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  1. Brain on fire

    CGRP info with caveats

    This is about migraines, interesting reading though. https://www.ajmc.com/newsroom/icer-releases-final-evidence-report-on-efficacy-cost-effectiveness-of-cgrp-inhibitors-for-migraine
  2. Hi jh, you can get more info by searching Emgality here.
  3. Brain on fire

    Emgality Shot for Episodic Clusters

    Search Emgality here for more info.
  4. Brain on fire

    Emgality Shot for Episodic Clusters

    Hope Batch will chime in. These meds can't pass through the blood brain barrier. If it works for you more power to ya & by all means let us know!
  5. Brain on fire

    Australians beware

    17K elderly & disabled in Georgia lose Medicaid due to a computer glitch. Every night following the evening news a debate was required... I was just a kid.
  6. Brain on fire

    Australians beware

    and the pharmaceutical industry breaks the banks. Is it just me who sees something terribly wrong in the 'big picture'?
  7. Brain on fire

    Australians beware

    People who can't work are forced to chose between healthcare & food, the nanny keeps the job.
  8. 870 CGA fits E tanks, that is an 870 CGA.
  9. Brain on fire

    Australians beware

    Alabama too, neither could I...
  10. Brain on fire

    Australians beware

    Heard this, it isn't verbatim. Politicians should stop practicing medicine without a license. They have no right to choose what we do with our bodies.
  11. Brain on fire

    Happy birthday Dallas Denny

    Wooo whoo Dallas! Stick around...
  12. Brain on fire

    Chronic Cluster Patient Pain Free for 11 days

    Milelli, great point about 'slow carbs'!
  13. Brain on fire

    Chronic Cluster Patient Pain Free for 11 days

    Consider the level of physical activity. In my former triathlon life I ate healthy. I have had rhabdomyolysis, not related to over exertion. The last thing anyone would want is to have their muscles break down to the point you require dialysis to save your kidneys. Just sayin... Not good, not bad... IMHO whether it be fashion or diet a fad is just that, a fad. To clarify I have not labeled what the OP is actually eating as a fad. I hope this thread will be updated.
  14. Brain on fire

    2019 Patient Conference

    I thought scholarships were opening in April & being awarded in May...
  15. Brain on fire

    Interesting info on legalization

    Doing my happy dance!