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  1. View my website on Clusters here:


    I walk you thru the Why, Where, How and When of Clusters.

    Prevention is the only therapy. You must pre-emptly bust to keep yourself blocked or they will return.

    High pressure, stress, other things will cause the blocks to fall off. They are always falling off so you must always replace them.

    Wait too long to block and the signal gets thru. The electricity forms a path. You are now in a cycle. Your brain actually changes shape from the electricity. This is why cycles last so long. It is hard to get the electricity back in the proper channel. Once it is back, it will want to fall into the old path again, so you must keep blocking.

    The electricity follows the path of least resistance in your brain. This path leads to a dead spot. this causes a short cicruit when the electricity hits it. Viola the custer headache.

    Don't wait. I block every two weeks. This keeps me Cluster free.




  2. I know it sucks, but alcohol is not your friend. It causes the blockage to release. the night sweats are clusters that you are not feeling the pain from. your body still reacts to the headache, but not the pain.

    Alcohol triggers the release the of blocking mechanism. I wish it didn't. but Im sure it does.