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  1. Welcome! I'm new here too, although I've had clusters for 9 years now. This forum and the people on it are beyond amazing. It's almost funny how close your history is to mine. From the times, and severity to the amount of time it took to actually get diagnosed. I really felt as if I was reading my own story lol! Did they prescribe you with anything to abort the headaches when you have them? Sure the main goal is to avoid getting them all together, but the sad fact with clusters is that they're very sneaky, and you'll probably end up getting them here and there despite
  2. When my clusters are at their peak, I swear I can actually feel it start in the back of my neck. Almost like a tension headache would feel. That's actually when I know to use 02. If I don't abort, they very quickly move to behind my eye, then I know when I'm on the downhill slide because I start feeling pain in the back of my neck again. Usually within 10 minutes of the neck pain again they're gone. I've had doctors and CHers both tell me that clusters don't start in the neck, but I've had them for 9 years, and I'm telling you, most of mine do. Everybody is different I guess.
  3. Nothing has really changed this year except a huge amount of stress. (probably has been affecting my sleep now that inthink about it.) I got married in mid may, and my mother was flown to a hospital 3 hours away for acute liver failure 2 weeks before the wedding. She's home and doing well now, but it was a 2 month ordeal getting her health back. What's weird is this cluster started when things started calming down. As far as what I do about them, basically nothing because our medical system in my area is HORRIBLE. (That's why we flew my mother 3 hours away.) I've used oxygen
  4. Hi all! I've followed this forum for years, and found it very helpful!! I've had cluster headaches every fall for about 9 years now. They started when I was about 17, and I'm now 26. My usual cycles start within the last two weeks of October almost religiously, and last between a month-6 weeks. Usually the cycle starts bareable (maybe 1 or 2 little headaches a day.) And peak at 2-4 per day, at least one of which is absolutely excruciating. Usually I feel the headache start in my neck, and within minutes it's in my forehead/behind my eye. My question is, this year, I'm experi
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