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  1. Brain on fire

    Make this site as accessible as possible. :)

    Agree xBoss, taking the time to search is vital in getting info & saves time. New members may not know where to post & if they search they may not need to.
  2. Brain on fire

    CH vs Migraine headache --from someone who has both.

    Hi Bennett, this is an old tread you can use the search bar to search hemicrania continua (spelling anyone?) self diagnosis is risky business.
  3. Batch, I spend at least 3 hours a day in the sun everyday. Arms, legs, neck, face, head, back, chest. Each opportunity for full exposure is taken. If I am fortunate to attend I'll bring my labs with me & MEET you in the bar!
  4. Southern climate, I get my D from the sun.
  5. Brain on fire

    CH related to tumor

    An accurate diagnosis usually starts with scans to rule out tumors, brain bleeds etc. and ends with a headache specialist. Anyone having a severe headache for the 1st time should go straight to a hospital. A hospital visit & scans are better than risking your life.
  6. Brain on fire

    Dreams and clusters

    Most people enter the REM stage of sleep about every 90 minutes. If you have a sleep disorder, it usually shows up in the sleep studies during the REM stage. There are two sleep studies. Nighttime, polysomnography. Most folks only have this study to begin to diagnose. The necessity of the second study is based on the results of the first. The second study is the Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT). It is used in more complex cases... such as mine...
  7. Brain on fire

    Dreams and clusters

    Dreams occur during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep. During the REM stage of sleep with the exception of a persons eyes, the body is paralyzed. The brain is very active during that stage. Without REM sleep your brain is unable to process what took place in a 24 hour period. REM sleep is vital to life. In short... you have REM, you just don't remember your dreams. That is common. I have Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.
  8. Brain on fire


    During my triathlon days it did not matter if it was a cold day out or over 100° with 80% humidity it made it worse. I still spend a great deal of time outdoors, it helps increase my vitamin D levels a bit & makes me happy Sticking my butt in the air JUST to achieve a yoga pose... No!
  9. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    Apologies to Batch for hijacking this serious & need to know thread.
  10. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    Great find! Bomba's Shack is on Facebook. I'm not but I am craving a milkshake.
  11. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    We thought all things were bigger in Texas... everyone should steer clear of Bomba's lap.
  12. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    They don't have the fine wines you find in the South of France. The milkshakes at Bomba's are very nice.
  13. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    Oh, I thought Nam was a police action... Uh, maybe it was a conflict.. The body counts shown on the nightly news during Nam were real... to those of us paying attention. When I thanked my late husband for his service during Nam... He said I was the only person who had. His homecoming from Nam was what too many experienced... For his service he came home to disgust. Dallas Denny, there is another option. Tortola. Warmer than Canada, no offense to our Canadian members. Just remember to get out of the way of hurricanes! A friend did Tortola complete with citizenship. She rarely watches TV, she values her time spent at Bomba's Shack.
  14. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    Compared to former Administrator of the EPA Scott Pruitt & current Acting Administrator of the EPA... The FDA Commissioner is a fox, the EPA folks are wolves. IMHO
  15. Brain on fire

    Congress is Useless - Paid Political Hacks

    Our illustrious FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb (physician). Recused himself from bird flu vaccine... In testimony regarding the generic epi-pen & insane cost he defended the manufacturers and justified the cost... The fox isn't guarding our hen house, he is screwing us chickens. IMHO
  16. How many of us were exposed to DES as DES mothers, DES daughters, DES sons, third generation of DES-exposed families or exposed to DES for any reason? It has not been studied in people with cluster headaches. Perhaps it should be.
  17. Brain on fire

    Connected maladies and connected “cures”?

    Search PTSD in titles you will find an old post with just PTSD as the title. It has links to some older studies about depression.
  18. Brain on fire

    Connected maladies and connected “cures”?

    They may help. A lot of research taking place using them for depression & PTSD.
  19. Brain on fire

    Sumatriptan Help

    Oxygen, D3 regimen, energy shots... Roam around the forum...
  20. Brain on fire

    Portland Oregon sufferers?

    Hi Monica. I am also on the east coast and fond of my time spent in Portland. I didn't know anyone who had clusters. I felt very much alone with them. I desperately needed support and was suicidal... I found support, compassion and empathy on this forum. I also learned how to use oxygen, seeds and mushrooms. My 2nd mushroom bust is Thursday. I'll learn to grow my own medicine soon. Welcome to the forum.
  21. Brain on fire

    Suna syndrome or cluster headaches?

    Batch is right! That is a lot of meds. I don't know how you funtion.
  22. Brain on fire

    Fog = Shadows?

    Horses are cloned zebras are not.
  23. Brain on fire

    Fog = Shadows?

    I'm familiar with hoof beats & zebras. I'm a zebra... No two are alike
  24. Brain on fire

    Energy shots vs coffee (and ginger)

    This I know. Everything that goes in or on us changes something e.g. the green tea I drink has 33 anti-spasmotics in it.
  25. Brain on fire

    Cluster after 30 Year Hiatus

    plhbn, keep tempting fate! For a lot of folks here tempting fate is what pushes us to beat the beast.