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    Nat Geo ...opinions please

    Agreed with the opinions here. My only concern is that natgeo NOT add sensationilism, or focus on 'how to get drugs'. That could easily back fire. We NEED these treatments. Living with CH is a death sentence realized for some sooner than later. We certainly don't want public opinion getting the perception we get a 'little headache' and that's an excuse to use illegal drugs. There's a fine line between acceptance and tollerance. I definitely support you Hipshot! Just hoping they're not trying to turn the show into a focus on drugs instead of the condition and what drugs work and don't work. I guess there's a level of faith we have to put into natgeo, to get the word out. Jeff
  2. ThatHurtsMyHead

    CH -- Military/Tricare

    Clusterfields, Do what you have to, to get the O2. It's a life saver. I'm 10% (misdiagnosed) with sinus headaches from the Army. Started shortly after my first rotation overseas and a head injury. Good luck, Jeff
  3. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Nat Geo ...opinions please

    Dan, I would share your concern. The focus should be on the condition and treatment. Not focus on how to get drugs in the mail... Right out of the box that sounds like bad light on our condition instead of getting the word out. Thinking it through more it could cause a reverse affect if legislators think people could get schedule I drugs in the mail. I for one am excited Natgeo is doing a special on our treatment, but not excited as to how so many shows these days are built on sensationalism instead of good reporting. Good luck on your decision, Jeff
  4. ThatHurtsMyHead

    New member, looking for Sid

    Zip, Sorry to hear your condition has worsened. You're in good company here regarding what you're going through. I'd recommend Oxygen as an abortive and many use the seeds option (HBWR or RC) for cycle termination. I for one wouldn't mind the option you mention as I've heard it comes without the nausia and stomach cramps HBWR has. Good luck finding it, but if unsuccessful you might try some of the vendors listed on this site for HBWR or RC. Jeff
  5. ThatHurtsMyHead

    You never know

    Thats simply AWESOME Ting!!! I think we all may have a tendency to withdraw from life particularly while in our clusters. I know I did... It's a shame many of us have to stay 'in the closet' about our treatment. I'd love to share my life changes (how and why) like you have, with others I interact with. Due to my job it's simply not possible. Keeping a paycheck is pretty high on my priority list.. ha. I'm so happy for you Ting!! Jeff
  6. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Legal Cases?

    CHFather, Good analysis. I'm sure I'm like most, that once I found an alternative means of stopping my CH attacks. I've not gone back to the Dr. ALL of the medicines that my neurologist and primary doctor perscribed either didn't work or had terrible side effects. I stress TERRIBLE... Nothing as benign as the alternative methods here. (Have I mentioned lately I have my LIFE BACK!!! It may be good that everyone approach their doctors and tell them of this wonderful solution to their CH illness. I doubt any Dr would change the way they perscribe medicine, simply due to liability. (if they perscribe a medicine that doesn't work or causes another illness, they're not accountable, the drug company would be). If enough of us tell enough neurologists and doctors, that might be the start of changing perceptions. Jeff
  7. ThatHurtsMyHead


    O2, O2, O2, The only abortive that works for me and works everytime if taken quickly (w/o side effects). I'm sure you'll see that it's highly recommended from others on the board as well. Imitrex... While it works, it leaves me in a mental fog for days after taking it. With O2 my mind is clear as a bell 15 minutes after the CH hit subsides. Highly recommended to get an O2 perscription. You'll find a wealth of knowledge on this board for a few alternative methods of not only aborting attacks, but how to end your cycles, or prevent them from starting. None of the Dr. perscribed drugs worked with my hits or cycles (or worked but had hideous side effects not found in the options presented on this site) Welcome to your new online family! Good Luck and Pain Free Wishes to You! Jeff
  8. ThatHurtsMyHead

    How much to take.

    Welcome Booj, I'm sure you'll find most on this board are very helpful in answering questions you may have. From your post I'm unsure as to what you're attempting to use to 'bust'. I presume you have Cluster Headaches? The more detailed information the better. There is a plethera of knowledge from many different people on this board. Some use different products by different methods. Some have CH while others are husbands, wives, mothers or fathers of someone with CH. How long have you had clusters? Chronic or Episodic? Do you have oxygen? I started my first cycle when I was 18, long before I was properly diagnosed, so you have something going for you! and are in the right place! Please read, read, read. The best place to start is the Links page on this site (cluster headaches only). http://www.clusterbusters.com/links1.htm There's information on various methods mainly being LSD, LSA and Mushrooms. Once you've familiarized yourself with the various options, please ask any questions you may have. Looking forward to your response, Jeff
  9. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Questions re: seeds and welding Oxygen

    Laura Ann, Nothing says you have to use your insurance. If you can get the script for O2 call your local medical supply company and see what the 'E' tanks cost. Then call a welding supply company and compare rates. (Make sure you compare like cubic foot tanks, as each use a different type of tank) Jeff
  10. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Questions re: seeds and welding Oxygen

    CHFather, you're a good man! You beat me to the post. Always glad to read your posts! Jeff
  11. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Questions re: seeds and welding Oxygen

