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  1. CH Father, where or is there a link to get to the instructions on the Lidocaine drops referred to on Bob's doc. I have a prescription for the 4% solution. Bob explains and we will move forward with that and what the pharmacist may suggest. we are approaching our 4th bust. The nocturnal slap backs have been particularly mean Kip7-8  and take longer to abort, wanted to try the Lidocane to see if I can take the edge off and/or extend the time in between hits? aaannnnddd is a 60 mcg dose of L enough to be an effective dose for a bust? Just trying not to waste medicine and time!! Thanks for getting back to me. 357 out

    "D. Lidocaine drops.
    You need a prescription for this but it is pretty cheap and can help sometimes. For clusters you need a 4% solution and it is applied using an eyedropper. 'The instructions for its use can be found on our website and it is very important that it is done properly or it won't work.'
    It is a way to apply a treatment similar to an SPG block that you can administer by yourself.


    It's an abortive in the form of an anesthesia that can sometimes help you get some sleep. Lidocaine sprays do not help. Don't waste your time.
    The trick is to take a dropper full, lay down on your back, on your bed, with your head over the edge, tilted backward and downward, head tilted about 30 degrees toward the side of your cluster, and insert the liquid. You want to bath the nerve ganglion located in the backside of your sinus cavity with the liquid."

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