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  1. Hey tmac, I don't think that working out would deplete your D3, but I am hardly an expert!

     In addition, you are taking a lot of it daily. When was your last blood work to check your level of D3? I definitely recommend that you have a blood draw to check your D at a minimum. 

    Exercise helps some with their hits and makes them worse for others. Just the luck of the draw I think. But, it sounds like this is a recent change for you. So, I stand by, get a blood test and see where your D currently stands.

    You can order one from Lab Corp in many states yourself and it is pretty cheap.


  2. This is one of Batchs' first papers on D3. I take the vitamins pictured there, along with Benadryl in pollen season. Adding the B vitamins is good for many, but I cannot take it so did not add it. He should do the loading.

    You can order a D3 Test to take at home I think. Or at Lab Corp perhaps. I don't think a doctors order is needed. 

    The paper is quite long, but contains good info if it peaks your interest.




  3. Personally, I wait two weeks after I attain pain free status to do 'the beer test'. 

    If there are any shadows, I don't partake. But, when my cycle is over, I can imbibe all that I want to! :)

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  4. I have 15 minutes between hits. So, that gives me a time frame for the O2. 

    I suspect that you get a hit that ramps up and back down again? When it ramps down I suspect that you will a short period that is about as pain free as you get and then it goes up again. I would down the energy drink or caffeine then and hit the O2. I start at onset, you would start at minimum to see if that works.

    Jon's input is solid, so read and use that info too!!! As you learn to work it, you will learn the methods that work best for you. The objective is to get the CO2 out of your body and pure O2 into it. So, exhale with a crunch at the end when you begin, then inhale your O2. Ditch the CO2 is the objective I suppose you might say.


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  5. With the O2, D3, and caffeine, he should be in for some relief. Those are the main 'go-to's' for most CHer's. Please understand that O2 kills the current hit. It does not prevent the next one. It is going to come on schedule. That does not mean the O2 is not working, just that it kills one but does not prevent the next one. If he is nocturnal, then sleeping partially reclined in a recliner helps a lot of people. You keep your head above your heart and it helps. Also makes waking with the next hit faster and therefore easier to abort. 

    The D3 can take up to 2 weeks to feel the relief. It lowers the pain level and slows the ramps up, thereby making dealing with a hit easier. For many, it prevents cycles from coming at all!!! Pretty amazing. :) 

    Caffeine is something that he should keep with him at all times! Many prefer the Energy Drinks cold and use the little shots of them.. I use iced coffee because the drinks turn my stomach. 

    If you want to discuss busting, then you could begin a new thread in Theory & Implementation or Share your Busting Stories threads. Those are members only area's of the board.

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  6. Hi Lstetse and welcome. I am not familiar with the Olsen, but doing a quick search, there are many of them!!  Which one do you have? And describe 'doesn't fit' please. Is the 1/2 too big and the 1/4 too small? That will give us more info to go on and help you! :) 

    Please read the blue banner at the top of the page. It contains a lot of info for new members that you will find helpful. 

    What meds is your husband taking now? Some do not play well with MM. In addition, it is the standard to wait 5 days between busts. I am not sure if you meant with the busting info. Did he bust one day and then do it again the next day? Or add more MM to the first bust? What happened post bust? How did you determine that it did not work?

    O2 should be his best friend! We don't recommend busting without it if possible, due to painful 'slapbacks' post dose!!

    Be aware that we love our supporters here!!! :wub: They are heroes for helping Clusterheads! 


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  7. I would not suspect the D3 Regimen was upset by a slapback. 

    While it might not kill this cycle, the regimen will make hits lighter, easier, and slower to ramp up. It could very possibly prevent the next cycle though if your D3 levels are in the upper range needed.


  8. Bah Humbug! It will not allow me to cut and paste into this reply! So, starting over, for the third time now!!

    Welcome to the board John!!! Sorry you have to be here, but very happy that you found us.

