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    plhbn got a reaction from jon019 in You Know the Ironic Thing About Cluster Headaches?   
    Ah yes I know the feeling well. My brain really works at a very high level  for a period afterwards also. Memory is excellent and thought is clear and focused. 
    I also verbalize more just after-I survived again. 
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    plhbn got a reaction from Dana129 in Getting circumcised   
    Babies don’t require anesthetics for this. Just tell them you want a stick to bite down on and suck it up.  
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    plhbn got a reaction from Freud in Cluster after 30 Year Hiatus   
    I obtained Batch’s recommended D3 while in the US. On my return flight-no attack. On my new sleep schedule back where I live-no attack. The only supplement lacking for compliance with the D3 protocol is Boron (I assume this is to increase free testosterone ?) and will add that shortly. So knock on wood (not sure if this has been established as medically effective :) ) life is good again. 
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    plhbn got a reaction from CHfather in Cluster after 30 Year Hiatus   
    Now I think safe to declare this cluster over. I found 600 IU D3 capsules locally and so going through those quickly. I will be in the US next week and ordered the specific D3’s that Batch recommended and plenty of those to last a few months. 
    Pain is intended to send a message from the body to the mind. Because of clusters I break pain into two categories. 1) proper intended messages 2) inappropriate messages or messages that are hopelessly muddled. Naturally my mind tries to convert these bad messages into useful intelligence. As a result I have spent much time during my life thinking about what the cluster message is. Well did I eat msg, or did I do this or that to trigger a cluster. Sometimes it results in a superstition, that is some coincidental intake or activity has been causal even when it isn’t causal. I guess if you collect enough of these and one is actually causal then you may at least reduce the probability of future clusters.
    From this cluster I am going forward with no diphenhydramine (back to maybe 4 hours average sleep per night). After a further period of time out of cycle then retry melatonin at high dosage but with some delayed release to better mimic the natural melatonin cycle (when in cycle and instant release melatonin it doesn’t seem to help sleep quality materially and appears to worsen nighttime headaches).  I will continue the D3 regimen. Of course I haven’t had a drop of alcohol during this cycle and do not know if and when I will have alcohol. I remember the old days of having a few sips of social beer during cycle and the unimaginable pain that resulted. My sugar intake is currently too high due mainly to soft drinks I have been guzzling and I know that it should be reduced  
    I thought about canceling the trip to the US but do not think there is a need to do so now. 
    Another strange thing right now is that I have always eaten and preferred meat but at this time I have an aversion to meat hope that passes. 
    I hope i don’t return to two or three clusters/year but if I do then will pursue mm. Also it shouldn’t actually be a problem to have the BOL compound synthesized independently. 
    So glad I found this site and I will find out soon enough if the clusters will be ongoing. 
    Thanks to each of you for providing input.