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  1. TENs unit & GamaCore are different devices with different functions. If TENs worked for CH, it would have been approved for that purpose. Placing TENs pads on the front or sides of your neck can cause a sudden drop in BP. Not to mention you are providing electrical stimulation to a head full of nerves & could induce seizures. Be careful, I wouldn't try it (fortunately I don't need to).

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  2. TENS on the head is a No! Be very careful using it on your neck, we don't want to see any strokes. Curious... What do you do with the other 2 pads & what frequency do you set the TENS to? My TENS was by Rx, multiple frequencies, 4 leads, 4 pads, a TENS garment (handy), pads & leads.

  3. This forum saved my life. It has done the same for many other's. We don't live forever. Stick around other's with ch need your wisdom & the wisdom you will gain by partcipating here. Advocate for people with ch. Volunteer for clinical trials. Attend Headache on The Hill & the annual Clusterbusters Conference,. Please consider donations to further research, include Clusterbusters in your Will etc. & encourage other's to.

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  4. Fantastic! Are you getting medical oxygen? If so they'll supply a regulator, (probably only goes to 15lpm) & a nonrebreather mask. If you get small E medical tanks they'll provide a cart.

  5. Calling your CEO smart move. I've had to do something similar. Ended up having a meeting with all employees & the insurance broker. Such a ruckus after the meeting the insurance company was changed & everything was covered. Congrats on your oxygen! Are you in love with it yet?

  6. The MRI of your neck is important. The cervical spine is so delicate if you put your weight on your head to roll over during sleep you can break your neck. I broke mine as a child, fell off a horse. Best to you in your search.

  7. Brave, smart maneuver. The therapeutic dose of Lithium is very close to the toxic dose (getting dehydrated can cause toxicity) thus the necessity of having your levels checked. Read up on lithium toxicity. I was put on lithium & had toxic reactions even though I wasn't dehydrated. Best wishes for success.

  8. Glad basic non-busting info is updated & in the future I'll look before referring. Since I couldn't take even D3 alone & keep my D level up naturally I don't often reread the basic non-busting info.