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    What kind of shrooms do you guys use? Cubensis ecuador, mexican or liberty cap?
  2. Also used Google translator to try translate full text although google translator makes lots of mistakes, i still hope maybe someone will be interested to read full text. Hopefuly Imigrant will correct mistakes in which case I willl be grateful if he does "New funding for research into the mysterious headache A large donation allows the development of a research project on the very painful disease, cluster headache. The causes of cluster headache is still largely unknown and can now be examined more closely, while the project will develop a new treatment for the intense pain att
  3. Wow I knew Sweden was famous for best medical care in whole European Union but it seems it will now also lead head to head with Germany, Italy and UK in CH research from Europe.
  4. I liked that comment, although yes I would suggest alternative if it works cool if it does not then ONSI. I guess? On the other hand maybe Christine has work that unables her alts? anyhow Carl and others say truth and good advice, but in the end I hope Christine, you choose best for yourself and get best results
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    Left and right hits are rare but happen, for example I shadow on right and left side but get hit on right side. But sometimes shadow goes to kip3 on left side. I think they can happen on both sides same time. It has to do something with our brain sides or so I guess. Though I noticed for example if my right eye shadows and I am sitting in chair and then I stand up quickly and lets say pick something heavy or do some exercise shadow will disappear from right side and repear on left side or again on right side. isnt that weird?
  6. To be fair, like all of us, I had also suicice thoughts, just I would rather go rob bank and make policeman shoot me than take my own life myself, I am in pain atm... sorry I speak bullshit, but in pain...
  7. My condolances aswell. It is so saddening and depressing to hear of such tragedy, I must say it did impact my mood greately and gave me some thoughts I did not wish to ever have Was he resistant to all meds? And busting didnt work for him? I am scared to be frank, right now, sorry for being such a wuss...
  8. I remember few head injuries and some traumas aswell in my childhood, I think I started getting headaches at the age of 13 or 14... in age of 12 or 13 I had fight in school which ended with me having nose broken and other guy having black eye. And since I was 7 or 8 I suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which diminished to really not so annoying state as I grew older, also I took some psychotropic or anti epileptic meds, like Dipromal for a long period of time for that OCD of course. Also suffered from the youth reumatism or something they mentioned that if meds dont work I would
  9. Wow, thanks for linking that big piece of info, but tell me its going to be fixable in future? That circadian circannual rythm disturbance!
  10. *applauds at MJ* Welcome to the 'family' BrainPain. Make yourself comfortable, ask, vent, question us, until your pain subsides or even better, stops.
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