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    Hi everyone.  Our room block is nearly booked at the conference hotel, the Embassy Suites Chicago, O'Hare.  While we do have a block at another hotel, the Comfort Inn - O'Hare Convention Center which is about 2.5 miles away, I'm sure there are some that would like to stay close.  The Embassy Suites is an all-suites hotel which means that each of our guest rooms is a 2 room suite with a bedroom and a living space with a pull out couch.  They all sleep 4-6 people.  If you have a room and are willing to share, please post here.  You are welcome to post specifics like you are only willing to share with a female, or someone who doesn't snore, or someone who doesn't laugh hysterically in their sleep for no apparent reason(guilty).  Obviously room sharing also cuts down on costs for everyone!  If you are looking for a room to share and do not have one yet, this is a good place to post as well.  Please feel free to contact me at conference@clusterbusters.org with any questions.  - Eileen