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    Does this sound familiar

    Thanks for the detailed response, Mox, out of curiosity though, when using vodka to abort your migraines, does that trigger your clusters?
  2. Interesting, is that because of the climate, or the geography of Canada perhaps?
  3. Dana129

    CH related to tumor

    I had read a post on here that an individual traces his CH back to a small tumor which he had for several years, once it had been removed he had been pain free since, he posted this back I’m 2013 and hasn’t posted since, so perhaps he’s still pain free, Could CH potentially be a sign of a brain tumour? Or something else serious, I’ve gone 2 years without having any additional symptoms, like aura or nausea. I only get the typical trigemnal symptoms, droopy eye, teary eye and of course the pain in my temple, other then that I have no additional symptoms, which was all the more reason my doc didn’t take me seriously in the first place
  4. https://www.neurologylive.com/clinical-focus/galcanezumab-receives-breakthrough-therapy-designation-prevention-episodic-cluster-headache im eager to hear other opinions on this
  5. Hey Batch is this diet good for episodic people?
  6. Dana129

    My D3 Regimen Log

    Very very inspiring Bilal