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  1. Hello everyone as of recent Polish law has banned plants, seeds, extracts to be possesed / sold / used of HBRW, RC Seeds and Morning Glory.

    I live in souther part of Poland nearby Czech Republic Boarders and I am in dire need to know if there is any Germany/ Czech or Slovakian fellow Cluster Headache that I could somehow get in touch with to learn if there is a way to rent a postbox so that I could order seeds to be shipped to that ohter country and so I could drive car and pick them up.

    Pretty please, please do reply whoever is here from Europe especially Central/Eastern Europe.

    Thank you in advance for reading and replying!

  2. Santana is so epic :)

    Also like the country you linked guys, will sure add to favs :)

    and my fav Cheesburger in paradise  ;D Hahah <3

    And here is few of my own tunes I recently found and listened to when I still busted during summer etc :)

    SBTRKT - Pharaohs

    Stan SB - Airwalk

    Rameses B - Memoirs (Very psychadelic tune for me personaly)

    And a little space trip with Zedd's Spectrum ;-)


    And back to land of psychadelia we go ;-)

    Our first stop will be

    and then we head off to

    Hope you enjoy and have a nice day and please keep your own titles coming :) I love to see what other people listen to!

    - Matthew

  3. Hey guys, I have a question is there a way to order Morning Glory or any other kind of LSA seeds to other country.

    Lets say I live in Poland and I know certain seeds are illegal but they are legal in Czech Republic or germany etc.

    Is there a way to order from sites like Iamshaman, tranceplants, ktbotanicals to other country without having house?

    I don't have any family nor close friends in these countries either.

    But is there a way to order for instance on hotel room? Or Poste Restante? Or some UPS/InPost automatic mailbnox that does not require registration and they send you text on phone with code to open it in certain city etc?

    I just found out all LSA has been completely banned in Poland and as I retook classes in university with hopes of finishing it finally.

    But right now I am out of LSA seeds that kept me cluster-free and I feel the upcoming season might be heavy on me, and if I get headaches again I might not make it with Uni : /   I am just usually really depressed and unable (psyhologicaly blocked, frustrated) when in cluster episode, I know it sounds stupid but is main reason I dropped off University and almost got kicked out but fortunetly I managed to take health break which is forced 2 years in here so waste of time for CH epsiodics : / although my cycles are one semester long almost so it screws me up on projects etc.

    Anyway enough with rant, main question is, can I order from lets say TrancePlants Morning Glories to Czech/Germany and hit highway and drive there receive package and return to Poland (is easy since boarders are not controlled due to European Union etc)

    Really really thank you for any tips and advices!


  4. I have ordered 4Oz of Morning Glory back in March this year from TrancePlants.net (Legal in Poland to obtain Morning Glory)

    I have ran out of them and tried to order again to no avail.

    I got e-mail from them saying:


    Thanks very much for your order.

    However, we cannot ship in Poland, because of very tight importation laws in this country.

    We are presently cancelling your order.

    We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thanks anyways and enjoy the day!



    I might be getting headaches soon if I don't dose again and I am at my wits end as I do not know where to get Morning Glory from, I have started college once again reactivated my student's rights and account being safe that the 3-months headaches won't disrupt my learning process but seems I won't be able to stay away from headaches for too long.

    Anyone please, please could help me out with any other page or source for fresh and potent Morning Glories? I tried ebay but I only found HWBR and RC seeds which are illegal in Poland and I am  bit scared to order and getting to jail (you can get jailed for 3 years for possesion in here)

    Thanks for any insight and helpful stuff.

    I just hope I don't get these damn headaches too soon so far dosing 200 grinded seeds every month worked to keep me for 2 years without headaches which is unusual.


  5. Once again, freedom is only for the rich. 

    Only if government is made by the rich, that is why the regular folks/people should rule countries.

    Or even better I like idea of United States, but problem is, only name is left in them, because even though they got own laws, they should rule themselves aswell, cities and so forth should have local govs to fit their politics and economy best for their people and so on. Problem is the line is thin to crossing autonomy and thus becoming seperate country etc.

    Never had a hang over from too much pot but alcohol legally kills people everyday albeit slightly taxed.

    I have to confirm this, and sadly my mother's brother is addicted (still) by alcohol, he destroyed his own family, lost all possesion to the habit, is ill (epilepsia) and still drinks and God knows where he is ever since gov took over his property and he refused to detox, he refused all help he could.

    Alcohol ruins life, but is taxed so its fine :) Irony

    Oh P.S

    My father's both parents died of lung cancer caused by probably smoking, since they smoked ever since their 20s.

