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  1. I’ve been episodic for 14 years. Been micro dosing shrooms for the last 8. Been very helpful. Doesn’t eliminate my cycle but changes it. They have been shorter cycles since the regimen began. I’m 4 weeks typically now instead of 6-8 weeks that I was for 7 years before I discovered this wonderful website. My cycle started 2 weeks ago. Normal pattern.  Soon as I go into rem I awake to a kip 5. That’s how they usually start. Then they come before I fall asleep and increase in intensity. Strong coffee and ice is my go to. If I’m lucky I can abort before they grab hold. It’s hit and miss. I was at my chiro when they started. He’s a functional neurologist. He wanted to try stimulating my trigeminal nerve with a mini stim. It pulses like a small electric shock. I start on my tongue 15 seconds. Then my eyebrow. Then my temple. All 15 seconds. I do 3 rotations. At 5:30. Then again before sleep. Zero attacks. I can even enjoy a few scotches at night. Cycle is still here. I’ve woken up and feel it starting and do a few rotations with the stim. It stops it every time. Wondering if anyone out there has tried this? Game changer for me.  Props to Dr Jeremy Husk at the Georgia chiropractic neurology Centre!

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  2. I see members birthdays. How bout a calendar for ECH cycles. My assumption is, like me , sufferers are all over this forum when they are in pain..looking, praying for the latest. Then their cycle breaks (the lucky ones) and they are gone....they go back...drinking again, D3 falls off....etc etc. 

    Im assuming some of these regimens should be followed all the time? Or maybe we should be ramping up 1 month, 2 months prior to our cycle? 

    I started getting 'scared' in september knowing my cycle starts in oct, so I came to this forum..actually provided an email and "logged in". It was then that I watched Bob's video presentation and mistakingly thought ..cool shrooms twice a year and Im good.  So I took shrooms ..and my cycle didnt start in october...then it did! 

    This has been a completely different cycle tho..and I will describe it in the "busting stories thread". 

    My point is, is there away our profiles can be linked to a calendar that track our cycles?  As cool as it is to have friends wishing me a happy birthday (next week  lol)  Id rather get a note in august..Have you got your mushrooms organized...  should restart D3....  Time to dose!!...buy a really nice bottle of single malt..it will be your last for awhile!!!

    Im guessing its important to have a regimen...when to dose..etc etc... is a month in advance enough, 2 months..all the time..what is the schedule? The calendar could trigger, rather than my birthday (which is in the middle of my cycle) my DOSEDAY...lol.... I would get notes from all my peeps, Have a happy DOSEDAY!! just a thought!!

    I realize this may only help the Epi's  ...and I love you all equally...the Chronics have my absolute RESPECT..they are the rocks on here...and I know I could join them at anytime.

    Love you all,


  3. Zomig works for me just like Brad describes..but I feel like I went 3 rounds with Tyson the next day. my last cycle 12 months ago..I used 02 and zomig. As my attacks were "clockwork" i could use zomig orally in a pill, not the nasal inhaler..and get out in front of it.  I would suffer for 20min at K7-10 and then subside.

    Thanks to this site, I started with Red Bull this cycle and it worked for me! I was on holiday, no 02...but the red bull worked! I found some shrooms..had a very pleasant evening, and then the worse attack an hour after going to sleep, that the red bull wouldnt touch! I snorted the zomig after suffering for an hour and half..and it worked in about 20 min. 

    The shrooms certainly altered the nature of my beast. the timing of my attacks completely changed, and for the last week I can abort with a strong cup of coffee. I have been able to sleep thru the night the past 4 nights!!!  I have had only 2 morning attacks..a bad one this am..but as I drink coffee when I wake up anyways..i think its just a timing thing! I let it get a hold a little too long this am...and it took 3 cups, some ice on the neck..deep breathing and I aborted after about 30 min. Reached about an 8...  It was a battle of wills..cause it was getting worse..Didnt want to touch the zomig cause I have shrooms..didnt get them till last night and held off, cause I have been getting good sleeps and wanted to see if i was going to have another good night.

    I will dose this aft. my thinking is if Im going to get a slapback..i want it when im awake, cause i can get ahead of it  rather than being woken up and the beast has already gained a foothold

    Another change I have noticed this week since last dose, is I get a headache each evening..right around the time I was getting attacks, but this one is on the other side and back of my head...not a CH...but a regular HA... I take one advil..and sleep normally. 

    I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have found you guys! We are a team now. I now have strategies that have made this cycle less terrifying  and much more manageable thanks to all of you!! 

    The regular HA im experiencing is either just a sign of the beast changing shape..or from eyestrain from reading everything I can on this forum!!!  Both good results!

    Thanks everyone!


  4. Hi,

    New to the forum....you guys have changed my CH life!! I have been able to get shrooms but would like to grow my own. any issues ordering kits into canada? Are there Canadian suppliers?  It seems people have better luck with some than others.. any fellow canucks have any insight?



  5. 6 yr  ECH sufferer here....self diagnosed last year. After so many years of WTF! Had tried accupunture, massage, chiro, etc. ECH started after having my neck rebuilt after an accident.  I would be having treatments..and my cycle would stop and Id think..Cool..this is the cure. Then 12 months later beast would return, would try same treatment and nothing.

    Then I found you guys!!!  I read this forum as a guest..so didnt get all the goods!!  Went to my doc (who knew nothing)...got O2 (cause I read it here) and zomig.  I read  Suffered thru the cycle..02 didnt work..but the setup I know now wasnt right

    Started getting scared in sept, my cycle always starts in oct..actually logged in and watched Bob's video presentation!  Got some shrooms. Thought cool take shrooms twice a year and Im good. Made it thru Oct! F#ck Yeah!!  Then while on holiday last week in Maui...boom!

    Every night would get attacks...back to the forum. Tried Red Bull..It worked!  Couldnt sleep...but who cares..I could abort with red bull.. I had picked shrooms in my youth in Maui..asked around and scored.. took 1.75 g  last friday, had a very enjoyable evening! Went to bed..and 2 hours later..boom..2 hrs of hell..snorted zomig...took along time...brutal. Terrified of the flight home the next night as it was an overnight flt back to Canada. No attack. back home this week, spending 6hrs a day reading everything on here!!

    You guys rock! I haver started the D3, drinking water all day  and I have been sleeping thru the night. Im still having attacks..usually upon wake up, and early evening, but can abort by drinking a cup of strong coffee!!! No 02   but it didnt seem to work for me last year anyway...and Im managing without it.

    I will dose with shrooms again tonight...  I do realize how lucky I am, and thanks to all you guys!!!!

    All the best,


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