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  1. Hey everyone !THANK YOU so much for you kind words ! My hubby is doing ok! Yesterday he was getting hits every couple of hours but nothing bigger then a kip 7 which he aborted with O2 ! Today was a bit better then yesterday. No major ha's  :) He does find that it takes a bit longer to abort the attacks with the O2 then last week. It take's him an average of 20min instead of 5 to 10 min. But we did get a new Optimask today so will see if it's better! Next bust is Sunday and hopefully things will continue to improve! I think we have to be patient with this

    Thank you everyone and I will keep you posted !!

  2. Hey everyone ! Everything went well yesterday! Hubby took 2gr of mushrooms got a good buzz (nothing to strong tho) felt good then got hit once he went to bed (we were expecting that) got another mild ha which was easily aborted with the O2. Today he got through the whole day at work without ANY need to take O2 and no ha's  :D Did get hit when he got home tho but again aborted easily with O2!

    WOW I'm amazed!! He was very tired tho today felt kinda hungover....I guess this is normal the day after dosing? Now will see how the night goes hopefully he will get a full nights sleep! His next dose is suppose to be Saturday but we have a big family party so will have to wait Sunday, that will be his 3rd dose! Just hoping and praying that thing will continue to improve!

    Have a great night everyone and thank you again for your support, encouragement and kind words!

    Clusterbusters rocks  8-)

  3. Well looks like we have some mushrooms!!! Tomorrow he will be dosing again!! :D We don't know how good they are but he will do 2 grams! Hopefully it's enough !!  Ha's have been better since Wednesday dose so hopefully with this dose things will get even better!! Will keep you posted! Wish us luck !!

  4. Hey everyone - My hubby is doing better, only had kip 2-7 yesterday and was able to abort everyone with o2 ! He also had 6hrs of sleep without any ha's at all! This is a huge improvement since he hasn't touched zomig for 5 days now :) I think maybe it's his dose of mushies that he did last Wednesday that helped....I hope anyways! He will be dosing again tomorrow hopefully with mushies, we will find out today if we will get any. If not it will be with RC seeds, he will start with 30! Should he expect to be very sick? We read that some people are very sick with the seeds!

    Thanks again everyone for all your support and guidance through this experience !


  5. Hey everyone - My hubby is doing better !

    He took 1gr of mushies Wednesday, felt pretty good for about 3 hours then got what he describes one of his worst ha's EVER!! It's now Friday and has been getting only kip 2-6 ha's that he abort quickly with 02! This is progress because he is now doing better then he was on 2 zomig a day :)  After diner tonight he decided to take a nape and got hit with a kip 10 ha! Still positive tho, we know this will take time and patience.

    He will be dosing again on Monday, we might get shrooms on Sunday but not sure. He does have RC Seeds and HBWR seeds ready! He is chronic so I think shrooms are better but will try the seeds if we don't get our hands on shrooms. How much of RC or HBWR seeds should he start with? We were thinking about 30 RC seeds and HBWR not sure??

  6. Hey everyone ! My hubby is doing better! Took last dose of prednisone today and hasn't touched zomig for 2 days now! He still decided to take 1gram of mushies tonight and is feeling pretty good  ;)Wondering if it means it's working!? We know that prednisone is a blocker but since it was his last dose tonight he decided to still try it, maybe it will help him just enough to help him detox and not take another zomig when the prednisone wears off in the next few days. I will keep you posted!  Oh last week he was prescribed a very low dose of verap 80mg a day and topamax should he go off those meds ....are they blocker? Anyhow I guess will see in the next few days and weeks! Wish us luck ! Hope this works!!! Thank you all again for the tips and advice! It means A LOT to us !!

  7. Hi Tingeling ! Thank you that is very good to know! My hubby wasn't successful at detoxing last week, well everything except the Zomig. Which usually gives him many hours of relief! He tried very hard last week but got hits after hits of kip 10 Ha's! He got very discouraged and I was terribly worried so decided to bring him to the er and they gave him some 70mg of prednisone for 1 week which gave him a bit of relief.

