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  1. any body tried using turkey tail , reishi, cordyceps sinensis, grifola frondrosa mushrooms ?

    i watched an awesome TED talk vid on youtube where paul stamets (mycology king) treated his mums terminal stage 4 breast cancer with just the turkey tails ..

    I'll try to link the small clip of that part of the talk here

    not trying to give any false hope in this ..

    and I know there's a few good drs cancer drugs out there..

    just hope to share that these fungi can be really good for the body and are often used for the C ...

    though it has been easier said than done for some

    but I have been using all the above since finding out their health benefits just as a preventative and to try to boost my immune system and fix whatever damage that the years of drs drugs my body has endured.

    either way i wish them safe passage through ..

    with a positive outcome preferable in every case

  2. Do you read the warnings when the doctor gives you a new med?

    no but i will do from now on out

    Do you research it further by looking it up on the internet?

    vaguely in the past but far more thoroughly now

    Do you ignore the warnings?

    thoroughly in the past but far more vaguely now  :-X

    bliss wishes to fabalicious , look fwd to finding fab's posts

    Also.. I find myself viewing natural medicine as medicine and Dr's prescripted drugs as 'drugs' and im in uk  : 3

  3. i dont know if this is of any use to anybody here

    are there any other hemiplegics on board?

    if there are , or if anybody is seeking help for somebody they know with hemiplegia , i found this:


    after reading through it , it seems the xylocaine may have been given for hemiplegia but I was definitely instructed to use it for clusters , up to 20 sprays per cluster..

    :-? shrug

  4. T. E. I just found an organisation called neurosupport


    through a uk site called ouch uk


    i had to pay for membership to ouch but i dont talk about busting with them...

    but they can liase with the neuros at qmc

    they might be able to help speed up the respiratory service up though..

    and get you some air liquide deliveries,

    the air liquide usually drop me off 3 portables and 2 large cylinders of O2

    the portables run out but are at least a half god-send when it's critical and are much easier with transport.

    i hope this helps and good luck!

  5. :D

    busters are just as important as the clusters

    because there's a plus: *shares out the blue thrusters*

    down with a drop or two of chocolate and honey

    but means pharma companies wont make silly money

    oh well theyre profit driven thus many feel poopy

    so keep thine nasty poison pills from sending muckers loopy

    we'll keep the good ones that we know to be fairly effective

    so there'll still be use for your banks but we will be selective

    but ones that make our headaches worse and really are deffective

    causes universal force to sort and be corrective

    good old mother nature, kind people here too

    saved my head more than just once and helped me getting through

    ok theres my contribution  : 3

  6. Hello CH father , thank you kindly for those links

    i really appreciate that,

    so its for the hemiplegics..

    just found out about the imigran and edited my previous post after finding out this new nasal spray will be a second round of sumatriptan trials ::)

    thank you for your kind words too  :)

    its been very therapeutic just getting stuck into the threads here and shake off the dust..

    especially after years of being too shy to post and paranoid over blue mycology and a few hbwr seeds .

    ill go digest those links , blessings ,


  7. i forgot to say its not just clusters ...

    i get hemiplegic migraine with up to 16 days paralasys too

    i dont know which the flunie pills are for

    it's so confusing ..

    just found out imigran is sumatriptan ,,,

    already went through suma and riza last year to no avail ...


    does anybody know a good drs list for the uk?

    I notice there are some for usa and canada

    - seems the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing here in nottingham so far, if only i could get through to my neuro on their phone

  8. I got out of the neurologists on wednesday with another new "exclusive" box that only the hospital dispense...


    so far it feels like crap

    but then i just got made homeless on 6th feb and keep getting flashbacks and blackouts ever since...

    so theres a lot to feel crap about anyway

    I just wondered why i cant find anything on them

    do they have another name?

    anybody had any joy with them?

    or do they just make you feel shite?

    thanks in advance..,

    n bliss wishes,


    oh yeah they also said i would be getting an imigran nasal spray prescription from my gp to go with the xylocaine naprox oxygen and dihydro

    and yeah i got booted out for trying to tell my mum about the mushrooms for headaches  :-[

    and disuading against the drs psych pills...

    unless that was just an excuse for the real reason being because her boyfriend moved in..

    so how do you go about hiding myco-efficacy?

    maybe thats worth another thread... :-/

  9. well since secretly weaning off the dr's nasties....,

    finding here ,

    then MAPS ,

    then wavy caps

    and a couple of years passing by with a portable off button :)

    (long enough for me to remeber who the heck i am)...

    I seem to have shed a 10 year MH diagnosis  to the point they say I'm either cured

    (-jokingly (their book says theres no cure to it)

    or was misdiagnosed!   >:(

    (secret psychedelics  :-X improving ya MH!)

    and have even begun to pay me compensation!, because I suddenly found the sense to stand up for myself against them all  :o..-and anyone else in the pipeline ...

    and taken my life back and getting on with piecing it back together minus the system's "help"(assisted suffering/dying)

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