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  1. Hello everyone...

    I'm a new member here on CB and I've never really heard of CH before... I've been diagnosed as having migraines, but what I've been experiencing recently doesn't seem like the migraines I've had before (sensitivity to noise, light, etc.) and that has been easily treated with headache meds and/or caffeine. 

    I'm a 27 yo female with no known allergies and no outward stress factors currently. I am going on...I think this is week 3 of having excruciating headaches that localize from my temples to the center of my forehead (recurring every day to every other day - happening once or for several hours in a day). Eating food, hydrating, and medication do not seem to help much. I constantly feel like I wanna throw up. Generally I will wake up with a pounding headache...it will subside for a couple hours and return or just go away for the day. My headaches/migraines have never been this bad and I think i'm going to start cataloging my length of time and duration of my headaches, but I feel completely helpless and I don't know much about CH or the attacks that sufferers experience....do you all have any tips for someone who is suffering, but has never really been diagnosed as a CH sufferer? 

    I do get migraines, but this is something completely different and new and idk where else to turn... i'm tired of being in pain...please help!

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