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    Eli.G. got a reaction from Nicolas in Is anyone has been cured from C.H. forever   
    Using imigran , after C.H. period everything is ok 
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    Eli.G. got a reaction from Nicolas in Is anyone has been cured from C.H. forever   
    Hi Spiny, thank you for replay. I tried all medicines that are usualy used for CH , in 2 different countries I sow the best neurologist and I tried : cortisone medicines,immigrant and other nose spreys, all kind of pain killer for head..... nothing helped , i just had bad side effects (zombi feeling and heart beating ). Magnezium I took a lot in june last year and didn't help. I noticed that melatonine is not working since  I have CH.  Before CH when I traveled and changed zone time, melatonin made me sleep nice and since I have CH , melatonin doesn't make me sleep at all and when I finally fell a sleep,  I woke up after max 5 hours and that is strange because I sleep a lot usualy (when there is not period of CH.)
    I haven't try Kudzu extract and I  will try it. thank you for advice of D3 regiment, I  read it and everything exept that I have tried. I don't agree that triger is alcohol or cigarets,  ( only summer few drinks and my attacks are allways in february and some year in june too ) , I allsow do sports allmost everyday (exept when attacks starts) .
    Psilocybin is so hard to find,only ones I find and  that stoped attacks for 2 years, but as I said i have problems finding it and to don't mention how doctors or people look on that. they don't understand what CH people are going trought  and they judge badly .
    oxigen bottle with mask-  nothing, ( 3 times i did, only once after 15 min stoped , I  didn't nothice any improvment ) and country where I live they don't give oxigent bottle for free for CH people and if you buy private is arround 2000 dollars ,so I had to go to other country where is chepear (250 dollars ) and big bottle was enought only for 3 attacks ( 3 days) and as I said only once I notice that attack was shorter then usualy.