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  1. Hey Ting, sorry I respond so late. I think Lawyers generaly do not use normal human logic and sensibility. They use backdoor in law and law tricks to try get over it if they are from gov or against you. I think only paid lawyers do their job which is sad, because they are expensive, at least that is how it is in here where I live. I think you could try reading on topic perhaps there are groups of people in Norway that create huge lawsuits in certain case for example health problems. I will try look around and direct you to one. Then it gets cheap or even free if the group tries to
  2. LOL I like the way she thinks *high five*
  3. Sad but true, had similar story happen to me twice. Been to doc in my city when my CH bout started 2 years ago and she prescribed me meds like Triptans and Propanolol. I told her about busting and she just told me that in that case she cannot heal me anymore because my knowledge is bigger than hers and I should cure myself LOL. Then when I tried to get O2 I went to other city, it was main city of 'state' like in Poland. And I told about my case and headaches etc, and she asked me what I tried so far, so I told her triptans but I withdraw from them fast because I felt worse after them, and
  4. Found yet another tune I enjoyed listening to in groovy time, so here I am sharing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGGJmkPxV08
  5. It is pretty natural I think with different sides of our head affected, I myself get hit during CH bour on right side, but I tend to get shadows and small hits left side which hurt more I must say. I think it is the way our human body works, if you looked up brain structure, both left and right halfs of it control seperatly right and left sides of our whole body, for example right eye is connected to left hemisphere and left eye to right hemisphere, but centran nervous system and bridge on top of brain connects both halfs
  6. I second what Ron wrote. Did your husband try mushies only? and max 2gr?
  7. Tingelin, you should rush to some pediatrist or good neurologist asap with your daughter and tell him/her of your concerns that your daughter may have Cluster Headaches. I cannot recommend much, since I am not aware if the meds we take are allowed to children that are still growing and if meds would make some tremendous harm in their growth or organs/etc development, thus I suggest going to pediatrist or neurologist or even both. Good luck Tingeling and I wish your daughter and you all best! Please keep us posted. P.S you could try using the water treatment and hot shower or pack of fr
  8. Yes that is deep and thoughtful if you think of it. Lots of truth in what you just said. -Matthew
  9. Nice are you poet? What do you study?
  10. Holy words Mad6string, you surely lifted up my mood with your post. Thank you.
  11. Haha Bob that is some awesome story Well it is good media show such thing in commercial stuff, since average Joe watches TV mostly so perhaps it is good thing to do.
  12. Look also for Dr House episode when he treats his migraines with LSD
  13. It will be hard but as bejeeber said try PH regiment and then use non-rebreather mask with O2 at 20lpm or even higher. You will need to detox from imigran and all other stuff preferably to bust succesfuly or the other meds may I repeat _may_ block (since we all are different) busting. And keep trying until it works, I know it sounds harsh but there was so many people who didnt get any relieft after 1-2 times but they did found it working after 1 month of dosing every 5-7 days, it is rule #1 you must wait 5-7 days since receptors in our brain close up after taing psychadelics and open once
  14. Wow I might be not be eliglable to speak up but I am sorry to hear you getting twisters so close your home and scaring you! Even though I must admit climate is changng more and more tornados are reported in Europe aswell. There was actually 3 so far this year (small sized) reported in my 'state' if you can call it like that, fortunetly far away from where I live, but they do devastated households and injured few people from what I heard :-/
  15. Congratulations !!!!! Keep the family growing!
  16. Happy Birthday to you !!!! All best, health moneys and lots of love and ofc lots of painfree time
  17. It is not only like that in USA, in Poland it is more and more everyday thing aswell. Actually Poland follows American way of life very strong right now, all movies and so on products made in west come to Poland and some kids here try to act cool like they lived in some hood, hanging around and showing off stuff they didn't earn even. Also more and more people I see are stupidier with each year.
  18. Keep on updating how it works out for you.
  19. Psychedelics generaly seem to work for many diseases our current pharmaceutical medicine has problem curing. I would give it a go, after reading that info from Erowid's I would give it a go. Good luck and keep us updated, I am personally curious what will be outcome for your friend! -Matthew
  20. Aye, well they live by doing basejumping, they love doing it, but it carries big risk factor than most sports. Found another ones I love to listen to when relaxing or busting Nightwish - Last Of The Wilds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrIz0KCq1YA Sarah McLachlan - The First Noel/Mary Mary (Dash Berlin RMX) Epica - Cry For The Moon
  21. Wow sounds amazing, pity its in American Continent not somewhere closer to Europe
  22. Thanks for clarification, though I met few neuros telling me, its just how it is. Telling me pain itself is the issue without any reason. So it blows. I always knew if there is nothing on CT and MRI. Then it must be something we can't see via MRI CT, which is something in brain chemistry or genes.
  23. Hmm couldn't edit my previous post so I am posting again in a row. Found another tune from same artist
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