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    Help needed!!!!

    Jebstuart888, IMHO - Energy Drinks!, 100% high flow Oxygen, and Busting. These three are my go to. Also - Stay away from known triggers - Alcohol, Chocolate, Fermented Cheeses or Preserved meats. ANY aged or overripe foods. Stay far away from these and you should see a noticeable drop in your attacks. PFW, J
  2. ThatHurtsMyHead

    My how time flys!

    DD!!!! I'm sensing a belated birthday party... Wahooo.. We'll definitely have to do something next year. Give away or something... J
  3. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Cleaning O2 Mask and hose

    Jeff, IMHO, I'd get a new mask. Most oxygen companies give them out for free if you get home Oxygen delivery. Also, like CHF above said. They're $5 to $7 on Amazon. Not worth the risk of getting some nasty bacteria those things can harbor. Moisture in a closed compartment for a long time breeds nothing good. J
  4. ThatHurtsMyHead

    My experience with CH

    Brendan, I'm sorry to read your story. It sounds a lot like my employer some years ago. The best thing you can do is work as hard as you can when not getting visits from the beast. Show them that you're more than worth it to keep on staff. If you can get detox from any scripted garbage and bust following the tested methods, I'm positive you'll quickly get your life back on track. The busting method entails taking a threshold dose of any of these hallucinogens (LSA, LSD, Magic Mushrooms). You need to detox from most dr scripted meds that are proven blockers (Imitrex is the most common). After a 5 day detox, take a threshold dose (a dose strong enough to feel the effects, but not so strong that you'll visit god. God doses are normally only needed for those of us with really hard cases of CH). After your dose you will most likely get what's called Slap Backs. These are CH attacks that hit at odd times and might be a little harder than your normal hits. Not to worry, that's just the medicine pissing off your beast. Wait 5 days and take another threshold dose. After the second dose most of us have lighter and less frequent hits. Wait 5 days and take a 3rd threshold dose. Most of us are pain free after the 3rd dose. Recap - 3 doses 5 days apart with a 5 day detox period before the first dose. PFW (pain free wishes) J
  5. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Open letter to major chemical companies (BOL-148)

    Tony, I'll try and see what happens. I might need to joggle some settings if it's a settings issue. Looks like I get the same message. looks like facebook is blocked by the message board security software. Trying removing content and just using the link: https://www.facebook.com/clusterbusters/posts/1738710686237791 Ok, the message board security software is blocking embedded content. Once you add a link look at the bottom of the content box and there's an option to just post as a link. Should be good. J
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    hi guys. questions

    Jimmys, I've never had an attack during dosing. I've read a few that have, but not many. From what I remember, they aren't very bad, but I have no idea if they had O2. J
  7. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?

    AndrejVoorhees, Welcome to the board. Please start a thread and introduce yourself. We're pretty much family here and like to get to know each other. We get spammers on here from time to time. Having a link to a site selling something in your first post feels like spam, but I suspect you're not. I removed the link, but left the rest of your post. Tell us about you, we'd like to get to know you. Cheers, J
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    After Cluster Headache - Help Please!

    A-Z, Over the years there have been two people that joined the board that were either partially or completely blind from taking Lithium. I can only guess their doctor didn't monitor them correctly. J
  9. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Back Again, but Good news

    CoryAnn, does he have high flow Oxygen for an abortive? At the first sign of an attack he can slam half (or all) of an energy drink. For some reason they take the edge off the attack and seem to help the Oxygen work better. Glad to see a supporter on here. If he's getting K10's then you're his lifeline to sanity. I'd send you a badge if i could J
  10. ThatHurtsMyHead

    After Cluster Headache - Help Please!

    A-Z, My doc recommended Lithium many years ago. After reading the side effects I decided it wasn't worth it, when Oxygen works as good as it does. IMHO, I'd stay away from it also. J
  11. ThatHurtsMyHead

    O2 prescription

    Great news Rose!!!!! J
  12. ThatHurtsMyHead

    O2 prescription

    Rose, Here's the exact same article on pubmed. National Institute of Health (NIH.Gov). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19996400 You should print it and TELL the doctor you want a script for Oxygen. There are a lot of doctors that are ignorant of how effective Oxygen is and try to pass it off that we don't know what we're talking about. The truth is WE know a lot more than the majority of doctors out there about CH and what works (and doesn't work). Keep us posted how it goes! J
  13. ThatHurtsMyHead