    CHF got a reply in while I was fighting the system, so I will truncate mine a bit. 

    Todays' COPD patients mostly use a cannula, not a mask. So, they are getting an O2 boost, but not breathing pure O2.

    These are children. And they are talking about staying on the O2 for long periods of time. In the 60's/70's they could not acquire enough ultra pure O2 for premature infants and had to use the lower purity one. Imagine their shock when they found that they now had babies that were no longer being blinded by the O2 they were given in the hospital for weeks or months! Prior to that incident, preemies went blind. Babies and children respond differently than adults do with many things. 

    Second, if you are concerned, then do some pre-breathing on your way to the O2. Inhale deep, hold, then exhale hard and fully, just like you should on your tank. Grab some caffeine on the way and slam that down. This will reduce the time needed on the tank most likely. 

    Their MRI showed that it affected the hypothalamus. That is what is wrong with us according to current theory, so a good kick in the butt is what it needs apparently. O2 works!! Plain and simple. 

    What are you doing for your head now? Some background would be helpful. Do you  have O2 to abort your hits? 

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  9. This is wonderful Snowflake!

    I would suggest that you get your levels checked again before you would normally have a cycle. If your level is still below 80 or around 80, I suggest that you up the D for a month or more to provide your head with a buffer. I keep mine at around 100. 


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  10. Welcome Squizzlet! 

    I do not get this at all. It sounds wretched!! Are your Ch's the same? Or have they changed too?

    Hopefully a member who has both will be along with ideas soon. Your symptoms do not fit normal CH of course, but do sound concerning. The tingling of your hands and the temp swings make me wonder. 

    Do you have a Neuro that you could see?

  11. Stephen, by bet is on the D3 Regimen. It has done so much for so many!!! My last cycle was 8 months long, all night, every night. That was over 3 years ago now.. First I noticed the ramp up was slowed and the hits were lower on the pain scale. Then they stopped. 

    Yes, I do still get the occasional hit. But no cycle!!!!

    If you ever want to 'test' the regimen, then stop for two days. That is all that it takes for me to get hit again. Then back on the vitamins and the hits vanish again. 

    Congratulations on your new life! :) 

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  12. That is soo relatable Drewbie. When I had an attack of TN, it was like my bottom teeth were humped up where they should have been the valleys for the cusps from above. Sleeping on my back on the sofa kept them slightly ajar so that they did not touch and set off the pain. Nor could I roll my head to the side to cause pressure from with out. 

    The eating being a 'trigger'is classic for TN, as you likely have found out by now! Or brushing your teeth, etc. There are different levels of pain with it too. 

    I had to look up Keto Flu! :rolleyes: I agree with your analysis there too! My husband has begun Keto this winter and it does require some adjustment from your body. He too, exhibited symptoms of the mental stress for a while. I am so happy that you are in a much better place mentally!! It does weigh on your mind in oh so many ways. 

    Please let us know how the visit goes today! 


  13. Perhaps a silly question, but has your Neuro mentioned Trigeminal Neuralgia to you? I ask because you state that the pain has moved to the jaw and teeth. Well, that nerve serves all the nerves on one side of your face. From your forehead to your jaw. Specific nerve blocks work very well to treat it. The first time I had it, a Pred dose pack killed it for me. Just an idea I had. At any rate, it hurts like a witch too. I could not put my teeth together or touch my face when lying down. I spent a lot of time over a wood burner savoring the heat on my face and slept on the sofa.

    How are you doing now? Any better? Update?

  14. The extra sunshine I would not blame at all. I have worked in my gardens daily for hours all summer and had my D3 measure at 64ng in August!!! Then, by September 21st, I was back in cycle. At that point, I went on the D3 year round. And have not had a full cycle since! :) Until then, I thought that my gardening provided enough D to get through the summer in a better range for a CHer, say above 80ng. Nope. It did not. 

    I highly recommend the D3 Regimen! Easy, good for you and cheap compared to Pharma. 

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