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  1. FYI if you get in with Grosberg the closest hotel is right there but $300 a night I stay 10 min away for a third of the price.
  2. FYI his office is dimly light through out and is very soothing. I thought they were closed the first time I went in. There are many hotels close to his office. I sleep over the night before as I live 3 hrs away in NJ.
  3. I see dr Brian Grosberg in West Hartford CT. He used to be in NYC. He is extremely empathetic and sensitive to your needs. He knows about cluster busters and can get you enrolled in a mushroom study if you’re interested. I think he may be taking on new Pts but you have to check ‭(860) 696-2925‬.
  4. I’m chronic and I dose once a month and that usually does it for me.
  5. Sounds good. Keep in mind Its about a 3-4 month process. Check out my post on the subject, the grow bag method is what I usually suggest for a first timer. Check out my post on "Alternative grow methods for MM". I tried to paste the link here but I get a 403 forbidden message. Have fun traveling!
  6. I think I can help simplify things for you for your first grow. It’s mainly a game of patience. Growing with bulk substrate in a mono tub yields a lot depending on genitics. If the research moves you in that direction feel free to contact me. Cheers brian
  7. I think it’s still on going. My doc offered to enroll me 6 months ago.
  8. Freud

    Help Needed

    If you had a scan when you were younger and had the same exact symptoms. A new scan isn’t really warranted. That extra bit of info changes my opinion.
  9. Freud

    Help Needed

    As a general rule of thumb all cluster heads should be scanned. It’s very unlikely you have a pituitary mass or an aneurysm. But they should always be ruled out. I think most people who have been here long enough had heard a story/ post about a positive scan. About 4 months ago a husband posted about his wife having an aneurysm behind her eye. Do you use psychedelics?
  10. Freud

    How was your weekend?

    Nice to hear you’re doing better and that dosing usually prevents the suffering. pFW brian
  11. Freud

    How was your weekend?

    Is this a random break through or are you unable to tame the beast preventatively?
  12. Freud

    Upper Cervical Chiropractor worked for me

    Hi Chiro, what does the chiropractor say he’s adjusting. Is it something specific to CH or is he just doing a cervical alignment.
  13. Freud

    My 1st Post, Re: Dancing w/ the Devil

    Some people experience long remission periods but they have episodic CH. I happen to have chronic CH and don’t get breaks without mushrooms. I preventatively dose once a month to keep my CH under control. I’ve been dosing now for about 6 months. If I don’t preventatively dose I get about 2 months pain free from one dose of mm. You will most likely be episodic and experience a natural break.
  14. Freud

    My 1st Post, Re: Dancing w/ the Devil

    Jj I live in Nj as well and I get my oxygen from Apria healthcare. My doc filled out one of their forms and it came ASAP. I now have 3 large M tanks. They deliver same day when you need refills. The drivers have all been familiar with CH and I can’t say enough good things about them.
  15. Freud

    CCH surgery

    All I can say is thank god the busting is working for me. What a tough decision it must be to go through with something like a nervectomy. My heart goes out to those of you that have had to take drastic measures.
  16. Freud

    Newbie help UK

    Thanks for the update Maria, glad to hear things are looking a little better. Have you considered busting with seeds? Sounds like it’s your next natural progression. It’s so nice to hear if others getting the support they need. Things like this will tend to improve relationships and strengthen bonds or break them. For me my family has been tramendous. Pain free wishes brian
  17. Freud

    PLEASE HELP - Bangkok, Thailand

    That rocks
  18. Freud

    Zolmitriptan spray - how fast does it work?

    I inquired about this with my headache doc and he told me to be careful when reading the study data on clusters and the nasal spray b/c they used double strength in the European studies. In the states it’s not approved.
  19. Freud

    Oxygen supplier

    So I ran out of O2 and called Apria for a refill. They were here with in 2 hrs and the guy offered me an extra tank. Can’t say enough good things about my experience with them so far. So now I have 2 full M tanks ready to go. My experience with the O2 is mixed. Sometimes it aborts in 10-15 min and other times nothing. Same breathing technique.
  20. Freud

    Oxygen supplier

    Wow, my hats off to you. Thanks for your service and your contributions. I’ve seen you help so many people in the short time I’ve been here. There was a guy in my PA class that was a fighter pilot trainer for years before he retired. Mark litchenstine.
  21. Freud

    Oxygen supplier

    Batch what is your back ground are you an MD or PHD? Do you do research for s living? And as always thanks for the solid scientific data!
  22. Freud

    Oxygen supplier

    Great pro tip. I haven’t been getting on until it’s full blown. I’ll try that from now on.
  23. Freud

    Oxygen supplier

    I have insomnia so it’s rare that I have more than 1 cup in the AM. I could take ambien, Benadryl , and melatonin and still stare at the ceiling.
  24. Freud

    Oxygen supplier

    Thanks for the replies, when the O2 works it’s like magic. But these random CH attacks I’m getting don’t always respond and seem to last much longer than my normal CHs. I’ve been doing the coffee as well, may be it’s time to fire up the espresso machine. Thankfully I’m only getting hit 1-2 times a week. Time to bust again tomorrow.