    Oh wait, cigs are legal and taxed too, but yeah lets ban drugs, I mean, they are evil, make you be a looney, you cut your wrist when intoxicated, you will be addicted, you will get aids/hiv, you will become uncontrollably a terrorist while on them oh yeah did I mention you will probably try to run to nearest gun store buy a gun and start killing people off while on drugs, yeah I forgot that one.

  6. It may be another way of treating the symptoms vs the root cause. Allways good to see new potential options and defensive tools.

    I am all about busting, though every bit of information and methodology helps in understanding and assaulting our enemy wich is CH.

    Know your friends. Know your enemies better. 

    I am not sure anything in our regimen so far hits root cause.

    It just interferes, supresses in one way or another, the CH is I think some abnormaly/malformation causing all of this.

    I am not even sure if they secreted gene responsible for it, and medicine advanced so high, we would get gene therapy to 'fix' our CH would it even the that stuff hit root cause not symptoms in one way or another?

    Sorry for me being philosophical, just one of my fetishes :P

    -Matty <3

  7. Bionic medicine sure is progressing from what I see, it is so much more invasive than shrooms for those who work, but having an alternative is good plus always such methods/devices aid other afflictions that others struggle with.

    Thumbs up from me.

    EDIT: Though I would love to get some data of how this device works, how fast and succesful it ceases attacks and what is % success rate.

  8. Hey ,

    Sorry for my long break, I have been browsin as of late forums, and as I do always I check on Ron's threads, I am really sad to hear what Michael is going through but...

    Jeebs I am proud to have same name as you! You are doing a lot for Michael, like an angel, an example of how human being should perform/act with compassion for his brothers and sisters.

    Ron please pass my thumbs up and well wishes to Michael from a fellow sufferer from across Ocean.

    I am pretty sure Dr Goadsby is best shot, him being closest to the BOL program is a big opportunity for Michael!

  9. -Do you have signs that your cycle is ending and what are they?

    Not really, perhaps only few last hits get milder/shorter, but not always.

    -Do you still get “pangs” or even shadows when you’re not in cycle?

    Yes I get shadows when I am in remissions a lot.

    -How does it start when it returns?

    It starts out of nowhere, though I feel there are few signs when it starts, like pain in liver, cramps/sore feeling in neck etc.

    -Do you remember the first cycle of your life? 

    Mine first cycle in my life was perhaps 4-7 days long, 1 hit a day when I woke up, lasting for 40 minutes or an hour.

    Then over the years it got longer and hits became stronger.

    I never really took many meds, apart maybe few times, mostly because I was lucky to read on Oxygen early, so I didn't have to take pills and other meds, currently trying to find stuff to bust next cyclone, though it is pretty hard around here.

    Hope it helped.

  10. Michael I am following your story from begining and I somehow felt inside really 'big' spiritual when I heard of your first dosing and since I live in different time zone I mostly read posts when I woke up and it was late night in your country, waiting for your dad's next info on how you are, I felt really spiritual if not more when I heard of your great success, man I was so happy knowing we all can find peace from all that pain, that you (to quote Funguy here)

    "If you're going through hell, keep going.

    -Winston Churchill"

    And you kept going! You did not fall on your knees nor stopped or retreat, you kept marching onward, even though you didn't know what is lurking around the corner, Man, Michael you are one of toughest guys I have seen and heard of around these parts, you even started work! And hanging around site and with your friends despite you still had slight headaches and just began to stand strong on your feet, yet you were so tough to lift up your head and live a responsible life of healthy person who never went through that shit we go through!

    Michael, I just want you to know you are Clint Eastwood of Clusterheadache wild wild west. The toughest guy around the town.

    You inspire me Mike!

    Thumbs up and please tell your Dad to keep on reporting I follow your story and will try to think of anything asap to help with, ask around people with knowledge as well as pray for you to get better and so you keep strong!

    - Matty

  11. Hey so basicaly this herb affects testosterone, sodium levels and in some kind of mechanism, might be ceasing the way Cluster Headache start? That is really interesting, I might read about that and try that as option for my next bout of attacks.


  12. Man I wish you lived somewhere close to me,I would so sit through your bust and do my best to cheer you up as fellow clusterhead, sometimes just talking all the time and holding onto someone's hand/shoulder is best when going through that effing pain, I know it man, when i am in pain I am not rational, I sometimes make wrong decisions.

    Best wishes man!

    -Matty from Poland

  13. Hey Rhizz, I am having also constant 'shadows' that switch between left/right eyeballs and sometimes venture to temples or teet/jaw between my episodes I have had my 24h shadows since 2 years now, I tried redbulls but they didnt help, what helped me was very warm bags of peas, hot shower or when I dried my hair and I wandered over area with hairdryer I could feel burning sensation but stop of shadow.

    Hope it helps somehow.

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