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  1. On 6/22/2019 at 1:59 AM, Dana129 said:

    Well best of luck with busting, I can only imagine how bad the slapbacks might be, as a younger sufferer it is encouraging to hear people get such long periods of pain free living with that kind of medicine, out of curiosity are you on the d3 regimen?

    Dana, not exactly, but last D25 H was at 100 and I am a conscious consumer of high quality low carb whole foods and pretty mindful of anti -inflammatory foods and supplements. I am curious and am looking into the protocol and am leaning toward just following the regime. Thanks for considering me as younger... mindset yes,.. interesting today I did get set up with some lidocaine and gave it a whirl. I did not have any current CH activity, but for me in the daylight not so much unless I fall asleep, so I really wanted to take a nap as the nocturnal hits harass me out of real rest. I laid back and followed Bob's description of method, The liquid was somewhat nasty but I laid down a little later for a nap and slept, and slept pretty good, for just over 2 hours, no ch, no real ch all day. Tonight will continue to probe the possibility that the lidocaine can help with coping between busts. Looking forward to Sunday Bust day. Will keep posting. Peace and PF. Cath.

  2. Trucker, This is a good place to get some excellent information and learn you are not on your own. This community gives value by sharing their experiences, The good, bad, ugly. do's and dont's very valuable when negotiating CH. Read the "New Users-Read Here First" the link is at the top of the page (blue bar). There are good and caring people here with a common goal. PF or Pain Free. I am currently busting a cluster cycle, I am episodic and am getting better at being ready to push the beast back into the hole it crawled out of. Take your time here the wealth of information will change your life for the better! Look forward to Pain Free days ahead. Cath


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  3. Hi, Same here... been a rough go this time around. Points during this bust at 3 LSA 50 RC seeds and each 5 day wait has been brutal, nights especially on the hour hits that take 20 min 02 and Ice. Today on a desperate note went with my guy into Colorful Colorado for a couple of strains of cannabis and some cbd transdermal cream... hmmm. I quit smoking weed 25 years ago!  I was in the middle of a hit while Mark shopped a local Dispensary. When he got back I started using the cream right away, either the CH was on its way out or the cream did something, not sure, but was out for an hour and a half, good for us lately. Since I have had 3 more just like you described creal ... like it needed to take a breather in between beatings.Gotta be optimistic lol but not too. My  O2 is still fairly reliable for aborts, just always on the hunt to make the wait tolerable. Conflicted about the belief in a loving God in the midst of all this chaos. Love and PF!


  4. So many questions... Cluster cycle in progress... 2 busts behind using RC seeds. After the second bust had some high KIP slapbacks... 6 yesterday and then enter a different set of symptoms today just a long ass pounder started early this morning and I am going to bed with it... did O2, Ice, slam cold drinks, Hot foot soak, seriously disappointing. I never used to get frickin Migraines but these symptoms more closely resemble M and not CH. Will check the playing well with others and see what other avenues I can pursue to treat this "New" head pain! what a frickin nightmare. I thought I was equipped to beat this beast back and I get hit by a new foe. WTF.! The weather was blustery clouds some rain wind and lightening. I am sure this had a play but literally, nothing has touched this. Any feedback is appreciated. Peace hope love. 357 out. 

  5. Dana, absolutely would credit LSD for the remission., however, I was young had a different hormone profile, I was an aerobics instructor and my remissions after my 20's have continued to be spaced out so much so I did not fully understand what was happening when a bout would pass through (For sure at 59 I Just do not really like tripping any more) It has been 3 years since my last encounter and subsequent bust. This bust has been  particularly difficult. This day after yesterday's RC seed bust I have had 6 hits and this 6th one has been pestering since 4 pm now over 4 hours... not normal.. Usually O2 and Ice will make the final determination in less than an hour. I am taking a break taking some Kava and kratom helps calm me down and takes the edge off while I regroup. Now 9 pm and this one seems to be passing. Sweet Jesus! Really looking forward to fresh seeds and Bust on Wednesday. 357out! 

  6. Cathb357... feel like a veteran Been doing Clusters now for 40 years. My first I was 19 and not another for 7 or 8 years later (Hind Sight) My husband and I liked to trip and during the first 8 years of our marriage we would trip occasionally 4 or 5 times a year. After I became a mother, priorities changed and I quit. 3 or 4 sessions in my 30's and 40's very clueless during these attacks, usually triptans and opiates and have 3 steroid protocols. Then in my 50's the "ramp up" maybe related to hormonal changes but definitely a tighter episodic circus. During this particular decade we (my husband and I) discovered CH Busters and are so grateful this dedicated group and the collective information available. I have settled on RC seeds and unless confused about the onset of CH I start busting until they are returned to remission I prefer to include shadows as well. Oxygen, Ice packs, cold carbonated caffinated drinks until individual attacks are abated. My diet is frickin pristine, mostly keto, supplement for CH support and abort. Currently in a bout, (this a common time of the year) have busted twice with RC seeds over the last 10 days. the seeds are now 3 years old and was what I had available, I have another 12.5 grams coming from Transplants. The reason I am relating to the age of the seeds is that they may be loosing potency, however, I still on 50 seeds catch a pretty good buzz and for me not the most appealing experience. Now my question/ Yesterday afternoon I took a well hydrolozied dose of 50 crushed seed slurry and chased it with lemon juice and water to clear the bitters...lol by the book at about 5pm. I keep a zanax handy if the anxiety from the trip gets uncomfortable and I have done the zanax and the slurry and just gone to bed. So last night I had come down and I wanted to go to bed It was about 9:30. I took a .5mg of zanax. I went to sleep. at Midnight I wake up with a KIP 9, groggy and surprised I was getting such a hard hit and just after the treatment. So I get up, back to O2, Ice, drink and abated by 12:40. The question1. Has anyone suggested that Zanax may alter the course of a bust? good or bad. and because my experience with slapbacks is limited, do I stay my course of busting, which I know the answer. Any feed back is appreciated. Peace, Hope, Love! 357 out!

  7. Own the bottle, mask etc, be friends with the local o2 supply house! forget askin a dr. to please make it happen for you.  I get a volume discount...lol MM through friends, RC through the mail, git r done! I am going to start growing my own RC. aaaannnnd am going to start busting without needing to! Just sayin... 

  8. I am new here, although, I have visited periodically over a decade. I have learned much here in the alternative treatment arena, thanks to peeps like yourself. With that said I am sure you are doing the same in the cancer arena... do not hesitate to read Ty Bolinger's book "Cancer Think Outside the Box" and a web presence called "The Truth about Cancer" Susanne Summers also has a new book out this year I cannot remember the name but easy to find... God bless you and healing on your wife.. In our prayers. Cath

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