    O2 prescription

    CHF, Funny, I was just about to paste that exact article. J
  14. ThatHurtsMyHead

    FDA approval...new migraine preventive drug...

    tuesnxt, Thanks for the info! The best we can do is share what works and doesn't, to help the next person. I'm guessing you already have O2? Cheers, J
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    SE, I suspect Batch will be along shortly. The vitamin D regimen is definitely his specialty. Cheers, J
  16. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Aching eyelid and above eye after CH

    Popoid, If you're going the Imitrex (trex) route you definitely need the auto injectors. Imitrex is mostly worthless in pill form as it takes too long to work. Your doc should be able to prescribe the auto injectors. They work in seconds to minutes. Now on to the other side of the coin. I stopped taking all that dr scripted garbage years ago because it either stopped working, or did more damage to my body that I was willing to accept. Stick around and read others stories on the board. There's quite a few ways to diminish or really stop our CH. Have you tried energy drinks yet? Drinking a redbull, monster etc right at the onset of an attack can significantly reduce the attack pain. Most any energy drink with Caffeine and Taurine (and possibly Guarana) in it works. Also High flow Oxygen can stop an attack. The quicker you can get on it at 15+ liters per minute, the faster it'll stop the attack. It's best to get on it as you feel the attack coming, not waiting till the pain kicks in. Once the pain kicks in, it often doesn't work, or takes a long time to stop the attack. Cheers, J
  17. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Im Back

    Jimmys, I second Freud's post on O2! Also you can order other busting materials over the internet that's safe and legal (in most locations). I'm sure Batch will be long shortly, but lots of people have good success with the vitamin D regimen. PFW, J
  18. ThatHurtsMyHead

    FDA approval...new migraine preventive drug...

    tuesnxt, It baffles me almost daily how some doctors are allowed to practice medicine. Him saying CH and a Migraine are the same is like saying heartburn and a heart attack are the same.. geesh.... Sorry you have to deal with such incompetence. J
  19. ThatHurtsMyHead

    very very light cluster headaches? does anyone get these?

    Jimmy, Glad to hear of your sobriety. I definitely support your decision! On the melatonin: Sometimes it helps with night attacks, but does nothing to stop a cycle, or help with day attacks. I don't recommend it (because it caused me some bad heart issues several years ago,.. ) But.. Lots of people take verapamil that helps them through some cycles. Starting early in your cycle might be good to get it built up in your system. J
  20. ThatHurtsMyHead

    very very light cluster headaches? does anyone get these?

    Jimmy, What you're describing is very common. There's nothing in the official Dr literature, but those of us with CH know them very well. We call them Shadows. They come in many different forms and variations. They can be a weird, or bad feeling with nothing else associated. They can be mild headaches in the area of our CH, but not the same pain. Some people get sore and stiff necks or shoulders. Sometimes we just feel Off, with no real description. For the most part these are all called shadows, and most of us get one type or another before our CH starts. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, so sorry, but it's good you might be able to arm yourself early. Those of us that bust often take a preventative dose when the shadows start. During shadows I use the chant, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo sometimes. PFW, J
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    Statistic, Busting is what we call it when we use alternative treatments to stop our CH. J
  22. ThatHurtsMyHead


    Bjinno, Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you didn't get a cycle this year. Sadly though many people have tried going Vegan and it hasn't helped. Maybe it did for you and that's definitely great. CH changes all the time for everyone and regularly skips years for those that are episodic. I'm going to move this thread to the general board since it better fits there. Hoping you stay pain free! J
  23. ThatHurtsMyHead

    After Cluster Headache - Help Please!

    A-Z, Most of us get what's called shadows before our CH starts. A shadow can be lots of different things. We feel bad, but don't know why. We have a weird feeling in our head around where our CH hits, but it's not painful, just a weird or bad feeling. Others have light pain in the area of our CH. Others get jaw or neck pain just before or at the start of our CH coming back. What you describe sounds like a type of shadow. I'm sure others will chime in here with more info shortly. PFW (pain free wishes), J
  24. ThatHurtsMyHead

    What would you do

    BostonHeadacheDoc Rocks!!! J
  25. ThatHurtsMyHead

    Question from someone new

    JohnStopPain, If you can get a script for O2, you might be able to negotiate a cash price for O2 with a local supplier. A few years back I had to buy my own E tanks. Cash price was only $8.10 for each tank fill. PFW, J