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  1. CHFather, my pain is at the point where I no longer want to live with it. I have concidered suicide many times. Guess thats not enough pain for you. It has ruined my life, I have lost friends, and my family have basically disowned me, and I cant hold a job. I have these EVERY DAY! I wish they would come in clusters so I would have some relief, like others on this site. Guess I dont know what Im talking about, guess you do. 

  2. I do have a neurologist,  and am being treated at a headache clinic. I have tried sumitriptans, steroids, nasel spray, oxygen,nsaid,  nerve blockers, rizotriptans (maxalt), Verapamil, and anything else that is supposed to help.Nothing gives me any relief.  Believe me, I am in excruciating pain everyday. I have had mri and ct scan to rule out any thing else. It always occurs on left side, watery eye, nose, stabbing eye pain, and it feels like someone is drilling into my head.  Yes they are chronic CH. Sorry for posting, hoping for some support, but I guess this site is not what i thought it was.


  3. Hi Lewis, I have been suffering from ch for about 4 years. However, they do not come in clusters and have had them multiple times almost every day. They started out with pain in my jaw, teeth. Over time they migrated to my head, eye etc. They have gotten increasingly  more painful as time goes on. Your symptoms sound like ch, watering in one eye, nose.  I have tried  nerve blockers, with minimal success.  Sometimes they are more painful  than other times,  sometimes almost tolerable, sometimes the pain literally  brings me to my knees.

    I hope you find something that relieves your pain. I have been resisting taking mushrooms, but just found a source and will be trying them soon.

    All the best