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    CHTraveler got a reaction from lp3 in prednisone therapy and vit m   
    Hi all,
    New member here--first post. I don't have an answer to your question about how long to wait, but I wanted to say that prednisone therapy worked for me, but I took a really high dose for a few days and then tapered--the whole course lasted 3 weeks. Last year I did the same and it was very effective for a short time, but the headaches came back even before I was finished tapering off. This year, the prednisone more/less broke the cluster, for which I am extremely grateful. I'm not 100% free of pain, but I'm taking meds or hitting the O2 once, maybe twice a week instead of daily. I avoid triggers (alcohol, etc.), get weekly acupuncture treatments, and take lots of magnesium--that plus the prednisone have made the awful intense part of this cluster much shorter than usual, but like I said, last year it didn't work as well. Five months seems long for prednisone, but I'm not a doctor. Prednisone is great at doing what it does, but possible side effects abound. That said, we all know how terrible the pain is, so if your doctor thinks it's safe and you're tolerating it well, maybe it's worth trying. Let us know how it goes--good luck!
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    CHTraveler got a reaction from A Way Out in Causal Hypothesis   
    I don't know if it's causal, per se (could be), but I too find that treating the neck is key. I use acupuncture, stretches, and capsaicin patches to treat the neck during a cluster--vital in terms of reducing frequency.
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    CHTraveler reacted to CHfather in Busting Help   
    Oxygen can be hard to get, because way too often doctors don't prescribe it even though it's the #1 medically recommended abortive for CH.  Nearly everyone here or at any CH site will tell you it's the lifesaver, the must-have. You might have great success and long remission again and not need it, but you might not.  Ending a cycle with one dose and getting six years of remission are not common occurrences. Strongly recommend that you give O2 your best shot with your medical professionals, and check with us.
    The most typical pharma approaches are verapamil as a preventive, injectable sumatriptan as an abortive, and a course of steroids to buy you some time while a preventive kicks in. Sumatriptan and steroids will block busting; verapamil not so much. Plenty of undesirable side effects from all those, of course.
    The best way to "research" energy shots and melatonin is probably to try them.
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    CHTraveler reacted to spiny in Can alcohol prolong a cycle?   
    Hi Dreamer,
    I always wait a few weeks to do the alcohol test. I have not found that it prolongs the cycle. But if the cycle is not gone it will surely trigger a hit. And I have had alcohol trigger a random hit a few times over the years.
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    CHTraveler reacted to CHfather in Precursor to episode   
    The low level of the "normal" range of vitamin D [25(OH)D] is 30 ng/mL in the US.  "Batch" (who has developed, improved, and closely tracked the D3 regimen) says this in the document I referred you to:  >>CH'ers who have used this regimen and experienced a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of their CH or gone pain free and then had this test have had an average 25(OH)D serum concentration of 81.4 ng/mL. min = 34.0 ng/mL, max = 149.0 ng/mL.<<  So you might be in the normal range but still have a "deficiency" regarding treating CH.
    Because so many people with CH get relief from O2, and because it is very very rare for anyone who tries high flow rates (25 lpm or more) with a good mask (such as this one: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=clustero2kit)to not have success, and because O2 makes such a huge difference, I would urge you to give O2 another shot.  You'd have to buy the higher-flow regulator and the mask, but it might be worth it.
    And please don't completely dismiss busting.