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  1. Brain on fire


    Sad, just sad.
  2. Brain on fire

    Quercetin! Very effective treatment for me!

    The person injected still has a D3 level well over 200 & has had no relief from CH. Remains hospitalized.
  3. Brain on fire

    Anyone tried Wim Holf's method for CH?

    My vitamin D has always tested just fine & I still had CH.
  4. Brain on fire

    Quercetin! Very effective treatment for me!

    Please, thoroughly research and check your sources carefully. "natural supplements" and "vitamins" are not "totally safe" or "non toxic". People can easily have complications when taken without a full medical history, labs & medical supervision. For example, I can't take vitamin D, Calcium or Niacin. The later would kill me, it is toxic to my body. I know a young person who was injected with 2 million units of Vitamin D by 'a very helpful knowledgeable' person in September of 2019. It was not an MD, the person had no medical history for the person injected & no labs had been done. That young person was away from home attending a conference, has spent very little time out of the hospital since and the long term effects are unknown.
  5. Brain on fire


    Still laughing!
  6. Brain on fire


    Discovered why & quick check of my profile saw my research was noticed. That IS funny!
  7. Brain on fire


    I thought briefly it was the math learning disorder. Nope 2+2=2 & the numbers don't add up. 624, number 4 on the All Time has just over 300. Oh well. Signing off.
  8. Brain on fire


    You are missed. Get well soon! ((((((Hugs)))))
  9. Brain on fire


    I'll heal from all of it, it is what I do. It is what we all need to keep in mind. There is hope, there is healing, there is love. We could use more of the later.
  10. Brain on fire


    Thanks @Tony Only & @devonrex. I'm visual, I used the All Time Leader Board (and other Leader Boards here) as a quick tool. For me it isn't about competition at all, it just helps me to see it. I hope that is understandable. Apologies if it isn't, my current pain level makes it difficult for me to do a lot of things. @spiny I had been 4th on that one, I'm not on it at all now.
  11. Brain on fire


    Thanks @MoxieGirl Could someone post how I was bumped?
  12. Brain on fire


    Bumping posts from those who need help is mean. The post returned under another completely unrelated topic with links added this morning. We are on to you @bee0101 @sn0wh0p
  13. Brain on fire

    Influenza and CH

    Forum is about cluster headaches, healing the spirit world & links to videos about addiction bump posts from people needing help. A post has been removed & the video now shows up here. We know about the efforts to decriminalize & we know where this is coming from @bee0101 @sn0wh0p (restricted member). See the awkward similarity on the posts about Melatonin by both, the date @sn0wh0p last vistited is the same date @bee0101 joined, soon after straight to @sn0wh0p profile.
  14. Brain on fire


    Last night was my worst since the surgery. This evening I gave myself permission to have a bad day & cried for myself for the first time since my husband's death. I am unsure if I'll be able to continue contributing here as my visual tool for gauging if I am being helpful, The All Time Leader Board has rolled me completely off
  15. Brain on fire

    Anyone else having this oxygen issue?

    Oxygen can dry out your sinuses. If it is a problem you can add a humidifier (bubbler) to your oxygen rig.