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  1. Add Mirtazapine aka Remron to not playing well. Blocks serotonin receptors.

  2. First, I want to thank you for being such a great member of this community. I've learned much from you in my brief time here. Per subject line I would like to know the exact bloodwork "we" need. I will be seeing my neurologist at the beginning of May. He and his team are wonderful, mostly because they really do their best to work with me. I would need all of the regimen as a PDF if you can. I get treated for lymphomae [diffuse enlarged b-cell lymphoma- cured, follicular b-cell lymphoma-still in remission after 6 years( and currently ambeating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia- being treated with chemo. (Thank you World Trade Center) My doctors are all at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I am on a new chemo regimen–ibrutinib– So I need to involve my neurologist, oncologist, naturopath and the pharmacy department. I was taken off high-dose Green Tea Extract and Curcuminin when I was prescribed the ibrutinib. Because I am on 480mg Verapamil the metabolization of the ibrutinib is slowed down and my particular dose of ibrutinib was reduced by 1/3 in order to maintain the proper blood levels of ibrutinib.

    I hope this does not add much to your workload. I really appreciate it.


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      You should have my email response to your request by now.  I think I answered all your questions, but just in case, shoot me an email if I've missed something or you've another question.

      I'm well aware doing battle with cancer is a full time dedicated team effort between you and your doctors.  I'm shy one kidney and several square inches of scalp due to cancer... most likely caused by a year on a monoclonal antibody called daclizumab.  That said, I've managed through all this without chemo or radiation therapy... just lots of vitamin D3, the vitamin D3 Cofactors and lots of Vitamin C.

      I haven't found any open source data on adverse interactions between vitamin D3 and ibrutinib.  There are some links suggesting Omega-3 fish oil can be a problem but no technical or clinical data to back that up.  What I do know is the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 works wonders building a healthy immune system.

      I'm here to help... and learn.

      Take care and please keep me posted.

      V/R, Batch

    2. Into Light
  3. I don’t remember if i thanked you. Thank you. I’m actually at the point, because of nearly constant shadows to say F it and I’ll find out how well all me meds play together just like a true alchemist. Just do it and see what happens.


    1. Pebblesthecorgi


      I know how it feels to desperately find solutions.  One should be very careful throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.  Its best to apply a thoughtful measured approach if at all possible.  Best to you


    2. Into Light

      Into Light

      Thank you. I've discussed everything with all my doctors.

      I am in uncharted waters; I worked as a reasonably successful 3D computer illustrator selling Big Pharma to specialized ad agencies. I illustrated mechanism of action. I've read plenty of research papers in order sell new drugs visually as still images to Big Pharma via well-funded specialized ad agencies.. A peer-reviewed journal paper with clinical studies would be great. Considering the likely projected RoI, I'll bet that one would require major magic to get funded.

      I pray for the day. In the long run, I'd rather take my usual all-in approach.

    3. Into Light

      Into Light

      I'm also in possession of a 25lpm regulator but it's not enough O2. So off I go to find a medical demand regulator. And on 480mg Verapamil/ day rx. I have oral rizatriptan but it's pretty much a joke. My response to Sumatriptan is vile for days and I've had 2 hours of KIP 10 2 nights in a row, after said triptan.


      Mostly, the shadows are they are debilitating year-round.

      So I'm being a bit more aggressive.