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  1. Hey Batch,

    I've been browsing the forms for sometime, and usually after every attack. I'm currently 21 and I am on a cycle that I feel will never end. 
    I take Verapamil (I swear does nothing) and I tried prednisone (which usually works, but this time its so bad I get dizzy and cry, and from guy to guy, we hate crying)

    I feel like there is no end.. anyway, I saw your d3 regime and I really want to give it a shot, but for the life of me, I cant seem to grasp what to do, and reading that pdf makes my head spin!

    I would sincerely appreciate the help, and will do anything to have a really simple guide or maybe amazon links to stuff you use or something. 

    If we could skype that would also be amazing, I've never actually talked to someone who goes through the same thing.. I swear no one understands.

    Sorry for lengthy message. 

    Thank you! P.s hoping someone at-least sees this, batch cannot receive PMs.

    1. Brain on fire

      Brain on fire

      Beat me to the punch Batch. Sent instructions to the link.

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