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  1. No WFOUNLIM is a tag I gave myself when I had a computer business. The name was PC's Unlimited and I was WFO, because I was w...f......o... ! Hanging with the wrong people doing the wrong things. Cost me a lot, too much marriage, the business, more than I wanted to give. You would expect more from an Army Capt. Aviator, Helicopter Pilot. I should have. Oh well, live and learn. Got divorced, closed the business, went to see a woman in N.W. Montana and then spent a year taking care of my father before he died, at home in bed, surrounded by family and friend! Not in a !#$ hospital like the
  2. Hello, My name is Scott, I go by WFOUNLIM, you figure it out. I don't suffer from these headaches. I have no idea of the pain involved,except thru my younger brother, Paul. He's been suffering with what he says is Post Herpatic Trigeminal Neuralgia. This has been going on since around 1990. I spoke with him one night and his pain made me cry. He's kinda gotten use to it...the steel claw that attacks his head, my friend he calls it. A demon from hell more like. He's tried just about every drug the Drs. will prescribe. He says he can deal with the pain, if they would give hi
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