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  1. Hi all I am alive and well. My PTSD ended up getting triggered in Dallas as I thought it might. Sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all that sent their love. I will be back on the boards and this thread w an update. Short version is I am now having 4-6 kip 7-9CH a day. My D peaked at 277 w no bump in Ca or PTH. (I was about 150ish before I was admitted unfairly by my psych thinking I was manic and not triggered and I knew it was going to happen so I loaded w 1.5 mil units before my admission. My D spiked to 277 w that and my CH were gone for a bit. But as it burned off they came back as expected. ). I’m going to get w @Batchtoday and go over numbers to figure out a more aggressive load and burn schedule. I am also dosing w vitamin L...


    happy trails folks





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  2. Hi all, I have some great news to report!  I am on my way to being PF and getting my life back thank to so many of you. The vitamin D protocol is doing most of the heavy lifting so to speak. I’m coming off of my best week in over a year but who’s counting. I live in the moment...

    I will give a full update ASAP. I am still figuring out the best way to utilize the ketamine. However it is helping a ton as well. I personally have a super high tolerance to most anesthetics. Therefore. My starting concentration although a moderate dose will probably be bumped up a bit after discussing my usage and results w my doc. I promise I will make a more detailed post ASAP. I think ketamine should be a weapon in the arsenal to treat uncontrolled CH. I don’t find it intoxicating unless I take a big dose 20+ sprays...  10 sprays at (50mg/ml or 5% solution) and I start to get some help. As it is a dissociative (I have not dissociated yet...aka k hole). At 4-8 pumps I feel mild distraction from the CH. usually enough to take an edge off. However if I have down time and a bad CH I will go to 10-20pumps. This is not what I recommend for everyone!  If you do try it. Start low and go slow is my advice. Most people do not enjoy being dissociated from what reading I’ve done on recreational use... but for a kip ten I say bring it on. I have only had one Kip 10 since starting it =-). 


    BBL with more info.

    looking forward to seeing y’all in Dallas. 

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  3. Um, 

    He couldn’t state enough how he thinks the conference is going to be life changing for me and every CH patient especially CCH. Should attend at least once. He thought I have been dealing w CCH a  longer than 2 years and said “Oh man, you’re still new at this.”  He stayed several times he would like to spend time with me st the conference and talk more. He said he has several veterans he wants me to meet and would introduce me. He mentioned a few of you guys. 

    He said although the emgality data wasn’t that good for CCH he does have a few patients that have responded. And not just w reduction of CCH. He said “home runs” like he hopes for me. He wants to get me back to work ASAP. He was very supportive of @Batch‘s work and told me to keep following his lead. Don’t wait keep busting. Don’t wait on emgality, start it now. It takes some time to get. Insurance rejects it, he appeals, they reject again, he contacts Lilly and gets me in some kind of free program. I don’t have to do a thing but wait :D  my old doc didn’t know or do any of that. Just wrote the script (the wrong one I might add(I never tried to fill it)). 

    He is concerned about me making it to Dallas on a plane. Offered me prednisone to start before I go. I told him they didn’t do a thing for me the first time I tried them and with a couple of board members having hips done recently I’d pass. My plan is to use the max amount of trex I can a day (4 zembrace) if needed and pay for it later...  especially on the plane. But my friend who came with me told him  “he’s tough as nails and wouldn’t have a problem. I would get there fine.”  I drive during kip 8-10s. I try and not drive w 10s. But some times it happens. I keep a M tank in my cars. Some times it works some times it doesn’t. My first CH was a 3 hr kip 10 30 min into a 3.5 hr drive...  it’s not for everyone and not too many people have had 25% burns...  I just have to maintain some kind of life...  I can’t operate/ work with one but I’m thinking about switching to the dark side for a while and doing something in industry...  have to give this D more time to kick in but if all I have is some kip 4/5s and I can get a little more sleep than I have been I could do an industry job. 


    Think thats basically it...

    i forgot to ask how long it might take to see results w emgality. Will find out in Dallas when we talk again. Unlike most docs he wants to leave my f/u appointment up in the air and corresponding with him him sending him updates would be more than sufficient for now. He can refill my ketamine electronically as well as the emgality when I get it...


    fyi to anyone getting ketamine nasal spray. Price varies a lot. I’ve been quoted $225 for the full script as well as 60$. It’s a slimey world out there. One place said “it would be cheaper for you to get it off the street!”  I just hung up :P  I will make a post about my early experience w the ketamine from strength of script, what you need to have your doctor order as well as how it helps me and all it entails...


    sorry to hijack this thread but I don’t want to make a post titled my appointment w dr...  just seems strange to me

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  4. So folks apparently there is a lot of confusion about the dosage. From the horses mouth: Dr McGeeney said the correct and only dose for CH is 300mg a month every month. He said everything else is only for migraines!  He said the correct info is on their site if you look in the right place. My previous doc wrote the wrong script as well and he was a major headache center guru!  I never tried to fill it. I have started the process to get it...  let y’all know when/ if I try it. I say if cause I’m pretty sure the D is starting to work!  I’m not PF but it’s a hell of a lot better yesterday and today. Today was the last dose of my second load w target 25(OH)D3 of 140!

