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  1. My husband's neurologist is a gift from God.  He is on board and has attended Cluster Buster conferences.  He is very professional and can see many benefits to conventional medications for some sufferers, but is willing to discuss and weigh in on alternative methods as well.  The difference in the way my husband is able to talk about these headaches and see light at the end of the tunnel after meeting with him is just astonishing.  I just posted a link under "General" to a news story on alternative methods for cluster headaches - being covered this evening on the Boston Channel - ABC - at 11pm tonight!

    My husband was tapering off Pred and was down to 10mg.  We were going to wait 5 days before treating with Vitamin M, and my husband was very concerned, because he was having some shadows and his eye is a "tell" that the bout is not yet gone.  The neurologist recommended starting the Vitamin M on the last day of the 10mg of Pred and then doing it again in another 5 days.  I suggested that my husband needed to be completely Pred free before busting, but the doctor explained that that has not been scientifically proven.

    My husband followed his advice (over mine?  ha!) and it has worked very well.  He is off all medication.  Has busted twice in a week.  Our goal is to wait about a month, unless symptoms appear for the next bust.  Until, eventually, he can return to his every-3-month cycle.


    Tina  :)

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