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  1. I learned how to manage the beast more even tho I used O2 before I still learned little things like when to use it . 2015 I learned that I needed a better regulator that went over 15 lpm  I need closer to 25 lpm to help. Both times I learned that CH are not the exact same for every person and that being chronic its harder to bust or treat !!!! Also how to help other peeps understand what we go thru and that we are not crazy LOL . 

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  2. Chicago 2017 was great glad I was able to experience it.  My 2nd conference and plan on more thanks to all for the support and help !!!!!! Thanks Bob and all that made it happen!!!!!  Once again I learned a lot, got to know lot of new people and you all keep me thinking positive that relief is around the corner and help me learn to fight thru it !!!!! Thanks All !!!!

  3. First CH June 2010 and went chronic 2013. I feel for you and hope you find something to work for you. I personally haven't found anything yet. You are in the right spot to get help or questions. This is a great group. If you get a chance go to CB Conference this was my 1st year to go and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you all for being so supportive and welcoming. I learned a lot and felt a lot better talking to others about it and learning that iam not alone.

  4. I have tried so many cant remember them all . I will verapamil bad side affect started retaining fluid 15 pounds in 2 weeks.  I want to try MM bad need to get some spores. That is my next experiment hope it works!!!!!!!!! As soon as find spores and try will let you know if it works.

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