of phencyclidine (PCP), you know.. angel dust. It is an anaesthetic, and you would almost have to render yourself unconscious for it to affect CH. The hallucinogens that are used by the folks here work because they metabolize as chemicals that bind to serotonin receptors in the hypothalam
  13. I was not aware it was actually people who care, which is truly outstanding. I wish them luck dealing with the DEA and the Feds re: the CDS act. When Nixon at his paranoid best decided to declare by imperial fiat that substances like cannabis & the psylocibes, plants with many thousands of years of medical use, had absolutely no medical value, they set everybody back. ( Even though he only really did it to annoy his mortal enemies, the anti-war 'hippies'... true story... Nixon didn't give a shit about drugs). Note that in spite of years of evidence demolishing their contentions, like th
  14. I read their stuff, including the research paper...it looks like its finally dawning on a pharmaceutical company a) that busting with hallucinogens works that there might be a buck in it for them but most significantly c) they are finally paying attention to the fact that clusters are NOT primarily vascular and that focusing on the serotonergic transmission system is the way to go. If they help some of us, great; but I must confess to a deep seated distrust of big pharm, especially a company that seems to be trying SO hard with the fuzzy critter pictures and the feel good we love the earth
  15. I'm with the guys re: cold air. Its free and it works. I also was in the habit of packing my head and neck with cold packs like a tuna on a plane to Tokyo; ice can help abort. Ice water, held in your mouth on the affected side (then spit, and repeat as it warms) helps if your palate is affected. If you don't have O2 you can try this: do 20 pushups, wait a few secs, do 20 more, etc. ...this does 2 things: raises your blood O2 levels and increases blood flow to limbs& muscles so less can f up your cranial vessels. I aborted like that back in the 80's. Also, look into acupressure. There a
  16. Hi folks ....to try to end the confusion: 1. Licorice root is completely legal. 2.A 'tincture' is a liquid preparation which uses solvents (usually alcohol, water, glycerine, vinegar or some combination of them) to remove the active constituents of a plant or plant part and put them in solution to facilitate their use as medicinals. 3. For Bonkers: if you are in So Cal. you can get a good tincture at a lot of places; any good health food store, or whole foods type market, or GNC type place. Pharmacies sometimes carry homeopathics and 'alternative' stuff. Also, California is one of I bel
  17. Hi... A quick note on side effects: bear in mind that most side effects of prescription meds occur at normal dosage levels. The potential side effects of licorice root are usually the result of taking in way too much. Here is as complete a list as possible: 1. The most serious side effect is known as hyperaldosteronism, which is a mineralocorticoid effect (I know, I know, WTF is this shit???). It is very simply a chain of things that happen when your sodium and water balance gets messed up. This is mediated by aldosterone, cortisols and hormones called 'mineralocorticoids' (sounds like s
  18. Hi folks. Thank you for all of the responses. First, I must apologize if my comments re: the sister site were misinterpreted. When I said they did not seem amenable to alternatives, it was potentially my own prejudices about relying on the good will of pharmaceutical companies and my own frustrations surfacing. It was not my intent to offend anyone, and I'm sorry for that. I certainly didn't mean to incite a shitstorm. And yes, I certainly appreciate humor and strawberry twizzlers though I have no idea what they are actually made of. I would venture to say that we all have seemingly been crapp
  19. TO ANYONE VISITING THIS THREAD FOR THE FIRST TIME: After a year of development, a finalized (to date) version of this herbal protocol is available which will save you a lot of reading. Here is the link: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1322547210 The file is also available on the general board as 'new big licorice root file from Les Genser'. To begin with, let me first salute all of you for being proactive in your response to CH. Anyone who is waiting for the mainstream medical establishment or big pharm to come up with a ‘cure’ is waiting for Santa Claus. Th
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