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  1. A comment and a question on your regimen:

    First, I am a convert! 33 yrs as an episodic sufferer where my cycles are now either every other year or perhaps every year. Went on the regimen last year along with Aimovig (and my usual verapamil) and it seemed to get better, quicker. This year I was noticing the shadows creeping in and jumped back into the regimen and ...knock on all the wood .... shadows are at bay and cycle has not kicked in. While I would love to see a clinical research institute verify your research, I am nonetheless so very thankful for leading the way and helping so many people out. 

    Second, and apologies if it is covered elsewhere many times but - just had my 25 OH D serum levels tested and I am right at 80 ng/ml. Any advise on how to adjust the regimen to now maintain those levels and not go too high?

    thank you! 

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      Last cycle I took 3 doses of Aimovig while ramping up on the D3 regimen. Something seemed to work and I had a decent amount of relief until I was off cycle. No way of attributing with certainty the relief to D3, Aimovig, the insanity of the beast or the natural end-of-cycle. This time around I am only using D3...and the cycle seems (fingers crossed) not to be kicking in...but I won't know for sure for a few weeks. 


      ..best to you..

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