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  1. Thanks for your advice!


    Yes, I have O2. Use it in large quantities these days. No other medicines besides verapamil.


    I am worried to get off the Verapamil as I am afraid the cluster will hit me hard. Besides Doctors told me to taper off the vera in a very slow modus so 5 days is not enough for me and a longer period to taper off: I am too afraid cluster will hit me hard.  


    I Have CCH along with 24/7 headache which is all related, my doctors say. I tried Energy drinks in the past but with not much result.  

  2. I suffer from Chronic CH, have constant daily headaches too 24/7. Right now I am on Verapamil 680 Mg a day (not the slow release). If I want to bust and I read all the instructions on busting,  it is wise to build off the verapamil 5 days beforehand??

     Am I right? I am a young woman.  

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