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    2018 Conference Room Share Thread

    Me too it is all booked now
  2. Does anybody out there get multiple types of headaches? I definitely get classic clusters but in addition I also get what I thought were a severe sinus headaches for 3 weeks. I went to an ENT because I thought I had an infection. He said it was probably an atypical migraine. Now a full cluster cycle right after that went away. Was the atypical migraine really just the beginning of a cluster cycle? Now I’m having about 12 clusters a day like someone is hitting me in the head with an axe. Anybody get more than one type of Headache? Or am I the only fortunate one?
  3. Does anyone know what type of needles to I purchase from pharmacy to injection small doses of imetex? 

    1. spiny


      Sorry that I cannot help Lizzy. I don't use imitrex. Perhaps ask on the board directly?

  4. Thanks to all the friends I met at the Rosemont conference. I'm generally a shy person and coming without my husband or friend was a challenge. You all made it such an amazing experience. I felt validated for the first time in my pain. 34 year sufferer. 

  5. LizzyC96

    2017 Conference Room Share Thread

    I need someone. I just decided to go. I'm Liz