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  1. 2 hours ago, Horton said:

    Hey guys I’m new to this and was hoping you guys could uncode some lingo for me? D3? MM? Kip? 

    Ok you’re best bet is to click on the new user button at the top of the page and start there. But D3 is Batch’s vitamin regimen it works for a lot of people. Look up vitamin D3 wiki in the search field. MM is magic mushrooms any mushroom containing Psilocybin. Kip is a pain scale just for clusters. Google KIP pain scale. 

  2. If there is anything I have learned about CH and people in remission and changing CH is that coincidences are common. Wether it’s a wackey “cure” someone thinks they found only to have their CH return the next year and the same thing not work at all. CH is always changing. It’s a crazy coincidence that he got one the same day. It’s stastically crazy that your wife got them and you knew some one that has them. There are only about 400k people in the US with them. I have a friend that went the welding O2 route and it just so happened the guy that owned the place has a son with CH so he could talk freely about what he was going to use it for. I mean what are the chances. I’ve won the lottery on a lot of medical problems and I thought my chances of winning the lotto are better than getting Chronic CH but here we are....  sorry your wife is suffering. Have you clicked on the blue button on the top of the page to see what this site is all about?  There are other good options to get rid of the beast or prevent it in the future if you know when your cycle starts. 

  3. I’d also recommend clicking on the blue new users button at the top of the page. Read the whole thing. You want to educate yourself on the whole process and how to ensure your comfort and safety. You’re going to want to buy a cheap but decent gram scale on amazon that goes to to the hundredth place for 100g and under. So it could measure 0.01g. That should be 15-30$ depending on the scale. This next part is copied from a previous pist I made in response to the same question as you: 


    “It is important that you are off all meds that could block the mm from working. Examples include many psychiatric drugs, triptans (sumatriptan aka imitrex or any drug in this class) steroids and a few others that escape me at the moment. You need to obstain from the usual culprit of triptans for 5 days prior to busting/ dosing. Microdosing does not work for clusters. You need to reach a threshold dose where you feel the effects of the mm but don’t necessarily have a significant trip. That “I’m almost tripping” feeling does it for most of us. This is usually achieved at doses of 1-1.5g. Some people can go as low as 0.5g but we generally recommend 1-1.5g. This dose is repeated 3 times 5 days apart. All the while no sumatriptan injections or any other blocking meds. During this time O2 is your best friend. Some people use energy drinks with success as well. I think that’s enough to get you started I’ll post some links in a bit to stuff permanently posted here that you should read prior to busting. “

    If you’re dosing to prevent a cycle (are you episodic or chronic?) than people have found that dosing one month before cycle usually starts and follow up dosing every month there after upto and including the last month it usually lasts for. This has been most successful. If you’re chronic let us know and we can discuss things some more. Do a little research and come back to us explaining what you’ve tried, what helps, do you have oxygen... share your story so we can help you more. 

  4. I live in NJ and use Apria, that is definitely not their normal practice. My Dr filled out a form faxed it in and wala I got O2 no problem. The delivery guys are great. I have many tanks besides the 3 M tanks they know I have. I recommend calling Apria and get some one on the line from CS and just keep escalating up the food chain to some one that can help. Apria has been great for me. 

  5. I’m the same way with the O2. If my CH starts at full blown like some one turned it on with a switch then the O2 usually doesn’t work. Most of my nocturnal attacks start an hour or so after I’m asleep. They typically have a ramp up but some are faster to ramp up than others.  Hence I moved an M tank upstairs right next to my bed and got a second regulator so I cut down the time to get dressed and run down to the O2 now I just sit on the edge of my bed and put the mask on. This has been a great help. 


    As for sleeping position, I have a fellow cluster head friend I met through here who would sleep in a chair because some one told him it would help. He believed it did so he would sleep in the chair. Until I started to tell him I thought it was BS. He did a little experiment and concluded it was just the luck of the draw how many times he got hit at night. Some people swear it makes a difference. I happen to love sleep and my bed and refuse to give it up. I suffer from insomnia but lately I’ve been getting so many hits at night I’m so sleep deprived insomnia isn’t a factor, it’s the CH devil that robs me of my sleep. 


    I dont find hot or cold compresses helpful. As well as hot or cold liquids. One of the regulars here used to drink cold liquid through a straw and direct it to the roof of his mouth to create brain freeze and he thought it helped. 

    As far as cluster heads go we all have a few things in common but we all respond to treatments differently but you will find some people that share some of your same symptoms or aborts. Another important thing I have learned from others sharing their experiences here is that clusters change. What once worked can all of a sudden stop working, which is a scary proposition for those of us that have found relief either from pharma or alternative treatments like busting. I started a thread a couple of weeks ago which was basically to lighten up the mood here and shed some light on some of the more obscure things people have claimed cured them. I simply searched the site for “cure” and posted a link to the search results. The word cure is a bit taboo here as there is no cure for CH as of yet. So far in my opinion the only things that show great promise is Batch’s Vitamin D protocol and busting. They help a lot of people but by no means are a cure. Here is a link to the “cure” thread. As one member suggested to me it’s probably worth starting with the older posts and ending with the most recent. There are a few by Potter that are down right hysterical. 