    Laura Ann, I'm completely right there with you on your feelings for the Dr's and Insurance Companies. Venting here is fine, you're in good company! I've no doubt that many on the site have been in your shoes as well. Your best bet might be to print out the following two articles and fax or send them to your oppressors. “High-Flow Oxygen for Treatment of Cluster Headache” Journal of the American Medical Association http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/302/22/2451.full “Inhaled Oxygen and Cluster Headache Sufferers in the United States: Use, Efficacy and Economics: Results from the United States Cluster Headache Survey” http://www.docstoc.com/docs/62904898/US-Cluster-Headache-Oxygen-Survey-Early-Vie... Good luck and wishing you PF times ahead! Jeff
  12. ThatHurtsMyHead

    R C Seeds

    Frustrated123, Sending you a PM Jeff
  13. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Questions re: seeds and welding Oxygen

    Laura Ann, Firstly I almost laughed out loud when I read your coworker ate two seeds by accident. I can't imagine that chewing them up is pleasant. I can barely get the stuff down when ground and water soaked. yuckkkkk... (but hey, seeds work!) O2 is simply put, a life saver! You definitely want the tanks, they're cheaper and better. (I tried a concentrator and was big $, and didn't put out enough oxygen). Good luck with your O2 script. It hurts me to see over and over doctors and insurance companies balking at the #1 easiest, safest, simplest, least side effects etc. etc. treatment. If you were near me I'd be happy to drop a tank off for ya. Best wishes, Jeff
  14. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Flu/fever and CH

    I found many years ago that raising my temperature is definitely a trigger (right up there with alcohol and chocolate). A favorite past time of mine is taking a hot tub soak in an outdoor hottub in the winter (very relaxing, and best done when it's snowing!). I found that when in cycle it would trigger an attack every time within 5 to 15 minutes of getting in the water. On the other hand I've also noticed that not always, but usually have infected tonsils either before or during a cycle (ususally with a sore throat). Maybe there's a germ that helps and others that hurt. Wouldn't be unheard of. Jeff
  15. ThatHurtsMyHead

    in regards to RC seeds

    Having done tons of reading on the seeds subject before my first bust: I've read on several sites that it's the chlorine in tap water that combines with LSA and converts it to something else. Since reading that I always use distilled water instead of tap or spring water. (Spring water can still have chemicals, but distilled doesn't). Water extracts much of the LSA, but alcohol extracts slightly more (wine or other spirit). Obviously alcohol is a trigger for most with CH. Jeff
  16. ThatHurtsMyHead

    10 years of prevent success :)

    I'm in! I live in Florida so it's only a puddle jump away. Jeff
  17. ThatHurtsMyHead

    absorbtion through skin?

    I'm not sure about the handling question, but can help with the storage question. I've stored my seeds in the freezer for 6+ months and they appear to have the same potency as when first put in the freezer. When left out of the freezer they definitely degrade quite fast. Articles I've read say after 6 to 9 months they start to degrade if left unpreserved, but think it's really quite a bit shorter than that. Jeff
  18. ThatHurtsMyHead

    please help me

    Frustrated, I'm here to tell you, you've come to the right place. I've had CH for over 20 years now and only found this website a year ago. Guess what... After following the detox and using the seeds option I've been attack free for a year now! I maintenance dose every 1 to 3 months and am happy to say my life has NEVER been as good as it is now. It's a real eye opener to wake up one day and say to yourself: "wow, this is how normal people feel.. wow...." Please read, read, read everything you can on the option you choose. For myself this website has proved to be more help than 20 years of doctors supposed 'expert' diagnosis and treatment. You'll also find others here that share your condition are more than happy to help! Jeff
  19. ThatHurtsMyHead

    National Geographic; Part 2

    Feel free to put my name in the documentary hat. While I haven't taken LSD, I'd be happy to share my experiences with having CH. Loosing jobs. Staying awake mostly for days at a time because I was too scared to sleep, or got hits anytime I did try to sleep. Numerous trips to the emergency room only to have them do nothing. Years of misdiagnosis. yea, I've got a few other attack experiences I could share. Might scare the hell out of them though. I'd share only to help others understanding. Jeff
  20. ThatHurtsMyHead

