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    3800sc got a reaction from spiny in Newbie - Clusters and lower / irregular heartbeat?   
    Wow, thank you CHfather. You just saved me $100 because they look like medical bottles. 
    I never even considered that I would need a script to get oxygen to fill these, I think these headaches clouded my thinking, haha. Looks like I just need to buy a big welding tank. 
    Great looking out for me, awesome 
    I am actually in the automotive industry and have bought oxy/acetylene tanks in the past and have them filled at the local LinWeld without problems, so Im just going to go that route. 
    Thank you for the links! Absolute life/wallet saver! 
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    Yep, those are medical "E" tanks.  Looks like three of them have the seals and should be full if they are.  You could use the 3, but sadly you'd need a prescription to get them filled. 
    Also it's very likely those are owned by a medical supply company.  Most E tanks are only loaned out for use and could possibly be confiscated if you tried to get them filled by a medical supply company.  (not positive, but I'd say pretty likely).  (I had a med company tell me they'd confiscate two I had from another company if I tried to get them filled).
    I just did some quick research on an oxygen supplier (airgas).  Looks like there's some pretty good O2 prices.  $37 to fill a 200 cubic foot tank (which is really BIG).  They don't show the cylinder purchase price on their website, but the last time I bought one about that size it was about $175.  
    Ah, I see you just posted a response to CHF.    I'll go ahead and post my response, but it's a bit out of date now. 
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    3800sc reacted to CHfather in Newbie - Clusters and lower / irregular heartbeat?   
    Good for you for working on this, but I suspect this particular thing that you have posted won't work. Any chance you can post a link to the ad?
    I could be wrong about all this, and someone more knowledgeable will correct me.
    If they're medical bottles/cylinders, you still can't get them filled without a prescription.  If they're welding ones, you might or might not be able to get them filled, depending on the policies of your local welding O2 supplier(s). They might be SCUBA "oxygen" tanks, which I'm pretty certain won't work at all, for a variety of reasons.  I can only guess that they're empty and quite small, at that price.
    You'll need both a regulator and a mask.  The best mask is here: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=clustero2kit    A standard non-rebreather mask, which will be around $5 at amazon, will work, but not as well.  When you get to buying a regulator, we can recommend some.
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    We have all been there, your family will offer up advice only because they do not understand and only want to help. I got the same thing at first. Now they just kind of let me go do my oxygen and wish me luck. 
    Do you have a oxygen setup? if not that would be the first thing I would look into getting. I also use the 5hr drinks to try and hold off the pain and they sometimes can kill a headache all together f I catch it fast enough but that has only happened a few times. The oxygen is the best abortive I have and can clear out my head in 5 minutes on a good day. 
    Not any one thing works 100% of the time but having a few tricks in your bag can make life a little better. 5hr drinks, oxygen, D3, ice packs and the list goes on.. mix them all up and find a combo that works best for you. Just as you figure it all out everything will change on you, That is the fun of it all.
    Make sure you read up as much as you can here and ask questions
    Good luck! 
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    3800sc reacted to CHfather in Newbie - Clusters and lower / irregular heartbeat?   
    Chuck, it sounds like CH pain, for sure, and the timing is CH-like.  I don't think we've seen anyone here say that they have discovered a link between marijuana smoking and CH (and there are more than a few here who use it), but CH experiences are so different that it can't be dismissed.  CBD oil, interesting, has been an effective abortive or preventive for many people.
    In the short run, if you're still getting attacks you could try quickly drinking an energy shot such as 5-Hour Energy at the first sign of an attack. Often that reduces the severity of an attack or at least reduces its severity.  Read as much as you can in these pages for other ideas.  And of course try to get to a headache center, where you're most likely to find a doctor who can give you a good diagnosis and possibly good prescriptions.  Most general practice doctors and even most general neurologists are bad at diagnosing and treating CH.
    Consider the D3 regimen, which probably will help.  Read about it in the ClusterBuster Files section, and look through some of the other files there, too.
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    3800sc reacted to Oli in Newbie - Clusters and lower / irregular heartbeat?   
    Re the  Marijuana, during my last cycle (3-4 years ago) the common discussion was that "weed was a trigger" the conversation wasn't very nuanced and i suspect had more emotion than scientific backing - there were some people claiming it was helping them hugely. No one could talk about specific strains or indica vs sativa with any confidence.
    I have now read that some strains are indeed triggers, but also that some a huge help in busting shadows or just keeping the peak pain level down.
    Much of what i've read in anecdotal, but last week i experienced it first hand. Like you've i've smoke 15 years +, but this year i have switched how i obtain it and now know with much more certainty what i'm smoking. 
    I had an 80% indica strain supposedly high in cbd, afghanii believe - and it was like someone had just popped the roof of my skull and let all pressure out. It was almost as effective as oxygen. 
    What i have currently, a hybrid amnesia haze,  if i have more than 2 or 3 joints before bed, i'll be up with a CH attack within 2 hours.
    I don't have any left to re-try the indica theory though - so not remotely scientific, but more anecdotal evidence. Your mileage may vary.
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    3800sc reacted to HazBaz in Newbie - Clusters and lower / irregular heartbeat?   
    When I stopped smoking weed (heavily) aged 25 due to anxiety, my CHs started that same year. Took years to be properly diagnosed. 
    Stopping smoking tobacco 2.5 yrs ago has lessened the frequency/pain of the cycles. Well, until this week...
    Everyone is different... with some common shared triggers/experiences. Whatever works is worth working with. 
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    3800sc reacted to FunTimes in Newbie - Clusters and lower / irregular heartbeat?   
    I would say get on the D3 regimen and add Benadryl during the day and Melatonin at bed time. When I am being hit at night I will sometimes sleep in a recliner keeping my head up above the rest of my body. This will sometimes get me 4 or 5 hours of solid sleep before being woken up with a attack. as far as the Melatonin I take up to 20-30 mg at bed time and this also helps but everyone is different so you might want to start out lower and work your way up to a dose that works best for you. If you add Benadryl to the D3 I would not take that at night with the Melatonin until you know how your body is going to handle everything.