  6. Your best bet is to call the Jefferson headache center in Philly. I travel up to CT to see my doc. I pay out of pocket bc I don’t have out of network benifits any more. I am going to call Jeff tomorrow and see if they take my insurance. If so I will make an appointment with ***Dr Young. Another CH friend of mine recommends him. He is the director of the program, up to date on everything, a big CH advocate, a supporter of clusterbusters and busting. So you can and should speak freely about it. Going to a headache center makes all the difference. I wasted 6 months with my local headache specialist. At Jefferson if you call and say you have cluster headaches and need to get in. I hear they find a way. That’s the same way my headache center is. They may not do it for new patients but certinately for known Pts. 

    As for the drug testing it’s really nothing to worry about. Psychedelics are metabolized and excreted very fast. For example, psilocybin and Psilocin the two active alkaloids in mm they would test for, clear your systems in less than 30hrs and 5 hrs respectively. So unless you dosed, went to work the next day and had an incident warranting a drug test you will be fine. Even then it is a special order assay and is rarely done. If I was you I’d dose when you had at least the next day off if not two. I am a PA and when I go back to work (when I get my CH under control) I’m not sure what I’m going to say when docs or people ask me how I treat them. I may just say alternative medicine or I may just tell the truth. I know of two people on here that work for the GOV or department of corrections, people with friends that are police, judges. All their bosses they have told have been supportive and encouraged them to try what ever they had to. One of the CHers did experimental brain surgery before trying mm because he was so anti drugs and didn’t understand psychedelics. I wouldn’t tell an employer I used LSD but I’d be more inclined to talk about the mm if I was pressed about what kind of alternative medicine I used. You have to judge your bosses. Have they ever witnessed an attack. Do they know how much you suffer?  When I told my parents I remembered seeing a 60 minutes piece on CH and MM some where around 2010-2015 despite being anti hallucinogens from all the misinformation out there, they said do it. What ever it takes, but they see me every day in agony. The CHers I mentioned that had the support of their bosses and friends had all witnessed bad attacks. I’m mid hit and having trouble focusing so I’ll cut it there. Food for thought...



    ***i have to verify that this is the correct dr my friend recommended. I’ll post what he tells me ASAP. I thought he said young was the director but he’s not. I think I mixed up his old doc there with the new doc he’s going to see in the future. 

  7. Are you chronic or episodic?  Are you taking sumatriptan pills or injection that stopped working. In general the pills are worthless and the injections or nasal spray are the best routes of administration. What dose of verapamil are you on. Quite often it requires doses in the 800-1000mg/day. You need to be followed by a cardiologist and see them after each dose increase to check your EKG and blood pressure. 

    As for the oxygen we have found that the standard 15LPM is not enough for a lot of CH patients. A lot of us buy our own regulators that go up to at least 25LPM. I wouldn’t count the oxygen out until you read up on it here. Sometimes technique makes all the difference. Some people hyperventilate and have better success. I myself found much more relief with the 25LPM flows. If you need links to some affordable well made regulators let me know. 

    And finally we get to alternative treatments which is what this site is all about. Click on the new users blue button at the top of the page. It will lead you to links about busting. Once you’ve read that stuff make a post in the theories and implementation section with any questions you may have. The alternative treatments are a very safe and effective way to abort a cycle or even prevent one. 


  8. Thanks for sharing Paul, when I watched my first couple of people getting an attack I said to my mother (I currently live with my parents) is that what I look like?  I don’t look that bad. And much to my surprise she said it’s just as bad in a different kind of horrific way. She in particular worries about the pain I have to endure. It doesn’t matter how much I tell her I will never be suicidal she just worries about it. I see a psychologist on a regular basis, once a month to every week depending on how I’m feeling. Honestly since I’ve been dosing with mm (magic mushrooms) for over a year now I will only get a hint of depression here and there. I also think it helps with the hopeless feelings as I rarely get those thoughts either. Despite knowing my options for treatment are very limited. As for the emotional part I hadn’t been able to cry for over a year until a couple of weeks ago (I’m 18months since my first CH and I’m chronic). Then my mother told me about how her dentist asked how I was and she told him I was battling CCH he winced and said “he’s been through so much, I’m so sorry...” and I immediately started balling. Since then I’ve been fairly emotional at times and I try not to break down in front of my parents too much.

    When I look back at how much pain I’ve endured since I was 14 (I’m 40 now) it seems  Unhuman. From serious third and second degree burns, bulging cervical discs, burn scars crushing my spine, the list goes on all in all 25 plus surgeries since 14y/o. But all that pain has prepared me to deal with the CCH (the worst pain of them all). Take a look at my post history to see more, I’ve rambled enough. Plus I have mad a few threads about mm cultivation with links. There are several ways to cultivate. Another option that may be better for you since your cycle has already started is to try LSA contains seeds. Click on the new members button at the top of the page there is a link to more info. 

