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  1. Yes, it's still helping me. It takes about a week to fully kick in and start having a noticeable effect. Be aware that it does have a very long half-life of 60-100 hours, so if your husband stops taking it at any point, it will take a week or 2 to fully clear his system. Another word of caution - do NOT bust while taking memantine. One of it's effects is that it reduces or resets any drug tolerances. I found this out taking 3 grams of mushrooms and had an unplanned level 5 trip with a full on break from reality - the experience was on par with descriptions of 10-15 gram trips. Thankfully I didn't do anything bad, but it scared the hell outta my wife (and me). We never fully figured out if it reduced busting's effectiveness, but it may very well interfere with busting. Since this happened, whenever I've busted, I wait 2 weeks minimum from my last dose of memantine. Please be extremely careful if considering busting while on memantine!

  2. Welcome and sorry you have to be here. Hopefully we can help you out. Do you have Oxygen to abort attacks?

    The next thing I'd suggest is looking up Batch's Vitamin D3 regimen and start that asap. It's most helpful if you follow all of it, not just the Vitamin D. This helps a lot of us as a preventative. 

    And finally, are you familiar with busting (if in cycle) or dosing with magic mushrooms as a preventative?

    I find there isn't one specific thing that reigns in the beast, but when using especially the Vit D and MM in combination, I can usually keep them under control and completely manageable. Hope this helps


  3. I busted this past weekend and about an hour in got hit with an attack. Weird thing about this attack is that it felt as if the entire right side (same as my clusters) of my body was "locked up". It's the only time I've felt such intense pain in my arm (or any other part of my body) that even comes close to a cluster. There was a wood stove going where I was at and it was all I could do not to walk over and lay my arm inside of it. The time dilation effects of the busting made this 3 hour attack feel like an eternity.

    I've used capsaicin in my nostril on the side I get attacks and it usually does a pretty good job of ending an attack within a few minutes. It stings, I'd say maybe a 7. I used it right at the beginning of this attack and literally couldn't even feel the burning sensation from the capsaicin because the attack was so bad.

    I was thinking about posting another thread because I was wondering if others have ever had the "full body" attack before, but then saw this one. Glad I'm not crazy. Any ideas on why this can happen?

  4. 7 hours ago, EggMan said:

    Here are my rules:

    1.  No alcohol during my cycle 

    2.  Take my preventatives when it starts.  (Verapamil, topamax, melatonin, D3).

    3.  Always carry my Sumatriptan 

    4.  Stock up on Sumatriptan for my next cycle 

    5.  Go through the attack alone; nothing anyone else says or does can help me; and it just disturbs them to watch me squirm. 

    6.  It doesn’t do any good talking about my “headaches” to people who don’t have them. They either cry (which hurts them) or think you have a low threshold for pain. 


    I also start out mild and less frequent (once every few days at about a 5-7 KIP). Then I move into three a day 7-9.  I feel like a 10 has to make me go unconscious and I’ve never been there.  I enjoy rating things. I like your scale... though I’d edit it a bit. To me, any time you give a range/scale, each end has to be an extreme. 

    1.  Mild annoyance (hangnail that’s almost healed)

    2.  Slight irritation (chapped lips)

    3.  Annoyance (tickle cough from cold)

    4.  Discomfort (headache; your every day type)

    5.  Ache (sprained ankle)

    6.  Pain (broken nose)

    7.  Torment (a bad migraine)

    8.  Agony (getting kicked in the nuts)  

    9.  Torture (root canal without anesthetic, someone on fire, a cluster headache).

    10.  There are no words (you went unconscious). 

    My understanding is that a person can go unconscious from a rapid increase in pain as it drops blood pressure. I have a sister in law who passed out slamming her finger in a drawer, but I don't think she got anywhere near a 10. A slower increase avoids this effect, so you remain conscious.

    During a 10 I remember thinking a primitive version of "how is this much pain even possible?!" I say primitive because even that short of a thought isn't really possible during a 10

  5. On 3/15/2019 at 1:13 PM, Claudia09 said:

    Hi everyone! New here - what is 'monster' ? "Beating them with 'monster' "- i've seen it a couple of times. Also what is busting? Need some help with the terminology : ) Thank you! 



    Usually busting is using mushrooms, LSD, or seeds.

  6. I know this is an old thread but figured I'd share in the hopes that it helps someone. I've had CCH since July of 2017, went through the whole routine verapamil, O2 nothing worked well. In Spring 2018 was put on Memantine and it has noticeably helped. Side effects for me are actually positive as it greatly reduced anxiety at work, other than that no side effects. Currently 20mg a day.

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