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  1. vitamin d3 is fat soluble and not water soluble, you can't just piss it out. either use drops (oilbased) or if taking capsules make sure to combine it with food intake.
  2. yes, doesn't work, waste of valuable O2 Tip: after aborting with O2 stay on it 5-10 minutes longer, even if the acute pain is gone. that will hopefully prevent the rebound headache that can happen. take care
  3. just got over the infection a 2nd time. first one was in 2020 where i actually got long covid (lasted for 8 months) from my perspective: 2020: infected in october; cluster during jan./feb. was a bitch to bust, took 7 trips with strong lsd to kick it and had intense shadows for 2 additional months, not "normal" for me 2022: infected end of july and am having some weird activity on my cluster side: pain in jaw, temple, eyebrow and neck/shoulderblade plus migrainelike headaches that don't respond to anything, i just have to ride them out. so in my case there is a correlation. causation i don't know. but: since the infection is inflammation and it's inflammation we try to manage with batch's protocol it make sense that covid can cause headaches, clusters, migraines in people who already suffer from those diseases and are prone to them i reacted this time by taking lsd as soon as i was feeling well enough (this saturday) and by immediately upping my d3 to 60.000 units per day (planning on doing it for a week) and also upping things like vitamin c, zink and tumeric so far so good still getting activity but nothing that actually worries me. i am triple vaxxed: none of the vaxxes resulted in a cluster episode hope this info helps even if only anecdotal. edit: i also wanted to mention that my high d3 did not prevent the covid infection. i have been on the protocol for years now and it saddens me to say that even with that much d3 in our body we are not safer in any way. take care
  4. are you getting enough fiber with your daily food intake? on the contrary, magnesium tends to loosen stool and promote bowel movement, taking too much can even lead to diarrhea
  5. That has happened to me twice. Both times i had to fight the doc and the nurse to up the o2 flow to 12 because "protocol says 8l/m" is enough. i was screaming in pain and they were watching me like scared deer watching headlights. it was funny, really.
  6. i am convinced that the drugs the docs pushed (verapamil, triptans) made my bouts worse. big pharma has done nothing for me except make the only drug that helps me illegal. too bad lsd wasn't profitable enough for sandoz. it sucks but such is life. about 10 years ago i decided to stop all medication preventative and abortive. i stick to O2, Red Bull, D3 and Psychs. So far i'm managing this godforsaken disease better myself than all the highly educated neurologists i have been to. i am not disregarding medicine and science, it's just that in this case science hasn't done shit for me. i don't expect huge changes either. even with bigger groups of sufferers (migraine) medicine is fishing in murky waters and throwing everything but the kitchen sink aht the patients...
  7. Hello Snowflake, as far as i can remember, in case of allergy/pollen etc. batch suggests to also take tumeric and resveratrol in combination with the benadryl. i think he calls it the full monty.... good luck
  8. so happy for you that the vitamin d3 is working for you. are you certain you weren't "just" in remission to begin with? hope you are painfree soon again!
  9. Was a smoker for 15 years, haven't smoked for 25 years. i still get attacks. i am glad that the disease went into remission for you. but i highly doubt that there is a connection between that and quitting smoking.
  10. edited: don't want to feed the troll
  11. you are in a dire place, i think most of us have been at. that's why it's important to have an arsenal of remedies ready. like a boyscout you have to always be prepared. Your List should include: oxygen oxygen!! oxygen!!! vitamin d3 protocol+cofactors Tryptamines (LSD, MM, Seeds) IMHO both verapamil and triptans like zomig are a double edge sword. they take the edge off and mask the cluster but i swear to god those medications made my condition worse. i can not prove it but i am almost certain that that is the case. i have read numerous reports from sufferers over the years that state the same. bonus as time goes on you will have to up the verapamil, that's how the story goes. and at some point you start feeling the side effects. i felt like a zombie, with severy constipation and waterpooling in my legs, mind you i am a very active and athletic person. it was hell and not worth it. oxygen and magic mushrooms/lsd saved my life and my sanity. i am forever grateful to this board it's initiator and members. the drugs doctos perscribe are all offlabel use...make what you will of that. good luck!
  12. you are playing with fire. when i was abusing zomig my headaches got progressively stronger and longer in duration, also the frequency saw an uptick (up to 10 hits a day)
  13. yeah i get that. that's why i always panick when my neck hurts, thinking a cycle is about to start. fuck this disease!
  14. neither scientific nor research involved. stopped reading when they started mentioning evil big pharma and evil fda. clearly full of shit. curing aids with hbot, get outta here.....
  15. It's for CH. Although I can't recall if they are still taking "applications"
  16. about a week or two before my cycle starts, my neck and my trap on the side my cluster hits start to ache. then i slowly start to get discomfort in the occipital region in the back of my head. once i'm at that stage i know the cluster is going to hit in a couple of days. my shoulderblade also gets knots in the muscles, mainly the subscapularis. greets
  17. are you taking a loading dose and all the co-factors? if it's not working for you (yet) maybe try upping the d3 intake. Batch even suggests 100.000 as a loading dose for a week.
  18. this happened to me during my rogue cycle in april. it was a surprise to say the least...
  19. sounds like long covid. i had fatigue in the beginning as well, it has gotten better. my doc emphasized not to exert myself since that can trigger PEM, which can lead to a worsening of symptoms and condition overall. hope you get well soon
  20. i have had lyme a couple of times in my life. covid reactivated the dormant borreliae in my body. i suggest you find a doc who specializes in lyme disease since it can develop into neuro-lyme and that is no bueno. as for mushrooms: can't hurt but the headaches caused by the bacterium won't be touched by the shrooms. please got to a doctor.
  21. got the china virus end of october. long hauling since end of november (shortness of breath, fatigue, vertigo, couldn't comprehend what i read, dizziness, loss of smell and taste which have gotten better/are gone, but i developed a POTS like condition). got a major and severe cluster from beginning of january till beginning of febuary. interestingly my usual cycle is during oktober, november and not during january. i think the inflammation and stress from covid triggered the cluster which was a major pita this time, up to 8 hits a day. during the nighttime every 2 hours on the dot. during this episode LSD couldn't break the cycle either. usually it does after 2 doses. interesting fact: i was on d3 and cofactors before covid and my levels were above 120 and after covid (2 weeks between end of october-beginning of november) the levels had dropped to 60, although i was always taking 10,000 units a day...covid sucked the d3 and other nutrients out of me (low on b1, b6, b12, ferritin all messed up). so now i got 2 conditions which medicine has no clue about. CH and POTS. Thanks covid! at least the cluster cycle took its course. although, and this is very strange ,i had single severe hits (kip7) here and there for months on the opposite side my cluster usually is at and has been for 2 decades (up to end of june) which i never had before (ch since 20 years) and a prolonged shadow which wouldn't go away. the cherry on top of this all. had disc surgery at l5/s1 during may. you could say 2020/2021 can go f@*ck itself
  22. during cycle i abstain from heavy lifting...had to learn the hard way by suffering brutal hits while at the gym, no bueno. when in cycle i now just stick to cycling (cardio) without going into anaerobic. when out of cycle i resume my lifting.
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