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  1. Brain on fire

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Rory. Glad you found the group. Rest assured the info and knowledge here is a tremendous help to CHers & their supporters. Dallas... I think it was Dallas (pardon my memory impairment) has given me info on using welding oxygen. I'm calling local suppliers to inquire about leasing a tank.
  2. Brain on fire

    Women with CH

    Cheryl, I have to agree with ThatHurtsMyHead. I am one of the few. Educating the docs as well as ER docs is the issue.
  3. Brain on fire

    A good night wish

    A good pain free night to all.
  4. Brain on fire

    Persistent shadows after cycle

    Apparently I get shadows. Thanks for the input.
  5. Brain on fire

    I'm so excited I have to tell someone

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I use the age old tactic for telemarketers. Basically there has just been a murder, I am the lead homicide investigator, I believe they are involved, tell them the line has been tapped, I know their location and my investigators are on their way.
  6. Brain on fire

    Energy shots question

    ? Do I drink the energy shot to abort or before I go to sleep? Keeping in mind they wake me.
  7. Brain on fire

    Help - cold meds

    Hello Chano33, I saw you had used the 'magic word' Farm. If you've never been 'down on the farm' allergies may be the problem. Lived on farms my entire life & have no allergies to grasses, livestock dander etc.
  8. Brain on fire

    Persistent shadows after cycle

    Ummm scuze me... When you guys use the term 'shadows' I do not know the definition.
  9. Brain on fire


    Doppymax also 'fools' the hypothalamus. Thus the weight gain many who take it experience.
  10. Brain on fire


    Spot on with the hypothalamus. Mine is extra special whacky... Meds I was on (unrelated to clusters) for years 'fool' the hypothalamus. It then tells the body 'You must have carbs.' In my case body obeyed. I went from my normal 125 lbs (I'm 6' tall) to a whopping 260 lbs. I could barely move. I demanded the meds be discontinued & they were. Less than a year later back to 125 lbs & moving. Several years ago I had food poisoning so severe I was hospitalized. My core temp at admission 94° pneumonia set in. Back and forth hours apart... core temp 105° cooling blankets applied. Core temp 93° warming blankets applied. I had standing orders for cooling & warming blankets.
  11. Brain on fire

    Energy shots question

    Whoa, muggle! That is a whole lot. Some of the ingredients are not so good for the bod e.g. sugar. I agree with Jon.
  12. Brain on fire

    Energy shots question

    Energy shot fail. If anyone has heard of a device similar to a hearing aid please let me know. I have a class Dec 6th. I'll stop by the library after to check posts & email. This is my 1st forum, I'll learn the ins, outs... how to find topics etc. soon.
  13. Brain on fire


    Hello Clustermana, I have had this occur on several occasions. Like you it isn't everytime. My percentage is much lower than yours.
  14. Brain on fire

    Energy shots question

    Thanks Jon! Happy to have found the support & vast amount of info here. You are spot on with stasis & caffeine. I don't consume caffiene so... I'm looking forward to tonight's/tomorrow morning's caffeine test. CHfather thank you for the info. At this point I'm willing to give the beast a shot of caffeine rather than sumatriptan.