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  5. On 8/25/2019 at 9:30 PM, Psiloscribe said:

    It sounds like you've been prescribed the migraine dose of Emgality. The cluster dose is 300 mg and comes in (3) 100mg injections. Have your doctor check out the eli lilly website for info on prescribing instructions for clusters.

    Now I’m really confused may be the 3 injections wasn’t crazy. I know I read 2 a while back and my doc said 2 then 1 every month after... we shall find out tomorrow. 

  6. Bravo @Batch, Its like explaining a cardiopulmonary bypass strategy...  enjoyed the physiology.  I have a real hard time hyperventilating. And for me when I force myself to do it. Usually an hour after my normal routine of using a regular old non rebreather mask and I’m at the I’ll try anything point. I break out the opti with the mouth piece and do the whole routine. Each method and no response. Well no more than if I go back and just breath the 25LPM gas. Now I know what you’re going to say next.  You waited too long. But I have done it as a first line for over a month and I get the same results. So I stay comfortable, breath at a fast rate w my plane Jane mask and if the O2 is going to work I abort in 2-3 min stay on for 10-15. Unless I fall asleep and sleep through my timer. Lol did that last night. Ran through a fresh M tank. Fortunately I don’t have COPD w CO2 retention...  But 99% of my nocturnal CH alarm clock attacks (every 45-60min) respond quickly and abort. Few of the nocturnal attacks that wake me up already at a kip 10 and no 1-3min ramp up take 30-45min to break if they break. But the longer I’ve been CCH I wake up before the CH starts!  And I’m like hmm I don’t have to pee WTF did I wake up for. Then I try to go back to sleep and then the ramp up starts. It’s real strange. So when I’m alert enough to know what’s going on. If I wake up suddenly I just hit the O2 for 10 min and go back to sleep. 


    I know sience as well well as friends w CH say hyperventilating is the way to go as well as the beautiful opti mask is superior (I love the way it feels on my face but they purposely don’t want you to fall asleep w the mask on and I get it. I want to lie back and breath or pace and breath. Not hold a mask or mouth piece. Every bit of comfort helps when I’m mid hit which is most of the day. 


    TLDR: Thanks for the post Batch, I support and suggest all of your suggestions to other CHers. But it doesn’t make a damn of a difference to me sadly. I’m just not responding normally to any of the treatments but they still help a ton  

    I guess the next step for me is a 30-40Lpm reg...Apria is going to love that  lol


    Unrelated note :o our greek friend’s GF is pain free after starting the D program and Benadryl. I asked her to fill out the survey and post about it...  she is CCH too =-)

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  7. And thanks for the emgality update. I’m seeing bostonheadachedoc tomorrow and we’re going to talk about emgality. I’m pretty sure you’re not on the right dose. It’s a double injection first dose and one injection every month there after. My former doc said it can take months to work so don’t give up yet. All this info is based on his edu of me as well as a little reading. But I’ve heard docs writing it all kinds of crazy ways. 3 injections the first month...  I’ll get to the bottom of this tomorrow, I’m fairly certain BHD was one of the investigators/ sites but I could be completely wrong. He may have just had patients enrolled in the study...

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  8. I’m out of likes for the day =-( but @Dan32 brought up a very good point. There are mixed feelings here about verapamil. Most of the regular contributors here have tried it at some point. I was on 800mg a day until I stopped it months ago. It is important to get an EKG every time they raise your dose as well as check your blood pressure. I tolerated up to 800mg any more gave me blurry vision. I was about to wean it off when my Ch started to get worse I decided not to change anything. But i was fairly sure it wasn’t doing me any good. I now get hit all day and every hour I’m sleeping. But I did get a side effect called calcium channel blocker released peripheral edema. Additionally bc I was in such an “over dose” my cardiologists words ( my neuro insisted on a cardiology follow up after raising each dose when I got above 300+mg a day) I got anasarca it total body swelling. I knew my stomach was getting bigger but I thought the wet gain was from another drug. One day I looked down at my belly. Hopped on a scale and I gained over 15lb in a few months. Next day my legs blew up like balloons.  Called my cardio we rapidly weaned the verapamil half way, then titrated it off over the next couple of weeks. Edema left w a little help of Lasix and I was back to normal in no time. But there are many folks it works miracles for. Like batches D protocol mentioned above. Everyone is different and our CHs change all the time. A little experimentation is in order. I should also warn you verapamil has been a potent blocker for some folks that try to bust. So if you want to try busting. Many of our first line treatments. Don’t start the verapamil yet. Don’t be afraid to discuss all these options give your doc this website and encourage them to take a good look. There is a busting/ mm study that just finished up at Yale. And a study in Switzerland enrolling patients for an LSD study. Busting is a safe (for most read precautions) and effective way to either prevent s cycle or abort one. Hit the blue button at the top of the screen...

