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  1. 3 hours ago, Racer1_NC said:

    Cheap. old lady perfume and lacquer thinner. Anywhere near a cycle those mean instant hit. No wondering, no waiting.

    Used to be huge triggers. Always and still gross though. 

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  2. I used to get triggered so easily by fumes and burning smells and stuff but in the last five years all of those triggers went away. It matches up pretty good with busting as well since I started busting about five years ago.

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  3. 6 hours ago, spiny said:

    I have been doing the very hot bath method since before I joined here. I start out with about 2'-3"s of very hot water. For me, a cool cloth on my Ch side helps too, As the water cools, I add more hot. At the end of the hit, I have a normal bath in depth and still quite hot. As in the bottom half is bright red from the heat. I thought of this when pondering blood vessel dilation and heat. It has to be done very early in the hit as xBoss said. 

    Just run it as hot as you can stand. My theory is that it dilates the blood vessels on your bottom half, thereby reducing the pressure in your head. 

    Another trick I have used is to down some caffeine about 20 - 30 minutes before an anticipated hit. That has often prevented the first hit of the night. They come like clock work, so I know when to get the caffeine in for me. Might be worth trying. 

    The only downside is when it does not work, now you are hot, wet, in full blown CH and naked lol. I get super sweaty during most CH and then the freezing cold sweat comes. An awful experience!

  4. 8 hours ago, mikeh2017 said:

    How effective is this for you? How hot does it have to be?

    I can get an abort in minutes by soaking in a tub of really hot water. It works like a charm for me but you have to be on top of it in the early minutes while it's ramping up or it tends to not work. I think I have made it work at least 50-100 times now. Been a while since LSD busting. Doing pretty good!

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  5. 6 hours ago, Rod H said:

    I've been in high cycle for bout a week. I danced with pickles yesterday afternoon and when the dancing stopped the beast tossed me around for a bit. Got close to a full night's sleep. I've found the only person in my household who understands is my dog. Wife and kids go there own way. No sense in sharing this pain with others. Gives me time to plan my great road trip in retirement. 

    Hang in there brother. Your story is similar to mine.

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  6. 2 hours ago, jon019 said:

    ...just a different game x...more like chess than checkers...

    It's weird. I play online poker as a semi pro which is incredibly hard to do after 25 years of the game elevating but certain life stuff crushes me and I'm basically helpless.

  7. 11 hours ago, jon019 said:

    .....i'll chime in too....same fears but dang it, there was stuff to do! more than 20 trips and never hit once in air or just after. carried imi or zomig and energy drink on plane just in case, oxygen at the destination usually through Lincare travel program. you adapt, clusterheads are good at that! get your well prepared first one out of the way....it gets less anxiety inducing every time after that......

    The only time flying got me was when I was dumb enough to drink a couple beers before a flight. It was a nightmare! I flew about 60 times that year and the rest were fine. Crazy thing was it was just one giant attack with no cycle.

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