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  1. 48 minutes ago, Dallas Denny said:

    If I'm "medicating" my ch I always have Neil's Harvest album ( Harvest is under-rated as a music choice to take a journey on in my opinion)and the brick in the wall cd with the comfortably numb cut....for every day it's old, classic country on willies roadhouse or the eagles and John Prine on the boom box!


    I def like them both. Have them on vinyl. 

  2. 4 hours ago, spiny said:

    Too funny Xboss!! After you watch Acid Rain, a YouTube page pops up which includes a video on 'How to pick Liberty Caps'!!!! :D

    I enjoyed all three of the songs guys! The guitar was haunting and driving too Jon. The video to Anvil was pretty amazing Xboss! 

    I look forward to additions to this thread!!!! :)

    Yeah, that is a crazy video!

    Here is one I like to listen to when busting :)



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  3. Hey all,

    I try to relax to music when I can. It does help and there was a forum member here a while ago that claimed they were beating CH with just a music regimen! I forget who that was.... Anyway, post your picks here of the stuff you like that may be fairly obscure so we can try out some new stuff.

    I'll start with one artist. Lorn is pretty good. I have many. :)





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  4. 10 minutes ago, spiny said:

    Bosco, my MRI's come back with that damage too. So when I get forgetful, I blame it!!! :rolleyes:

    I never had an MRI. I def have to get one eventually. The whole rule out other stuff is probably not an issue since I have had this condition for over 23 years but still need to check. I have terrible medicare insurance though. :(

  5. It's a career buster for sure. We all have similar but very different paths with this mess. My life trajectory was changed as well like most of us. I try to take it as a challenge but it can def. be a downer. Like Bosco said, that work from home bit is huge now. I try to make money from several streams and one of them is making stuff that I sell. It's been a while but I used to crank out some cool stuff and sell the heck out of it.


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  6. Yeah, I gave up after seeing the costs and it's a complete joke that you have a device that counts how many times it works then it shuts off so you have to pay again. It's not like it wears out, they just bleed people dry...

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  7. 28 minutes ago, Bejeeber said:

    Sorry to hear of the bad side effects, but glad to hear of this bit and hope you can get back to it ASAP!

    I've had the same impression as Spiny, seeing mixed results reported from CH'ers regarding the shot, with no wide consensus as to whether it is nice or evil for CH.

    I mentioned before but might as well again...I was in cycle when I got my shots. The cycle was the worst in my life BUT I think it's possible that I already had Rona before that and was asymptomatic because I got pretty sick from shot two and heard that shot 2 was doing that to people who previously had it, either way I was indeed sick. Who knows, my 2 cents. 

  8. On 9/26/2021 at 12:26 PM, Bejeeber said:

    True - I too have been happy on occasion to refer to the beast as a demon.

    I have been describing to people for years that CH is the feeling that burning in Hell is. Why did I wonder what that was like when I was a kid? :p


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  9. 3 hours ago, SpidaH said:

    Last night again--- pain free! 


    I think (hope) I am done for a couple years. 


    I consider myself incredibly lucky in a lot of ways. One is knowing/hoping my shadows will be gone for a couple years. If I disappear for a couple years, just know you all have helped a ton, even just by knowing there are people that understand this thing, and there are people helping people and doing incredible thngs  making traction toward a brighter future. 


    And isn't Batch an incredible man! Holy! It's like he was put on this earth to help all of us. Just incredible. 


    Wishing all of you peace and serenity and all the joy and happiness possible. Goodness knows you've all earned it! 

    Nice, hope it works great for you. Keep us posted!

  10. Welcome to the cool kid club Spida. I'm against pharma so my advice is to seek non pharma solutions like D3 and psychedelic busting. Oxygen for aborts etc. Red bulls and hot soaks also work for me when it comes to aborts. I'm sure pharma works great for some people but the side affects can suck. Try to learn as much as possible from here and inform yourself with some weapons to fight this terrible condition. It can be managed fairly well most of the time for most of us. Oh, and keep a log book of your hits and possible triggers. Just knowing your triggers can be very useful and there are many like alcohol, flying, foods, smells, even sitting positions!


    GL warrior!



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  11. 21 hours ago, BoscoPiko said:

    Did you mean that you find yourself aquard? By the " left hander term" idk.. I'm all kinds strange. Maybe you did maybe you dident. All I can do is look from the outside. I guess what I do think I know is that anyone with CH is a champ for still being around. I have struggled for much less time than most on here and I'm hoping that maybe I'll get better at handling it like some of you on here. I've probably surffed the forums a bit much since finding this site and maybe not I'm still just walking around blind IMO. This it hard and I suppose I'm just doing what I can to coap, stay sane and talk to people like me.... I've asked myself a bunch of times why I couldn't have been in the 1% of folks that passed the hardest test known to human kind etc. But it really never made me feel any better. I did love and will hold onto something Spiny said "life is what happens in between the clusters " that comment hit me and as much as it stinks it makes sense for where I'm at in my life... 

    Yeah, I just feel like I'm living in a right handers world and just different. I guess it ties into my angry at the world bit I dunno. Anyway, yeah it's def what you make of the time between. Coping, managing etc. It's not fun. I try to use shrooms for both busting and therapy.

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  12. On 8/21/2021 at 6:48 PM, Cloudy said:

    thank you Batch...i have been on the D3 regimen for years and it hasn't stopped my every 3-4 year episodic cluster cycle but of course it may have reduced it ...i am hopeful that it will kick in ...emagaility seems to have helped this cycle in reducing the intensity...i havent gotten over a 5 and oxygen has helped each time 


    i haven't done the mouse genes yet! will let you know if i do 

    Seems like an extreme choice given that you only experience CH once per 3-4 years? 

  13. On 9/4/2021 at 2:12 PM, Bejeeber said:

     even for ultra consistent decades on end, then suddenly out of nowhere when you least expect it, pull the old switcheroo on you. This can even go for which side you get hit on.

    Dear lord, switching sides sounds terrible. Part of handling the intense pain is being super used to it!

  14. Hey Bosco, sorry that you have joined our club but welcome! You seem like a cool cat, you will get along fine here.

    You got this, a great place to be. It's a mental game, stay strong, I'm on year 23 after they hit when I was 27.

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