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  1. Brain on fire

    BOOST small o2 tanks - worthless or?

    Worthless. You need 100% oxygen high flow. You can go to the Cluster Busters Files section, click on basic non-busting info & read extensively about oxygen, including welding oxygen setup.
  2. Brain on fire

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    Sponsorships for those unable to pay upfront would be nice.
  3. Brain on fire

    Thank you

    Welcome aboard Newbie13. I see you already appreciate the forum, thank you. The longer you stay the more you will appreciate it.
  4. Brain on fire

    Another score

    Nice score!
  5. Brain on fire

    Question about oxygen!! South Florida area!

    Riiiiight the VA 'treatment'... Sorry, late hubby joined & got injured. The VA made him a water bug between facilities until he died.
  6. Brain on fire

    Question about oxygen!! South Florida area!

    @81007 a Federal program that provides oxygen for clusters! Please share info many need it.
  7. Brain on fire

    Chronic Cluster a Year OR Longer?

    Curious... Have you been tested for it? Awhile back we had a member who was convinced parasites caused his CH & if he treated himself for them the CH would stop, he would have proof of the root cause etc..
  8. Brain on fire

    Chronic Cluster a Year OR Longer?

    Melatonin does help some folks. You can use the magnifying glass to search for it. A caution on Dilantin, it will drastically thin the enamel on your teeth. My father took it for years for a seizure disorder & had to have every tooth pulled.
  9. Brain on fire

    Quick update

    Pulling for our much loved and missed Freud.
  10. Brain on fire

    Child size oxygen mask

    I'm interested, still using giant cheap masks that came with my delivery.
  11. Brain on fire

    The more the merrier

    Thanks Pebbles I'll be a guinea pig anytime it is close enough & I qualify. Wouldn't be my 1st time, just my 1st for CH or this medicine.
  12. Brain on fire

    Wisdom teeth

    Sorry to hear that kat, I would definitely get the tooth checked.
  13. Brain on fire

    Wisdom teeth

    Amazes me still how many have gone the way of dental and/or sinus surgeries without it changing anything about their CH. Hopefully there won't be more who unsuccessfully undergo brain surgery.
  14. Brain on fire

    Prayers work. I am praying for all of us.

    Obviously I missed something
  15. Brain on fire

    Success with different breathing techniques

    I got the cheap adult masks with my delivery. They are huge & very awkward.
  16. Brain on fire

    Success with different breathing techniques

    Mine always started at kip 9 & escalated to kip 10 in under 5 minutes. 25 lpm gave me my best abort.
  17. Brain on fire

    Success with different breathing techniques

    Some find the resistance/suction from the cluster specific mask helpful
  18. Brain on fire

    Thank You

    Awesome news 'teach' @spiny we need several new memes! Happy dance, applause etc.
  19. Brain on fire

    Migraine...I hope you can help

    Hey wesconsin and welcome to the forum. Read, read, read and ask lots of questions. Be sure to read the New Users blue banner at the top so you know what topic to post your questions in.
  20. Brain on fire

    Success with different breathing techniques

    Hey Kat, there are lots of breathing techniques & what works best for one may not work best for the next. Experimentation & patience are key in finding what works best for you.
  21. Brain on fire

    My first O2 tank!!

    Wonderful news Kat! I 2nd what Spiny said.
  22. Brain on fire

    Verapamil makes my migraine headaches explode !

    Sorry you are struggling @Siegfried I can't take Lithium (I get Lithium toxicity). I know it has some nasty side-effect reports here, it works for some, it doesn't play well with our alternatives, except D3 & it can lower your D levels.
  23. Brain on fire

    New to the group and suffering

    Awesome news Willy! Thanks so much for letting us know.
  24. Brain on fire

    Life Update

    Dana that is so good to read. I recall when you were really struggling. I couldn't be happier for you... Wait, maybe I can.... We'll see on your next update
  25. Brain on fire

    My arsenal thus far

    It is called a brain freeze & you can search for it. Like most everything here it is backed by citizen science.