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  1. Freud

    Freud    xxx

    Hey Batch,


    I’m finally starting the D3 and the regimen but I’ve been told I have to be careful bc I take verapamil 800mg a day divided into 5 doses. So I pretty much take it every 4 hrs when I remember. I recently weaned down bc I thought it wasn’t doing anything and I started to get hit at night so I went back up...  your input is appreciated!



    1. FunTimes


      do you take any benadryl along with the other vitamins?  I also added Melatonin at night that helped me with the overnight hits, I started at 5mg and worked my way up to 20. 

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  2. I just read your older post, The perlite stocking idea, I was wondering if you still do it this way or have you come up with a better way? I an about a year into growing and I will be making my own cakes for the first time and am looking for other ways to grow maybe a larger yield crop. I am using the brown rice flower and vermiculite in mason jars. then pressure cooker to sterilize. 

    1. FunTimes


      I hope everything is going well with your friend, Best of luck to you.

      I am trying something a little different every time I start a new grow. This is only my third time. I am chronic so I have not yet busted to PF days but things are getting better. I will let you know how I make out with this grow and maybe we can bounce ideas around and come up with something that works. I have read alot on shroomery and here on this site and it has worked well for me so far. 

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