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  1. Of course it is. I don't believe in "primary headache" which means headache has no underlaying causation. It is bullshit, there is always causation for something, even if pain in intself is problem, it is usually caused by something. If there is migraine gene, there is CH and other ones aswell I am 100% sure. Thank you, thank you, thank you a lot for this awesome piece of info !!!!!!
  2. Digged out another song I rememer I liked
  3. Wish you luck and keep reporting maybe we will figure out something that will cease them.
  4. hmm could my constant shadows be like weakened CHs and me getting Big above kip2-3 hits during springs and fall being high cycle? Or I am confusing myself here?
  5. I was browsing forums and seen CArl as an "ex member" Did he delete his account and abandoned our board and if so did I miss something that caused that? Sorry if I am sticking my nose into not my own business but I just felt like asking.
  6. ;D LOL! Well good then I haven't smoked single cig in my whole life, only bad thing I did was drinking ale and taking psychadelics
  7. Wow, thanks for uploading, looking grand!
  8. Indeed, I myself live in suburbs, but is you know, like 10 houses in a row, it is blessing still compared to when I live in block in center of city with people being loud and all. But your house Ron, is just sanctuary if I could describe it from pictures
  9. Oh, thanks for clarification, I guess then I misread that Though pity they haven't found cause of it, would surely in some way help us step closer to CH causation.
  10. So they probably found gene that could cause migraine or I misread something here?
  11. Wow, that house is amazing, in between peaks of mountains and so many trees and bushes. Looks stunning!
  12. Hi last night I was watching tv and heard that my own (Polish) government thinks of legalising same as in Czech Republic possesion of low (0.2 gram max) dose for personal use without threat of prison. So soon you could perhaps add Poland to the list(hopefuly) Though you never know since gov here is a bit circus-like tbh. -Matthew
  13. Agreed!!! though shouldn't it be though Goddess or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ;D well I am quite oldie! like 24 almost
  14. Oh lol, I wouldn't have guessed
  15. When I first heard it, I listened to it many times aswell, it really is catchy and soothing at same time. Yes I am from Poland, never been to Norway in my life, but I know maybe two people from Norway I communicated via internet, one was from Tromso other from Inderoy. You are third I have met via internet And I am from Southern Poland, very close to Czech Republic borders. http://maps.google.pl/maps?q=Polska+Jastrz%C4%99bie+Zdr%C3%B3j&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Jastrz%C4%99bie-Zdr%C3%B3j,+%C5%9Al%C4%85skie&gl=pl&ei=0qRyTISlM4nEOKWykZUG&
  16. Wow, Michael and Ron look so alike. Also both look strong and built like warriors. Sorry if I sounded wrong, I am just really complimenting.
  17. Cool tune, added to favorites This was nice. Never heard of them. Glad you liked it They make mostly trance but this tune really caught my attention.
  18. I couldn't find anything else but maybe this http://www.clusterheadaches.com/about.html and... hmm I will search in a bit on other sister site, I believe there was really awesome letter to doctor.
  19. Hey Leslie, I am glad you like some music I posted And so true about that geography and age difference and still choosing that one song Hmm I searched a bit and picked few more I forgot about. Frost & Maron - Mute Your Mind (XiJaro Intro Mix): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp8OXSluLMs Röyksopp - Poor Leno: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6jiUt68euw Röyksopp - So easy Dolly Parton - Jolene: ;D
  20. Ditto for Czech Republic in EU
  21. Hoping everything goes fine! Keeping thumbs up and Barbara in my prayers.
  22. There sure is something tricky to it, I thought me being descent from Russian/Lithuanian/Polish origins gave me immunity to drinking crazy ammounts of ale, seems not, I get pretty devastated if I touch ale lol Though in my early days when I still had like 1-2 week max of CH every 2 years I could drink so much, like 2 0,5litres vodka bottles 4 beers and sip some tequila with salt then chew on slice of lemon and still be in good shape, well at least I didnt faint or sth. Anyway seems those good times are over P.S Ron I love Tortillas and Nachos I got addicted to them and Kebabs!I know Keb
  23. From what I can see in the mirror and remember asking when I was young my parents and grandparents, I have Europeans origins probably family started somewhere on Russian-Lithuania lands and moved Poland as time got older. Dark-brown hair, green eyes, white-skin. Ethnic: Slav Dunno if it helps.
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