    We will try again in the next few weeks to detox. We will get our shrooms this Sunday and the seeds this week! And he will start dosing even tho he is still on the zomig maybe like you said it won't to the full effect but maybe help him just enough to detox from the zomig!

    I'm very positive that this treatment will work ! We just need to be patient and stay positive! Thank you all so much for the great advice and being there for us It means A LOT! It's been a rough week for all of us but we will get through this!  :) I will keep you all posted once we start the detox process soon. Watch out BEAST were coming after you >:(

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for all the help and advice! I really appriciate it !! It's been a very thought day for my hubby ! We went from all excited about busting with the seeds to very discouraged about detoxing from the zomig!! He really tried hard not to take his zomig and being constantly glued to the O2 tank for the last 3 days with some success! But today the O2 didn't do much! The zomig has always been such a lifesaver for him that it's very hard for him to go off! After his 4th hit in 6 hours at a kip 10 level he just got discouraged! I don't blame him! Just seeing him when I came home from work discouraged and in TERRIBLE pain was heartbreaking for me and my 6 year old daughter  :( If it's not better tomorrow I will have to bring him to the er since his Neuro and our family doctor are on vacation till august. Hopefully they can give him a Occipital nerve block injection or something to ease his pain!! Now who knows when he will be able to try the seeds.....trying very hard to stay positive! Thank you again everyone! Feels good to have a place to vent and get some advice from people who go through the same thing! He is exhausted now but a least he is sleeping! Hopefully he will have a good night sleep. I will continue to read all your posts and try to learn more on how to help him!

  9. I'm very worried right now...my hubby went off his lithium & verapamil a week ago so he can try busting but now his headaches are worst then ever!! Today was a terrible day! He is trying to stay away from zomig but if he does he get one headache after another even the O2 wont help today! We know he needs to go off the zomig but he just can't handle right now it's to much! 4 kip 10 headaches today  :( I'm worried that he wont be successful with the RC seeds if he doesn't go off the Zomig! What are we suppose to do now! Can he go back on verap & lithium to help ease the headache and still be successful with the seeds. Also wondering if he can go to the emergency to have a Occipital nerve block injection....maybe that would help ease the pain while trying to go off the zomig! Help! :'(

  10. I know Bob it's terrible amount of prednisone! He is struggling as we speak to not take the zomig. But he is plugged to the O2 tank!! Beats the headaches but has to return to the thank every half hour! I guess he won't be getting much rest tonight! How long off the zomig should he be before starting the shrooms or RC seed treatment? It has been almost 24 hours since his last zomig...he is struggling big time right now!

  11. Hi again - If anyone could give any tips on the best way to  use the RC seeds it would be much appreciated ! Since my hubby is chronic would it be better to bust with shrooms ? Only problem with shrooms is that it's hard to find but still has about 1gr left and he will try them Thursday. The seeds should arrive early next week ! I will keep you all posted!

  12. Hi - My hubby has been suffering from CH headaches for 18 years now and has been chronic for the past year. Personally I think he became chronic when his neuro started giving him lithium & Verap crap! He has also been on 85 mg prednisone for 5 months but has been off since May!THANK GOD! That is a nasty drug! He also take 2 nasal zomig a day which helps most of the time!Keeps the headache away for 10 to 12 hours! He tried imitrex but felt sick after and got bad rebound headache after. We have tried multiple time to bust but no success. But then learned that detox was a must so he did and is now off lithium and Verp since last Wednesday. Has been hell for him got kip scale 10 headache 5 times last Saturday so decided to try 1gm of shrooms and has been a bit better since!Got some Magnesiume and ordered RC seeds and should get them soon! Can't wait to try this treatment! We are very hopeful! Still on zomig but today hasn't taken any but is by the O2 tank constantly! Read a lot of post here and I think you are all awesome and very supportive! Thank you I already feel at home here!  :) It's been a very though year :(...hope this will give him relief!

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