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  1. Hello friends, 

    Anyone here have experience with Lexapro anti-depressant as a trigger. just started and getting some fierce shadows. pharmacist said headache a common side effect but CH and "headache" are different animals. i can do those...not so much CH. 

    PM replies fine.



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  2. Hello.

    ...my mother was a Special Ed teacher, it is a subject dear to my heart...not the least of it being the times i saw her come home in tears...sometimes joy but usually frustration. no need to bore with details, but it is an underfunded, understaffed, underappreciated, under most everything but the front line folks who give their heart and life and mostly LOVE to the effort...

    ....i say this not in disagreement with this initiative at all, but to CAUTION to be VERY careful what is proposed/enacted.  these kids absolutely need a type of care and instruction beyond what most "regular" classrooms can provide. i wonder if the experience of Covid has advised school districts on the needs of kids outside the "norm". i doubt it...but i don't know. what i do know is that regulating that these kids be classified as "special needs" w/o careful wording, will, in many cases, result in some districts dumping them into classes with developmentally disabled kids far below age normal. kids requiring one on one, sometimes very basic instruction, and frequently repeatedly. 

    ...most anyone in the headache community realizes that it is not a cognitive issue we are dealing with, and placing these kids in the environment i describe will leave them with insufficient attention and instruction based on what is practical and possible. CAREFUL  please......



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  3. 10 hours ago, Racer1_NC said:

    It's good thing to try various techniques. What works for one doesn't work for all. I talk to people that have successful aborts in a short amount of time using methods that would just serve to piss me off while getting hit. It works for them and that's all that counts in my book.

    I would recommend a complete exhale in every breathing cycle as a starting point. Where someone goes from there will vary with the individual....and maybe from hit to hit.

    THIS!  ^^^^^^^^^^

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  4. …hiya….thanks for the shout…

    …dealing with multiple health issues that have put the fire out and i'm tired…as an opinionated know it all it has always been a struggle not to be obnoxious…not always successful, but now find that the effort is beyond my capabilities, and I really don’t want to say stupid stuff to folks that need sharpness of mind and thoughtful contributions. my heart is with you all and always will be…



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  5. ....i'd bang some Benadryl...even with the FM. sounds like a "histamine bomb" from an allergic reaction.....more likely leading to a CH vs the other way round. it is almost spring, pollen could be around, check for house mold, new carpet?, new whatever?....  and brush any pets outside before they come in....allergens on fur maybe....

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  6. 1 hour ago, CaptChaos said:

    I can still successfully abort a headache in 4-7 minutes at 15ml flow. It's just that the headaches rebound after 60-120 minutes throughout the night until I get up for the day. 

    ...only a few cycles with the 1 hr wake ups for me..(O2 always worked better than day time hits!). never could figure what was different to cause this oddity ("normally" 3 daily hits) except sleep being a frequent trigger for most clusterheads (no blissful in cycle naps for 30 yrs for me)....and triggers can be transient. 

    ...have you tried staying on O2 post abort for as long as it took to abort..

    ...since CH is likely a wonky hypothalamus...which also controls sleep...a connection to CH is not surprising, and more than a few have found improvement of CH with sleep apnea treatment. worth a doc consult....it never occurred to me at the time...

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  7. 32 minutes ago, BoscoPiko said:

    Not sure if this is because you can no longer adjust the LPM's higher or what but find this true. (at least for me).

    ....as the tank got below half full i used to stare at the flow gauge as a form of distraction.... so i could turn up the decreasing flow as the tank approached empty. there indeed was a point where the knob was at 10 (11 if you are a Spinal Tap fan) and flow just steadily decreased anyway...bears monitoring. sometimes when aborting a night time wake up, with no lights, the sound of the hiss was all that was needed. THAT'S too much experience....sigh

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  8. ....the only thing i can add here is how CRITICAL  it is to start oxygen at the FIRST sign of a hit. for me there was a very small window.... and if i missed it NO amount of O2 was gonna work. if you've ever had a cat that would suddenly and seemingly for no reason go tearing out of a room...that was me. it amused my colleagues....

    ...there are various breathing techniques and different ones work for different folks. most successful reported to be hyperventilation...can/should be started on way to tank. slow,deep breathing  in/out worked best for me, added benefit of being calming, breathe and hold another. try them all, try a combo...all the motivation i needed to find the "right" one was provided by CH itself........

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