    New Cycle Started - Satan is back

    Hey Everybody, Seems like between each cycle I forget how painful the attacks are. I'm going through an 'E' tank of O2 daily right now. This year's cycle started about 2 weeks ago, but I knew it was coming about a month before that. I've not read anything about this, but does anyone else get vivid dreams before their cycle starts? I've had Cluster Headaches for nearly 20 years now, but was only properly diagnosed about 8 years ago. A few weeks before each cycle I ALWAYS start having vivid dreams. Crazy, lifelike, in color etc... Was wondering if anyone else gets them before their cluster cycle starts? On another subject: When I was first diagnosed I was prescribed Verapamil by my neurologist. It appeared to work as a cycle abortive that year. The next year when my cycle started I went to the neurologist and got a prescription for Verapamil again. This time it didn't work and actually FU$@ed up my heart. (I've read a few posts on the internet mentioning people with CH getting heart arhymathia after taking Verapamil) Now if I drink caffeine more than a few days in a row my heart starts skipping (PVC's - Really scarry Sh$t). The neurologist said there was no way Verapamil could have caused it, but I KNOW better. Now reading others with CH having the same issue reinforces it. Anyway I'm certainly not going to take that stuff again. I've read two separate studies on the internet regarding breaking cycles with various hallucinogens. The high success rate in the reports has convinced me I really need to try it. A bit of background on myself: I've never done illegal drugs other than trying pot once 20 years ago. I've mostly worked jobs in the past that require drug tests, or security clearances that taking drugs simply isn't an option. Not to mention I truly believe that one should be sober in life to truly enjoy it. That said... Back to the Hallucinogens: I've spent most of the last 5 days reading about the various positives, negatives, preparation etc of HBWR seeds, and have ordered some off the internet. (All vendors listed on ClusterBusters have stopped selling the seeds, but I found a few still selling them via Google) I'm currently keeping a headache log and would be happy to provide input to any medical studies underway. Having been unsuccessful with other 'government approved' treatments. From what I gather on HBWR seeds the high sounds similar or even less than an Imitrex shot. While those work for me as an abortive, I can't think straight for two days after taking just one shot. Having to take a shot daily puts me in a constant state of fog, and unable to work. I feel like I have no other choice but to try the HBWR seeds. Last week I averaged 3 hours of sleep a night, as that's when I get 95% of my attacks. Life just turns upside down. IÂ’m not going to 10 on the pain scale, mostly around 4 with oxygen. The lack of sleep is having a significant impact on my job. I've been fired from more than one job while in a cluster. I can't really blame them, but getting a shread of understanding from an employer is 100% useless. The oxygen works, but having to always keep an 'E' tank with me is difficult to say the least. NO ONE understands the degree of pain accept other sufferers. Ha, I'm preaching to the quire now... Like many with Cluster Headaches, I almost committed suicide several times. Once, I had the hammer cocked and was squeezing the trigger, when the attack started to break. I was only a second or two from having the pain end permanently. Since being properly diagnosed and having a prescription for O2 I've not gotten to that point in several years. That said, life is never normal when in a cycle. I hope the HBWR can bring life back to normal. That's my story, only a small piece of it, but thought it necessary to share. Jeff
  21. ThatHurtsMyHead

    New Cycle Started - Satan is back

    Update: I took dose #2 on Friday. 9 HBWR seeds. Felt a little different a couple of times for only a minute or two. No effects I would call psychadelic, high or anything of the sort. Anyway, no hits since. I have to say, I was somewhat doubtful that this treatment would help (since nothing the doctors perscribe does any good), but am certain that the clusterbuster cycle abortive IS the best treatment out there. Thanks for having this website and getting the word out on this treatment. Jeff
  22. ThatHurtsMyHead

    New Cycle Started - Satan is back

    First Hit this morning since taking the HBWR seeds 3 days ago. Came on a little quicker than usual, but the O2 drove it off. I'm planning on taking dose #2 on Friday afternoon. That's really only 4 days (Monday afternoon was #1). From reading here and elsewhere it's best to wait 5 days, but dosing on Sat / Sun isn't an option due to my kids being home from school. Any suggestions on taking #2 on Friday, or think I should wait till Monday? Jeff
  23. ThatHurtsMyHead

    New Cycle Started - Satan is back

    Update: My cycle this year started off really fast and bad. It's tapered somewhat, mostly due to all the things I've leaned over the past 20 years. (sleep sitting up is the biggest help) Well not completely sitting up, but in a reclyner with my head well above my heart. That one item signficantly reduces the nightly attacks. Not eating any foods that taste any good... etc. etc. etc. Anyway, I started my HBWR treatment today. I tried starting with a dose small enough that I wasn't suprised by any effects, but large enough to feel something (so I would be sure they were even the correct seeds). I cleaned, crushed and soaked 5 HBWR seeds. Soaked for 2 and a half hours in 1 oz of water. Strained and drank only the water about 5 hours ago. Took it on an empty stomach and only had a few ginger cookies 2 hours before. I honestly couldn't tell that I had taken anything, no stomach upset (not really missing that part, ha) no side effects at all. Really can't tell that anything is different. That said I haven't had an attack in 2 days. No shadows today either. When I'm in cycle I'll usually go a few days between a week or so of attacks back and forth. Anyway thought I'd report progress. I'm wondering if the seeds I purchased were old? Not the proper seeds etc? Jeff
  24. ThatHurtsMyHead

    New Cycle Started - Satan is back

    I have no idea of the reason, but my vivid dreams always start just before my cycle and go away after it's over. I've noticed it year after year and don't think it's coincidence as it's so regular with my cycles. I agree with hickory on the intensity, they're usually quite entertaining, and always VERY real. Sounds like it's a symptom shared with others with CH as well.
  25. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Are there any foods that are triggers for you

    Send it on over. The BBQ sauce that's a trigger is whatever they put in Sonny's, Carolina, O'Charlies etc. Jeff