  9. @Pcaola besides being a place to learn and share about busting, this is a place to come when you feel low or desperate. This site has given me inspiration. Just knowing others have made it through decades of CH and how much psychedelics can help. Plus I have found in life there is always some one that has it worse than me and I have learned so much from them.  Don’t ever apologize for venting/ sharing your story here. We have almost all been there. 

  10. So I just watched most of this video and I’m about to finish it. I know there are several people from Australia that I’ve seen here. I don’t know what my local laws are in mm but this guy almost got 25 yrs for possession. It’s sad that it’s our medicine and some of us require higher doses thus higher amount of stockpiled mm if you have to dose weekly like some of us. Hopefully CA, AZ, and Vermont pave the way for legalization in 2020. Click here to watch the YouTube video

  11. This one is for the smaller E tanks, I suggest asking for a few of these so you can travel with them. I keep one or two in the car E tank 25 LPM regulator

    the large M tanks is what I use at home this is the regulator for the M tanks https://www.wtfarley.com/Oxygen-Standard-Body-Click-Regulator-CGA-540

    when buying them make sure you pick the 1-25LPM regulator. 

    This company may be more expensive than some you can find on amazon. But I have found the cheaper ones made in China say “brass where critical” and the Farley regs are made with all brass. 

  12. Hi Mrskgood, 

    welcome, sorry you have to be here but this is probably the best CH resource out there. As CHF states the blue button is a great place to start. Many of us “bust” but not all of us for different reasons. You can find info on non busting remedies like Batch’s vitamin D protocol and the gamma core device. It sounds like your doc has you started on the most appropriate first line treatments. Your verapamil may need to be turreted up to a high dose as high as 1000mg for some of us. You need serial ekg’s and is best to be followed by a cardiologist while titrating. Your dose can be increased every 10 days or so. Oxygen will be your best friend and most of us require flows at 25LPM (requiring you to buy your own regulator online I buy from wtfarley I can help you narrow down which one if we know what size tanks you have). The other thing some of us use is imitrex injections. Pills are usually useless for CH but they should be used sparingly for higher KIP level CHs. Search for KIP pain scale which was created for CHs. You can get rebound headaches from overuse. It is also accepted here that too much imitrex increases frequency and level of pain. 

    Edit: if you are getting sumatriptan injections I suggest asking for zembrace. It’s sumatriptan but it’s only 3 mg per injection so you could use 4 a day if you get a particularly bad day. Most insurance companies will only pay for 4 boxes (16 injections) a month. 

  13. Sounds good FT, I’ve had a lot of prep to deal with this CCH. 25-30 surgeries since 14 (I’m 40now). It has truly made me the man I am. And a great physician assistant. I could do without the adult onset Bipolar and the ptsd that came from the few years I was manic and in denial making horrible decisions as well as the CCH the last 18 months.  But I’m glad I got it and not my sister or parents.  They for sure couldn’t handle it. You are an inspiration to me, I’m still hopeful I’ll get it under control with psychedelics in 8 months when I’m finally detoxed but if I can’t were in this together either way!  For 15 years I did pediatric and adult heart surgery, I thought I’d finish my career doing that, it defined me to the core but now I’d be more than happy doing a mindles speciality like dermatology. Great pay no call no more 60-80hr weeks sleeping in the hospital killing my neck and back doing 8-15hr surgeries. I’m ready for what they call a OMGWTFBBQ job. Copy that into google. Lol. Looking forward to it FT. The market I was talking about is the reading terminal market...

  14. So I’ve broken both heads off of my radius and ulna, had an s fracture with displacement very close to a compound fracture. I drive home from the skate park woke up my parents and said “I think it’s broken.”  My father was like “are you an idiot, it’s broken”. In my late 20s I broke a bone in my wrist and dislocated my elbow (that hurt, especially when I put it back in place but still not as bad as a kip 2-3). The only pain that I have experienced that registered any where close to a kip 7-10 was when I was burned (22% face, neck, chest, and shoulders). I spent 2-3months in the Burn ICU where daily they take your bandages off in a special room and peal/pick at the dead tissue until they get to the healthy stuff. They load you up with IV morphine and valume, which does nothing as soon as they start to take off the bandages. You hear people screaming bloody murder all morning long as each pt in the unit gets their turn. I would pray for god to take me in my sleep. Never happened...  The funny thing is my CHs are more painful and I have never prayed/wished to die like that. I’ve thought if my POS shit car falls apart while I’m doing 90to get home to my oxygen if I don’t have a tank with me it would be a blessing. But that’s as close as I’ve gotten in my negative thoughts. I’ve told that to my psych and he says that’s perfectly normal. I’ve also had a thoracotomy (incision between the ribs for lung surgery) which is supposed to be the most painful incision in surgery and although it hurt real bad it’s nothing compared to CH. All in all I’ve had a lot of “painful shit” and nothing compares to a kip7-10. We truly won the lottery with this crap.