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  9. The MRI will rule out anatomical anomalies that cause CH like pain. Your Ch is considered chronic if you go a year with no more than a 3 week break. A few things to get this rolling. First imitrex pills are next to worth less. Try and get the imitrex injections. It’s best to get the 6mg shots and break them down so you get 2-3 doses per injection. The injectors stop a CH in 5-15min. You should have oxygen as well. It’s a life saver. Often aborts an attack in 3-10min.  Lastly the extended release verapamil is not as favorable as using the 80mg immediate release tabs. But if it’s working for you then great. Also @Batch has a vitamin D protocol that has helped a lot of people.

  10. The start of a cycle or the disorder itself presents in many different ways. I’m chronic so I can tell you what happened to me when it first started. I had attacks of severe tooth pain for about 4-6weeks on and off. A little facial pain as well. Then out of no where I got struck while driving alone on a 3 hr trip about 30min into it. It was a full blown kip 10. I knew either an aneurysm was about to rupture or I was having my first CH (I’m a PA and had briefly studied headaches while in school).  Since then I’ve had CHs every day...  I did get a 2 month brake before I was put on a med that was a blocker and had a long half life... but when my CH came back they just started full throttle. Many people report a ramp up when they start as well as associated symptoms with out a CH like my tooth pain. Sinus pain/ pressure, facial pain, eye and scalp pain. Then some time later (days to weeks) the CHs start. 

  11. @CHfather I totally agree it’s easy to get side tracked or forget to ask or tell a doc something when you are finally getting answers when you’ve been suffering. 

    I didn’t know it was mandatory for a Dx of HC. I only know a little bit about the non CH TACs.  We didn’t  even covered all the TACs in PA school or on my board reviews. Only CH was briefly mentioned and most of the time on HA was spent on migraines. 

  12. Yea, a GP making a diagnosis of atypical CH when your HAs are all day puzzles me a little. Go armed with a print out of what HC is. Most neuros let alone GPs haven’t heard of most of the TACs. On another note did he prescribe oxygen?  CH usually responds to high flow O2 and HC does not...

  13. Refresh my memory, but weren’t you saying the headaches come and last the whole day with no breaks?  That sounds like a dead ringer to me for hemiacrania continua. Also mimic some CHs. Did the doc have a reason why the doc thought it was CH and not HC? It still may be worth trying the indomethacin. A small group of CH patients respond to it according to my old CH doc. 

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  14. I some times wake up before they really hit and I have that funny sensations like I say is this a CH? Or did I have to pee or something. I’ve learned I’m never wrong, if I have a feeling like it’s going to happen it does... so I abort those w oxygen real fast 2-3 min. Stay on for 10min. Have you tried using oxygen on them. I’d try increasing your verapamil dose by 80mg to see if you’re kind of just at a threshold dose and that finishes it off. Otherwise if you were busting I’d say you’re close to beating the beast...

  15. Ok kat, 

    i did a little research to refresh my memory on HC and your brief description sounds like a dead ringer to me (I am also a PA although neuro is not my speciality...) look here (it’s a wiki but I think it’s fairly accurate to get started):Wiki for HC

    the great news is the primary treatment for HC is an old NSAID called indomethacin. Your pcp should be more than comfortable using it. It is rather harsh on the stomach so it should be taken with food and you’re going to want them to write for Prescription strength Zantac or other H2 blocker or proton pump inhibitor of their choice. Please don’t over look that it’s imperative to keep the indomethacin from causing ulcers when taken for extended periods of time. If I was you I’d be happy. HC is much easier to control than CH. I don’t think the vitamin D protocol has been studied in HC patients, may be start by getting a level and loading from there. Batch’s protocol is good for a host of reasons and most people are vitamin D deficient.  Hope this helps. 




    ps print out some info info on HC to bring to your doc. Most GPs don’t know anything about it. Unless you see a headache specialist I imagine most neurons won’t be familiar with most of the TACs..

  16. Hmm, so the pain is always there but worsens at 3-4 times a day? Is that correct?  There are other TACs trigeminal autonomic cephalgias that are CH look alikes HC is the one I hear talked about the most and you may want to look into if your headache is constant w peaks. Hemicrania continua (so May be off). I have to run but I’ll try and send another reply later today. 


    Pain free wishes



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