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  1. Our grocery stores open only for elderly & disabled for the 1st hour. Hopefully folks will regain or gain some sense of community & neighbor will help neighbor again.

  2. I'd like to stay home, Wal-Mart 7a, wouldn't have gone inside if I had food, witnessed the bread aisle & fled before seeing bloodshed. So tomorrow high risk me goes out for the 3rd time. Keep in mind I buy 1 month of food in 1 day every month.

  3. I buy groceries for the month (fixed income). Wal-Mart had no bread, no meats, no canned meats, no cheese, no milk, no eggs, no frozen dinners, no milk, no toilet paper & no paper towels. I called when home. Store is normally open 24/7. Now closes at 9 to restock. I was told to be there when they open at 7a & hopefully they'll have something I can afford. A BIG shout out to those who have the resources to buy ALL of the groceries & leave NONE for the most vulnerable population. I live in a food desert, compounded by panic & greed. I have transportation, those who do not made long trips & came home empty handed too.

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  4. Good thing you ordered the Cluster O2 mask (bigger bag), you may need to go to a higher flow regulator. Many of us use minimum 25 lpm regulators from W.T. Farley Amazon etc. 

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  5. Hearing that air concerns me. Turn the oxygen off at the tank, disconnect your mask & hose, turn your regulator to 0 & turn the oxygen on. If you hear air, turn off the oxygen, bleed the regulator before removing it by turning the regulator to anything but 0 for a few secs, remove the regulator, check your washer & try again. If you need a washer or still hear air, you should call your supplier.

  6. If your tank gets low on oxygen that can reduce the effectiveness of your aborts. It can take a bit to perfect the  oxygen technique that works for you, so be patient. Get on as soon as you feel a hit coming, stay on after the abort is successful. Oh, a Kip-10 is much harder to abort. Most with CH don't need 6mg injections, many who use them split the injections. Best overall to use the oxygen to abort & save the injections for emergencies. Sumatriptan can cause more problems including increases in frequency, duration & severity (to name a few). The energy shots/drinks or even just caffeine can really speed up your abort times.

  7. Welcome @Markmetl a bit more info will help us help you. What are you setting your oxygen to? If it isn't optimized that could be the problem. Are you staying on after the attack is aborted? If not that could easily be the problem. Energy shots/drinks? Had you been using 6mg Sumatriptan injections? Had you been using them frequently?

  8. When on the forum & signed in...  I go to the list with the links on the forum (didn't try the pdf download from OUCH wanted to see the list for every US State) "Clusterbusters is undergoing maintenance. Please visit the forum.' Um, I'm signed in on the forum.