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  1. Interesting ER IR combo. I have CCH just finished my first year. My first headache md was titrating it every 3 months totally worthless. My new doc I travel over night to see but it’s totally worth it. He titrates every 7-10 days but insisted I see a local cardiologist to check my ekg and bp. I suppose if there are others out there it helps I’ll continue on it. He thinks I need a backup to MM being that I ran out and haven’t gotten my grows down to a science yet. 

  2. I’ve seen some talk about verapamil lately and was wondering if anyone has had success with it without busting. My MD is titrating me up and thinks I need a backup to MM. being that you have to get it down to a science before you always have it at hand. If it does work for you how much are you on. I’m currently on 560mg a day divided into 3 doses. 

  3. My headache Dr Brian Grosberg in CT recommends canibis and supposedly the researcher at Harvard that passed away was a supporter to according to my doc...  at the peak of an attack it doesn’t touch the pain. But it helps me relax as I’m dealing with the post attack Adrenalin rush jitters. Definitely doesn’t trigger attacks for me. I also smoke a cig while I’m waiting for my sumatriptan injection to kick in. 

  4. 3 hours ago, CHfather said:


    [Started this before Jon's post . . . Nothing to add, really, but a couple of thoughts.]

    For some people, the nasal spray is fully effective, so it makes sense to have tried it first. (And in fact there is some evidence that it is less likely to cause rebounds than the injections (I confess to not being a 100% believer that judiciously used injections cause rebounds, but it's probably safer to accept that they do and try to avoid them).  At this point, can you contact your doc to say the nasal isn't working and ask for injections?  (If you get that, note that you can take apart the autoinjector and self-administer much smaller doses, which will make the effects much more tolerable and save $): https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/2446-extending-imitrex/).

    You can use welding O2 to set up an O2 system if you need to. At least 15% of people with CH do it that way (my guess).



    I’m not sure if the community is aware of this newer drug Zembrace or not, but it saves my a$$ when I have real bad hits or something important to do. It’s half strength sumatriptan so you can take 4 doses a day instead of 2. How many mg do you take when splitting an autoinjector?  My insurance will only pay for 16 injections a month. So I save them for important days. I have been able to stockpile some since successfully busting with MM. 

  5. Thanks for sharing your update Tom. Searching for info on CBD can be overwhelming. I have spent a lot of time looking at dosing and brands for family members with chronic pain and RA. I have found that this company (https://www.lazarusnaturals.com/ ) makes one of the highest quality products for the price. Don’t get me wrong they are not cheap but their high concentration products can last quite a while. In comparison to Toms 15mg/1ml the Lazarus is 50mg/1ml.  I highly recommend the tasteless high concentration product. It is by far the best tasting (it really is tasteless) CBD product I’ve tried. I started taking it today even though I just had a successful bust last Saturday.  As far as dosing goes I have found that 15mg/day is low dose (highly recommended for anti anxiety effects), 50mg-200mg/day low-moderate dosage (also good for anxiety, inflammation  and pain),  600mg/day and above (reccomended adult dose for epilepsy).  I did come across some information that said you loose the anti anxiety effects at higher doses. Dosage information on the web can be some what vague but that’s what I was able to gleam. 


    Happy busting



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