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  1. Hi everyone - Thank you all for your advice and encouragement! After 3 days since dosing with 2gr of mushies my hubby is still going through hell! Ha's every 2 hours during the day and every hour at night !! He can't eat or sleep and he is exhausted!! Can't even get out of the house right now... :( He went through 4 welders tanks of 02 in 1 week !!! It almost seems like it's a whole new cycle that has started on the other side ? Because he get's more hits on the other side now!

    Will see how it goes tomorrow and Sunday and if there is no improvement he will go back to meds. Zomig and verap. So he can get a break and then maybe try busting again later. There is no way he can continue like this! Hopefully this was just post dose hits and will start to see improvement in the next few days !!

    Will keep you posted !!

  2. Why why why isn't it working for my hubby ?? Still getting hit after hit day and night switching sides constantly ! He can't even work right now  :( Seems to work well for everybody else...

    He busted last night with 2gr of shrooms and had about 4hrs pf but could still feel the twitch from side to side could tell the shrooms were blocking it! He has been staying away from alcohol too!

    Just don't know were to go from here ! It's HELL!!

    Maybe it's time to stop the shrooms and start trying the seeds? Zomig seems very tempting now at least he got 12 hours of relief with them...but then were right back at were we started. It just so frustrating :( :(

    Any advice? Anyone?

  3. Hi Lee Ann ! Completely detoxed from all meds I would say 5 busts...maybe more i'm not sure ...I know I should of kept a journal ! Total bust now is 10 !

    Alcohol has never really triggered ha's for him therefore he continued to have a few beers a few times a week. But I read that it can still interfere with busting... :-? So hopefully he will stay away from the beer completely for at least the next 3 bust and really see if there is more improvement then.

    Just really confused with the alcohol thing cause like I said before there are days he drank beer and had complete PF night and then days when he didn't drink at all and had ha's every 2 hrs ! Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think that maybe even if the alcohol doesn't trigger instantly a ha maybe that is what is interfering with his busting.

  4. Thanks Tingeling  :) It's ok I know that will get there. I know it's going to take some time! He didn't bust for 10 days so it was time. Tonight he busted with 2 gr. of shrooms and is getting a break of ha's now! Which to me means something is working :) He has been getting more ha's on the other side lately. He did get some good days out of the last bust so will see how this one goes.

    Hugs to you  :)

  5. Well sadly I spoke to soon.....he has been having ha's all day and all night since Monday  :( with some of them being kip 10 ...no break at all !

    Looks like the last bust which was last Monday gave him a few days of relief. But the ha's have started again full blown >:( Will bust again soon in the next few days!

    PFW to all  :)

  6. Hey - Hubby busted Monday with 1.5 gr of shrooms had a nice PF evening but the ha's were back all night  >:( Yesterday got hits after hits and on top of that he sliced his finger pretty bad at work and had to go to the hospital to get stiches ! Ha's all day today but this evening he got a break, no ha's!

    I think it's time to take a break from busting and let things settle a bit ! Will see how things go and then maybe try just the seeds next time!

    Now just praying he gets a PF night! It's been a rough few weeks. He did get a couple of PF days but not at night! Don't know what we did wrong.....dosed to high, to low or maybe to often...anyhow eventually we will figure what is right for him! Were not giving up  :)

    Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement !

    PFW to all !!!

  7. Hey - Since the last bust with Rc & shrooms last Sunday hubby has been having a good day and then the next is bad it's been like that all week! On the good days he get about 15hrs PF time then he get's his night time hits every 2hrs until he gets up! Still haven't decided when he is going to do his next bust....might try to stretch it out to 10 days. Will see! So far today not a single ha  :)

    Hope you are all having a great weekend ! PFW to all !  :)

  8. Thanks everyone for the advice ! Will see how things go in the next few days and decide what to do next. Maybe the combo 30 RC seeds and 1gr of shrooms will give him better results. It was his first try with the seeds. During the day he is usually PF but it's the night time attack that won't stop! Maybe it will get better in the next few days.

    He isn't going to try the melatonine but he has been taking magnesium now for a while. Should he stop taking it ? Do you think this might interfere with his busts?

  9. Thanks everyone ! Will diff. look into melatonine ! Tried it before and didn't do much but maybe now that his is off all the meds it will work better.

    Hubby didn't get one single attack since this morning and slept most of the afternoon!  :) Now I'm just hoping and praying he has a PF night!

  10. Hi - Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and mostly PF!

    Hubby busted yesterday with 30 RC seeds and 1gr of shrooms. This time he felt much better didn't get a strong trip and most important his head felt very clear all evening  :) He did tho get awaken every 2 hours again with high level ha's ! Got a few more in the morning but this afternoon he was so exhausted that he took a 2hr nape and nothing no ha !! Maybe it's a good sign  :-? I guess will see in the next few days how things go! I just hope his night time attacks end soon! I think we are doing this right this time....not going to high with the doses, waiting a bit longer between doses and staying away from alcohol !

    Will keep you posted...

  11. Thanks Lee Ann ! I read your story and I'm so happy for the both of you ! What a great success story  :)

    I hope we get the same success ! But we have to keep in mind that his first 3 doses he still had meds in his system (very low dose of verap and topomax) and still drinking alcohol. He is now completely meds free and hasn't had a sip in a while now so lets hope he will be having more success !

  12. Thank you Bejeeber for digging up this recipe  :) Will diff. try it next time the O2 doesn't work ! But yesterday it did it's job! During the day he only got a few low level ha's aborted within 5min  8-) And last night got a few more ha's that were switching from side to side again... :-?!! But no Kip 10...Yay :) Hopefully things will start to improve again !

    Tingeling hope you're feeling better today !I know you'll be just fine but thinking of you ! :)

  13. Well after busting last night with 2gr of shrooms last night with the new batch which is much stronger then the last batch he got hit after 4hours of dosing with a kip10 but aborted quickly withing 10min. Then got hit every 2 hours all night again! Today wasn't to bad except for a couple of kip 7 ha's that lasted almost 2hrs each. O2 did nothing to help! And then tonight he only had a few twitches that were going from left to right. Now he is sleeping so will see how the night goes! He hasn't had one good night sleep since the last bust which I think maybe it's because the dose was too high for him. Who knows! If things don't improve this week the next bust will be much lower maybe 1gr of shrooms with 30rc seeds or just the seeds will see! He needs a good nights sleep he is exhausted! We need to really figure out what a good dose is for him to get improvement! I've been on here reading and researching other posts to figure this out! And everyone is different.

    Will let you know in the next few days how things go! Hopefully I will have some good news to share with y'a all  :)

  14. Thanks David & Matty ! Change of plans was suppose to bust with 1gr of shrooms and 30 RC seeds but got a new batch of shrooms today :) We were running low on shrooms and I asked my cousin who works in bars to ask around and turns out my AUNT who lives 5 min from me had some at home  ;D She gave them to us there must be like 20gr ! She told me there were like 2 years old tho but looked fine. They are huge compare to the one we had before and there is a lot of caps too!

    So he decided to test them 2gr and they are indeed still very good even stronger then the last batch! He had a small ha when he took them but when they kicked in he felt the ha being sucked away  8-)

    Hopefully tonight he will get a PF night! Will keep you posted!

  15. Hi - I have heard of people aborting a headache by putting a cap or very small dose of mushroom under there tongue. My hubby tried it a day after busting, he was getting ha's after ha's and tried it and it worked, he didn't get a ha the rest of the night and the next day either ?! Don't know if it's a coincidence. Wondering tho if it would affect the next bust or not since it such a small amount ?

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